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Freitag, Mai 21, 2004
Kick the Brits out?
For some time it belonged to my job to be at Football Games on Saturday night (I mean Football... where we use a Ball and not an egg like the US folks who call what they do Football) and I never got what Hooligans were up to if not "Bam bam bam" stupid rioting and violence.

Yes, I really think, Hooligans can't be intelligent or thinking people, because they either are so dumb to riot or their brain is beaten out with time.

It's always the whole world shivering when you mention the British Fans. Which is unfair. The British Fans just support their team, I can't call Hooligans Fans. They're just idiots who want a good fight and look for a football team as reason, but they could "support" whatever team, as long they get datisfied their deep, dumb and dark desire for violence and fights. (not the diabolic kind of dark, but the kind of darkness you'll find inside an asshole).

So British Hooligans have the worst reputation and it's saying that if they will riot in Portuga, the British Team will be sent home.
That would be pure horror! Imagine - a British Team comes home from Portugal, not because another team played better, not because some referee took money for his decisions against them, not because a flu grabbed all players, but because some unemployed skinheads, too dumb to spell their name, too drunk to aim at the loo when peeing.
Can you imagine them coming home?

If that would happen, I knew my duty if I were a football fan.

So I can watch the games and cross my fingers for the team I support (if ever).