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Sonntag, Dezember 25, 2005
When a good friend seems to be a child abuser

Have you ever felt the feeling, hat you've been totally wrong in someone? So totally wrong that you over ten years ago met a couple, became friends with them and their whole family and children and then, some day you get to know that the male of the couple, the family father, used to abuse his children over years?
The children you had sitting on your lap, you played with, you spent christmas with and you planned to have them visit you in Germany, once they become old enough.
This is happening right here.

A man I considered a friend of mine, the man who brought me into blogging when he opened his first weblog and let me write guest-articles in it. A man who used to write much about things like "Honour" and "Good behaviour" and "Pride" in his Blog. A man I would have left alone with my 4 year old daughter because I trusted him. A man who was always with pride telling about his service to the RAF.
The Kent newspapers now report about him today with his full name and some details I don't link to his Blog because I don't know if he or his wife would be able to take legal actions about that, but I kicked the link to his Blog from my Bloglist.

Now I am thinking if there are things to do. I know a lot of online and Real-Life friends of him. He and his blog are pretty well known in some areas of the british and american blogosphere, especially in right winged Blogs. Should I mail them?

Or should I stay silent and let them all find out by themselves?

Should I write to his newly-wed wife (not the mother of the children) who came from the US last year to live with him? Did she know about this all when she came to the UK to live with him? How does she feel now?

I don't know her, and I have no idea, if any contact of mine would be wanted. I have no idea if she will continue blogging now, since her husband is sentenced for 12 years. In some way I feel sorry for her, even when I don't know her.

Oh dear, all I hope that his childrens wounds will heal and they'll be able to build up a healthy life and some healthy relationships.

Merry christmas.