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Dienstag, September 21, 2004
Wanna have back the Wall?

You know - there are thousands of germans who want to have the wall back.
Some eastern-germans want it, because "it was all better, when the wall was there" and some western-germans want it because "it was all better, when the wall was there".

And of course the german newspapers jump on this topic and lead this discussion, which isn't really a discussion worth a headline, and have their go on it. They polarize wessie (western germany) v/s ossie (ex-DDR, eastern germany). All Ossies just want to have money for no work and all wessies know everything better and have to pay for the lazy Ossies. (yawn)

Last week, in eastern germany in Saxonia the far right NPD was elected from about 10% of the people who went there. It was reported that about 30% of all younger men (under 35??) voted this brown, foreign-hating skinheads. Yes, this is disgusting and the night had yet begun when the first left protesters went to ralley against this NPD.
I wish they would have dragged their asses to vote instead of bemoaning the outcome afterwards.
I wish they would have informed themselves about which party stands for what topics, instead of letting just the election happen and complain afterwards.
And so now, they have 10% from a party in a german parliament, where it's not yet clear if they won't be forbidden soon because they stand too near on Hitlers Nazis.

So, what would happen? Let me guess - it will happen, what always happens, when protesters vote for those brownies: they move in. They grab all the money they can get. They start some scandals with anti-foreign, anti.jewish or whatever shoutings. Usually it's then, that they start the quarrels amongst themselves. Most of them split at some point into two or moe even more irrelevant groups. And besides getting money (much money), none of them will never be seen doing anything in connection with this parliament. People who can think won't elect them a second time, because they're far away to do any of the wild and oh so important promises they made before the election.
They're good for nothing else than to insult jews and anybody else they see as "enemy of the german race".
Whew - what a deed. How much of a wet breadroll does one have in his head instead of a brain to tick in that way?

But I think, this is the price of Democracy. We let people vote for whomever they want and so people also can vote for such groups, if they think that's it.
You know - sometimes I wish they would get a taste of what they begged for. But this would happen in a Germany I don't live any longer. The Lilli family would leave Germany the moment, some NPD folks or similar would be elected to be the government.
I also think, democracy can live with such groups. They might even be a substancial part of democracy. At least, every body has a brain but also an asshole...