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Sonntag, Mai 30, 2004
Metin Kaplan again
Should it worry me that everytime I start something about Metin Kaplan, my Computer mysteriously buros and somehow eats this entry? It's now my third try, to bring it down.
I've had the doubtfully honour to see Mr. Kaplan several times in person and while I managed not to kick him, spit at him or smash him against my fist ("He stumbled into my fist, you honour!" "Well, seven times?"), when I saw all those men outside the bulding being there and doing this special suspect sort of nothing, I know pretty well one core of his problems.
He is short.
He is a short man with small lips and yellow-ish skin, so if I'd look like that I might feel close to some extremists, too.

But serious.
Mr. Kaplan was one of the chiefs of this group "Caliph State" and as long they did not anything that was against german laws there was no reason to look at them a second time. Remember - this was the time before 9/11, this was the time where Islamists were just some radicals, with the same impact on German society than radical Christs, Jews or even Buddhists.
But then Mr. Kaplan called his minions to murder one competitor who also wanted to become the big chief of this state. Especially because this guy was murdered short after, this was clearly against German Laws, so there was a reason to imprison him for about two years.
While his imprisonment, there was an ongoing battle between his lawyers and the state. The main problem was that he couldn'T be deported into Turkey because there was the danger he might have to face torture when caught there. It doesn'T matter if he's an Islamist, a Rapist or whatever, so when Mrs. T makes it look like it is because he is an Islamist, she is partly wrong. It's just the german laws.

It's simplified, but you won't be deported into a country where death penalty or torture are to expect. I have no idea what would happen to an american citizen, but I'm pretty confident, he would be brought to the US.

In general I like this law. And people like Metin Kaplan are IMO the price we have to pay for such laws. Even when I'd rather see him in Turkey, I'm willing to pay this price, because the whole set of laws is ten times worth a Metin Kaplan abusing is.

It's not that German authorities are too slow, too dumb or too whatever for not deporting him, it's the state of the democracy in Turkey that worries some judges and politicians.

Mr. Shily himself, our "Innenminister" has made several trips to Turkey to ensure, Mr. Kaplan will be treated fair after brought there. He is pretty confident this will all happen. Mr. Kaplans lawyer (a german woman) is not. She also fears that others might be tortured to tell the turkish police things about Kaplan.

I have no idea how far the Turkish democracy went until now, but alone the fact that Öczalan is still alive leaves hope, doesn't it?

Actually Mr. Kaplan is expected to walk in the local police station tomorrow or give something from his doctor why he can't and I'm pretty sure, he will do right that.

It's now the "Ausländeramt" being in trouble since it was reported they did try to play games with the judge. Kaplan will be safe for another two months because that's what the last court said, for him going into revision. And he will... People like him always use each and every straw they can get.

As I use to say ... there is no short man without a serious damage...