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Donnerstag, Juni 24, 2004
Solution for lazy people like me
I love to read. I was able to read before I went to school, even when I never visited a kindergarten (just for a few months, then we moved). I learned it from Sesame-Street which had just started then in Germany and "Schulfernsehen" afterwards. I had much time to watch TV in the mornings, because I was home alone from when I was four years old, because Mom was working til 1.00 pm.
Usually a neighbour came over twice an hour to watch if everything was okay and the other time I played or watched TV. But TV in the mornings was not what it is today, remember we only had three channels then. It was "Third Programm" only and they had "School Television" only.
Anyway, I was shocked that all the words I could read I would have learn to write when I went to school, like my Mom likes to tell.
When we read books at school, we usually got the books and then read it chapter for chapter a school together, or sometimes we had to read the one or the other chapter at home, but however it was made, since I had read the whole book the next morning, I was bored to dead after a few days and never really paid attention to what the teacher told me about booooring stuff like "Hermann Hesse - Unter'm Rad" or "Mutter Courage", two pieces of literature, I really strongly dislike.
But... there was help for tired pupils. There were these yellow Reclam booklets, giving a Summary and some interpretations about a novel, or a drama or whatever we read.
Yeah!! I loved these Reclam booklets, they were written understandably, they weren't too expensive, and absolutely worth the money!

Even when I belong to the Germans who came to like Bill Clinton, simply because he has such a positive aura surrounding him - and I think, someone who is able to live with such a powerwoman like Hillary has to has something special - I don't think I will buy his memories-book and read it, but of course I'd like to know what it contents.

Thank to Nico I found authors giving me (and the rest of the world) "The condensed Bill Clinton" to read. What a great idea! I don't like such books at all, I've read a few, but besides Nelson Mandela, Coco Schumann and my own diaries, they all were boring at some point.