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Freitag, Januar 14, 2005
25 Years th Greens

This year, the german Green Party celebrates their 25th anniversary. And they've come a long way! I remember the beginnings of them when they first came into the parliaments. They were wearing street clothes, our (actual) foreign minister Joschka Fischer never came in other shoes than his sneakers, he called the president of the parliament an asshole, they brought sunflowers with them and started knitting while others were talking.
Yeah! That was my youth.
So why did I not become a member of the Greens instead of the SPD?

Well... for a long time they were out on just one topic - environmental stuff. Some of the points were finding my absolute approval, like no atomic Power plants, not wasting energy and not wasting air where possible. But there was nothing else for a ling time that leftist phrases and so I thought, I'd feel better in a party with more... pragmatic ideas.

The Greens started their career in the deep belief that only the others (all of them) get corrupted by power and none of them would ever have that problem, because of the "Green Rotation". They had planned that everyone has to rotate away from his oder her position, be it elected by party members or by citizens, after some time (2 years for some areas, have no idea about the other timelines).

Of course that didn't work and right after the first Greens were elected they declared they'd do many things but not rotate.

Okay, so much for that.

Nowadays the Greens are "the" party for couples in their mid thirties, one of them earning great money as a teacher, owning a house of a city-flat (or both, when both are teachers), driving a car (of course with a catalysator) and trying to satisfy the bad feelings with a membership or at least a vote for the Greens.

Actually the Greens themeselves have become the mirror for their voters.

Look Joschka - in former times he was an active lefty guy who also was there for a fight if necesary.
Look Schily, our "homeland minister" - also a former Green, has been lawyer for the Red Army Fraction Terrorists in Germany of the 70ies.
Look Petra Roth- former Manager of one of the greatest Bands in the world, now she walks from talkshow to talkshow and tries to play the cool woman for the Germans.
It's really sad!

But well, at least there must be a reason for Joschka and Gerhard liking each other so much.

On a local area the Greens here in Cologne are absolutely un-electable for me and many others, because they were having a coalition with CDU, our conservatives in Cologne and really, really screwed it all up.

But anyway - happy anniversary Greens! I think you have been an important part in German politics, without you you would have been invented...