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Sonntag, Mai 09, 2004
Who did what to whom?
When studying I learned that the simple questions are the hardest to answer, especially when it comes to laws. "Who demands what from whom wherefore?" is such a sentence (poorly translated, of course).
But it all comes down to the simple questions in life.
Especially the bigger things.
Who did torture whom? Why? How often?
And then the questions that have to be asked: what will happen to the torturers and who will do it?

Soldiers who rape and commit other crimes, soldiers who torture prisoners have to be brought to court. Higher ranks who let their people commit such crimes have to be brought to court, too because they have let it happen.

And people who claim the political responsibility but don't do a thing besides trying to spread fog around everything have to be brought to places where they get ripped their ass off, or at least they have to resign, because what else does political responsibility mean, when the person doesn't do anything afterwards? I'm not talking about preussian times and before where it was expected to shoot yourself, but a little bit of consequence - here a resign or a few - would be in order, wouldn't it?

I also wonder why we're just talking about the US troops torturing. What about the Brits? And what it Tony doing?