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Mittwoch, Juni 23, 2004
IBM helped the Holocaust?
Yes, the Nazis used Hollerith machines to work with the punch-card machines and yes, if these machines wouldn't have been there, maybe less people would have had to die in Holocaust.

But that would be valid for anyone who sold the Nazis what they wanted to buy. Be it the automobile-industry, be it oil, be it the Trains or whatever techic else the Nazis used for transport or manage the masses of people they murdered in the Holocaust.

What I try to point out is that I don't really see the point in sueing IBM right now, and especially not in Switzerland, one of the countries which made a huge profit with the Nazis.

It would be interesting to know where the people who sued come from and where they usually live and why they waited ti today.

A complete different story is that Germnany was sued recently because it profits from Holocaust-victims art..
If it's really true that from the remaining arts no owner can be found, what else should the German state do with the art? Sell it, like this lawyer wants? What would that help? The arts would be sold to rich singe people who might bring the art away from public sight. How can one remind better to people and artists if not with showing theor work and arts open to everyone to see?