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Mittwoch, Juni 30, 2004
Headscarf ban
Since Marcus asked in my comments and some in the mail, yes, I have posted it some time ago, but especially about this topic I'll never be too tired to tell it again *g*
The headscarf is not a religious symbol, it's a political one.
Political symbols have no place in schools.
Personally, I'd rather not have any religious signs in schools, too, but I can live with them. My daughter is 3 years now and will go to a kindergarden from church (Caritas), They have cricifixes on the wall and to prey before lunch, okay. The kindergarden has other qualities I find more important than its church origin.
What I would not want to have is either a nun or a woman in headscarf being a female role model for my daughter. As much I respect the decision of any individual to become a nun or to wear a headscarf, they stand for a picture of women I don't want my daughter to grow up with.
You get the point?

In Germany we have a division between state and religion. We should have the balls to live it.

That would mean the state won't any longer collect the taxes for the church, the state would no longer pay for teachers teaching "religions", the state would not pay for pupils going to church at schooltime and so on. Any parent that wants its children to have some religious education should do the same as any other parents who want their children to have some musician or any other speciality-education - do it either at speacial schools, or do it in the afternoon.

That's the general state of mind I'm in about this.

The special one about Mrs. Ludin, her development to what she is today, her being send by huge organizations to fight a fight men want to have fought; about the faults we in germany have made the last 40 years when it came to migration, when it came to integration, are another huge aspect of this.