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Sonntag, Mai 16, 2004
Hey, did you notice, on June 13th, just in four weeks time, some of the most important elections in the European world will happen?
No wonder.
On June 13th, we'll be able to elect a new European parliament, and I'm totally shocked how little the germans care for it. We think the participation will be under 59% which I find absolutely awful!
The EU and the EU's decisions have such a high impact on our day to day life, but we leave the politicians there do their job nearly without any common interest.
They decidede things, affecting our lifes really much, but we let them do just as if they were doing stuff, completely unimportant.
Weel, if I were European politician, maybe my interest would also be, not drwaing too much attention on me, but is that something we should them let get away with? Surely not!
If I look around, with the usual exceptions, it's a fucking shame what quality the candidates have, we sent there, Either they're politicians we don't want to see any longer in Berlin or they're completely unaware of the workd around them.
What contact to normal people to they have? They're doing some happenings here and there and the time in between they disappear until the next election.
It pisses me off, but allI can do is trying to change it in my little cosmos, so I'll try at least that.
So, if you're European - Go to the election on June 13th! If you'll be not home at this day, go and have your vote counted by letter or directly or whatever possibility your country offers.
I don't tell you to vote for the SPD in Germany, even if that's the only choice for me - imagine where the CDU would have sent our soliders the last months if they have could - but that's up to everyone. As long as you vote for a democratuc party, Go and Vote on June 13th.!!