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Sonntag, Juli 25, 2004
Democracy - Dictatureship of the average?

Yes, I am pretty happy, we have a democracy like we have it. I like our system more than others I read about, be it the presidential version in the US, be it the more theocratiy one in other countries or be it the non-democracies.
But why do I like it, besides that I'm born in it and don't know any other myself?

There are many points, I really hate on it. Like the kind of human that becomes politician. You know what I mean? Usually not the biggest fish in the pool become politicians and go to our parliament, but the most average ones.

Democracy also means, I have to explain everything that way, even the dumbest person should understand it. The problem is, some politician ideas don't become reality, because the reality is not always explainable to Mr. and Mrs. Dumb. Sometimes it looks like most politicians in Democracies tend to become more and more similar to the group of people they try to care most about.

It also means, campaigning, and with that wasting tons of money. Do you think Bush is a better Man than Gore? Do you think, Schroeder is a better person than Helmut Kohl? Of course not. Most elections are won by campaings and not by contents - it's a shame. And once, the majority is safe, they can do whatever they like (as long as it's legal) and the minority has not the smallest chance (if your german is good enough, you can read here, what I mean. In the Cologne city parliament, the Greens and the CDU have a coalition and a majority and everything the SPD wants, asks or says is smashed down on a disgusting way.)
for their ideas or visions.

International politics rarely happens, because noone wants to work together with "the enemy".

I do think, Democrycy is a great system. Simply because I have no idea about a better one.

But if that were the reason I'm married with Mr. Lilli, I'd be worried.