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Freitag, Oktober 29, 2004

Yes, I think that George W. Bush will win this election - well at least he will be president after all. I have no idea, if what we hear about problems is true or not.
Spiegel reports that expatriats can't get their papers to vote because the site is down for ages.
PapaScott didn't have such problems.

Others report that thousands of registrations got lost in several states, mostly where Kerry is expected to have majority.
I'm not sure what of it is true and what not, but I do believe a part of it and already this part being public would be enough for UNO or whomever to send soldiers to watch the elections if it were a country like Serbia or so.

Somehow I still hope Kerry will do it, but seriously - it won't make many things better. One of the differences between Kerry and Bush is that Kerry is no religious fanatic nut like Bush and that one more Bush-time will also change the american society to more regulations in the bedroom, to more young women who die from abortion because they made it illegal and so on. If that's what the US people want they deserve what they get.

Any while I could watch what Kerry is doing on his homepage, Bush closed his page for people outside the US, as it seems, at least I'm not allowed to see it. Okay, I better move on and watch the new Eminem Video.