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Mittwoch, Juli 21, 2004
Economy and Globalization in he EU

This is one of the reasons, why I was a fan of Poland joining the EU.
Until last year we had in Germany many jobs, there was no Germany to find to work at. Mostly it were saisonal jobs like asparagus harvest or wine vintage. All jobs paid extremely poor and hard, hard work.
While I worked at social welfare, I had job offers for this again and again, but all people I asked to get a job there came back to me and showed me their bad back. *sigh*
Now, multi-national companies like Daimler Chrysler seem to try to play the economic game. They say to their emploers something like "either we pay you less or we close here and go to Poland where all will be cheaper".
Of course they say it to the workers and not to the management, btw.

How short sighted has one to be to think that way? For several reasons this will be able to work just a short time.
1) Poland now belongs to the EU, the salaries will rise, especially at qualified jobs.
2) Who will buy the cars being produced in Poland? The German Ex-workers surely won't, but the Polish people won't be able, too, because their wages are too low to afford such a car from it.
3) Who would buy a car anyway with the brand "Made in Poland"? That on a Daimler Benz?

Silly, IMO.