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Sonntag, Oktober 31, 2004
Western Europe against Bush?

If Germans would have to vote for the US president, I'm pretty sure, Bush wouldn't win.
Right today I answered a Poll in some newsgroup if I were to vote for Bush or Kerry that this is some kind of question what I prefer - stabbing or shooting to death.

Yes, I wish Kerry will win, even when I don't know much about him, but to see it from German standards - none of them would fit my specifications for being a good chancellour for Germany.
(Don't ask me about Schroeder -- please!)

When Clinton was in Cologne some years ago, the whole City was close to collapse because they all loved him soo much. They saw him as a liberal thinker, a free spirit and some kind of fresh air in the dusty White House. - LOL!
Clinto would over here fit into the CDU if ever and he would belong to the conservative group there. He'd be miles away from being some kind of left or so.

Bush - well, someone like Bush would on the one hand not muddle into politics and if so, he would be observed from our secret services for dangering the countries' safety. Bush would stand so far right, the Germans wouldn't be able to cope, I think.

Mostly because for us "right" still also means "Nazi" at some point and we'd have a hard time seeing someone like Bush being right while not being a Nazi. That's difficult.
And no - of course Bush is not a Nazi, I'm pretty sure he isn't. He's just a rich oil-boy who tries to change the whole USA into something he and his friends canmanipulate better.

And Kerry - what is he into? I have no idea. One could hope that he's more into economy than Bush is right now, because the US could need that.

I'm not sure how the climate in Europe is, I was thinking just Germany and France have problems with Bush, the happier I was when I found this from Norway (at Al Jazeerah, but well).