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Donnerstag, Juni 10, 2004
Bomb Attack in Cologne
Here in Cologne we have some areas where many turkish people live. One of these areas is my near neighbourhood, one other is the famous Keupstrasse in Cologne-Muehlheim.
The Keupstrasse has a really bad reputation, even when one of of the best turkish Restaurants in Germany is there (okay, the best reputation seems to have the Bosporus just around the corner here).
Down in the 80ies a friend of mine called me totally happy and said, he found a flat in cologne for rent and is completely happy. When I asked him where it was, he answered "Keupstrasse" and I shouted to him he should have asked me before. I could have told him about the "Bad adress",
But well, the reputation was well earned. I mean - the friend was a bit more than a friend and so it came I spent some time at his new flat and had first hand experience about reputation of Keupstrasse. We were living at the second floor so we weren't in danger when the shootings on the streets occured, but so there was never a bullet finding its way to us.
This has changed with the years. The Keupstrasse is no longer the dangerous place it was then. But well, for 22 people it became a life threatening place yesterday when someone brought a bomb full of nails to explosion.

I had the discussion with my Taxi Driver last night when there was so much police on the streets I haven't seen for a long time. We agreed that it seemed to us more to be a criminal attack than a terrorist attack. Why should any terrorist (and isn't it a sine qua non for noadays terrorists to be Islamists?) want to have a bomb exploding in a street being one of the main areas for Muslims?

I'd say this stinks like organized crime and nothing else.

As I said, the next prominent Muslim area is here, 10 metres away and when I went there today, I had the impression people were a tad more nervous, a tad better watching who enters the street and might leave some suspicious bag or pack alone here.
Strange feeling.