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Freitag, Juni 18, 2004
Test your typing skills
There was a time I was able to type German while I was listening in nearly normal speed. It was while I worked for the newspaper with the free private adverts. People called and spoke on the answering machines and we came in the morning and typed the stuff. Of course we had contests going on who was the fastest typer and since I wasn't the best, I was one of the Top five.
That happened in the 80ies while these newspapers were all just in their beginnings so, when the answering machines bought the farm we went there and worked all night through. We sent the trainee to get some beer, some others made some other things with tobacco and paper and ingredients and then the night was ours. While we didn't want the people to realize they weren't speaking to an answering machine e had the biggest fun in imitating the machines speaking. The problem was we had to type as fast as the people spoke since we couldn't ask them to repeat the last words. When whe did just that, people really were shocked that night at 3 o'clock there was a real human being on the phone talking to them.
Well... today you expect that the call Centre you've called is available all around the clock. Strange how times change.

So, I'm pretty happy to have an okay typing speed, even when my typing in english is faster than in German, but tha's simply because I've typed more in english than I ever did in german. And I know when I hav an hour or so to practise I'd be back at eight fingers without looking (but still with huge amounts of typing errors).

In Udo's comments I found this site mentioned where you can test your typing speed. Mine is still higher in english than in german.