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Samstag, Juni 12, 2004
Elections, Elections
Here we elect our European Parliament members on Sunday til 18.00 and in Cologne we don't have any local elections. They will follow in September, and it will be a close race between the Conservatives and the Social Democrats here in Cologne.

The Brits voted today and some of them also had their local elections. Especially in London it was alaways an open question if Ken Livingstone would get his second term as Mayor of London. If you know this site, you might be able to guess that my sympathies are all for Livingstone and - he really did get it! Just completely against the national trend where his Labour Party had horrendous losses - they were kicked some places from rank 1 to 3, after Tories and LibDem - but Livingstone made it.

Congrats London! Congrats Konstantin! In a time where politicians tend to be chosen by the smallest possible air resistance or some similar criteria the Londoners made it to elect a Mayor who dares to use his own brain, who dares to declare his own opinion and go his own way. I don't say it's always right what he's doing, but the case Livingstone supports my theory that all a politician really needs is a profile to become elected by people. The problem is that the last thing a politician needs is a profile if he wants to be installed from his party. So what can one do? Fake the air resistance and show the profile the moment the plan works out? Hmm... strikes me a tad... dishonestly, isn't it?

My little theory leads to the prognose that all Schroeder - our chancellour - has to do is to stand by his plans and fight them through. He turns around from what he said the day before way too many times. If he would stand by what he and the party want, he would lose many votes, sure. Votes the Conservatives would ge anyway because it's their positions, but he wouldn't lose also the Social Democrats votes, like he's doing nowadays because they're so disappointed from his turning around all the time.

And - since I have seen more of Election result presentations I liked the last days - what a great thing the BBC has! Wonderful!