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Sonntag, Mai 09, 2004
One more on torturing
When I see how folks like Ray and his bandwagon in the comments (there are a few voices missing, but that will change once the weekend is over. I'm sure) blow themselves with critisizing the German Media for their double standards and Joschka Fischer for what Cohn-Bendit said (do whatever possible to avoid Bush's re-election), I'm tempted to ask what in their opinion Germany should do? Would you feel it to be appropriate for us to sit down at the feet of this superior nation and listen to the words of wisdom coming out of the mouths of a group of politicians who make most of their money in oil contracts with firms they have to do also in their job as a politician with?
Would you feel it to be appropriate for us to go in ashes as long some - any - US folk deciedes that Germans won't be Nazis or Commies any longer?
Would you feel it to be apporpriate for us to listen to whomever calls himself a journalist and writes lines against "Old Europe" and others?
I bet!
You see, Ray and Rays friends, it isn't done with just condemning something the own military does. As I claimed before, a political responsibility without consequences for the one who claims to have it (here it's Mr. Rumsfeld), is no responsibility but cheap waste of air and time.
Yes, you are right, the german media are one-sided about all this, but who the fuck cares? There are enough folks like you who try to keep on reminding what a great leader the US president is. You do, as if you'd have a higher morale standard, but when one reads what you do, one finds out, you're not a single dip better, even worse, because you pretend to be and do something you always fail miserably.