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Montag, Mai 31, 2004
Kopf machen...
Wenn ich das so lese, sieht das aus, als ob Jens nicht wirklich gut drauf ist, im Moment.
Im Gegenteil, es liest sich eher so, dass er sich right now ziemlich einsam und verzweifelt fühlt.
Jetzt glaub ich einfach mal, dass süße Bildchen von niedlichen Kätzchen oder Blümchen in seiner Mail ihn nicht wirklich fröhlicher stimmen würden.

Jens, ich weiss nicht, ob Dir das jetzt zu persönlich ist, oder so, aber ich glaube ich weiss so ungefähr, was Du suchst. Jetzt will ich Dir nicht die Nase lang machen mit "Kuck ma, ich hab was, was Du auch haben willst" und so, ich will Dir nur klarmachen, dass Du nicht der letzte Mohikaner auf dieser Welt bist und dass es sowas schon gibt, aber dass es manchmal eben fucking anstrengend ist, sowas zu finden, oder noch besser, sich finden zu lassen.

Ich spar mir sämtliche praktischen Anwürfe, weil ich vielleicht die Situation auch komplett verkenne. Macht aber auch nix.
Ich hoff einfach, dass Du Deinen Kopf bald wieder oben hast.
Oder auch endlich mal ein "Freio" findest.

May the Foreskin be with you!
Well, I'm used to silly film names, it's an absolute bad habit to re-name american movies when they come into german cinemas. They hurt booktitles the same, sometimes.

But I wasn't aware of the fact there are people who name their films worse as any German could fuck up the translation. Well, you live and learn or you won't live for long (stolen from Heinlein:"Life of Lazarus Long") and I know I could trust in Ernie to find a site where I can learn something new.

So Ernie found Brad Young and his 100 worst Porn Movie Titles.

My absolute favourite is - as quoted above "May the Foreskin be with you", but I'd say "Fat, the Bald and the Ugly" and "Ass-Hole-O-Mio" do folow really close after. The alltime favourite is, of course a film called "Sex". How fed up with life and all must one be to come up with such names?

Anyway, Mr. Lilli and I had a good laugh about them. While Mr. Lilli is watching "Saving Private Ryan", I read titels as "Shaving Ryan's privates". I'm impressed. Rather.

Who were you in a past life?
by Kat007
Favorite Color:
You were most probably:Jimi Hendrix
If not then you were:Augustus Caesar
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Adult Divorce
You know, I admire people who are able, after a relationship splits up, to remain in a friendly relationship. Mr. Lilli's Ex and I to chat on the phone regularly and from time to time we meet up for a Tekilla and a talk, but that also needed years. Her Hubby isnot so happy about this, but we do it amongst us. Some of my best male friends are ex-lovers from me. Any why not? I mean, in the best case, you know pretty well why you are no longer in a partnership, but you know each other much closer than anyone else.
I love endings like that.
Even when I get furious when someone says"Let's stay friends" right at the splitting up. When we were lovers, we might become friends one day, but we can't stay friends.

This couple
seemed to have shared much more than just sex and love with each other, so in their hearts was space enough for another kind of love.

Harry Potter
Have I mentioned that I do like Harry Potter?

I resisted a long time, but when some friends lend me their four copies of the first four books in english, I was caught in a second. The fifth book came here via Amazon, the first day it was to deliver (the night delivering would have been too much even for me).

So you can imagine how much I look forward for the new film. And that from the woman who went to cinema the last time to was Star Wars Episode I, years ago!

The BBC offers a lot of Infos about Potter, also the interesting insight that the actor Radcliff said, he thinks Harry will die at the end. Yes, that's a possible ending, but it's a children's book and I hope she doesn't have the heart to let him die at the end.

Anyway, the BBC also offers the ultimative Muggle-Test. I scored a 9 which I not so bad, without having had a look back into the book or the news around it.

Sonntag, Mai 30, 2004
Metin Kaplan again
Should it worry me that everytime I start something about Metin Kaplan, my Computer mysteriously buros and somehow eats this entry? It's now my third try, to bring it down.
I've had the doubtfully honour to see Mr. Kaplan several times in person and while I managed not to kick him, spit at him or smash him against my fist ("He stumbled into my fist, you honour!" "Well, seven times?"), when I saw all those men outside the bulding being there and doing this special suspect sort of nothing, I know pretty well one core of his problems.
He is short.
He is a short man with small lips and yellow-ish skin, so if I'd look like that I might feel close to some extremists, too.

But serious.
Mr. Kaplan was one of the chiefs of this group "Caliph State" and as long they did not anything that was against german laws there was no reason to look at them a second time. Remember - this was the time before 9/11, this was the time where Islamists were just some radicals, with the same impact on German society than radical Christs, Jews or even Buddhists.
But then Mr. Kaplan called his minions to murder one competitor who also wanted to become the big chief of this state. Especially because this guy was murdered short after, this was clearly against German Laws, so there was a reason to imprison him for about two years.
While his imprisonment, there was an ongoing battle between his lawyers and the state. The main problem was that he couldn'T be deported into Turkey because there was the danger he might have to face torture when caught there. It doesn'T matter if he's an Islamist, a Rapist or whatever, so when Mrs. T makes it look like it is because he is an Islamist, she is partly wrong. It's just the german laws.

It's simplified, but you won't be deported into a country where death penalty or torture are to expect. I have no idea what would happen to an american citizen, but I'm pretty confident, he would be brought to the US.

In general I like this law. And people like Metin Kaplan are IMO the price we have to pay for such laws. Even when I'd rather see him in Turkey, I'm willing to pay this price, because the whole set of laws is ten times worth a Metin Kaplan abusing is.

It's not that German authorities are too slow, too dumb or too whatever for not deporting him, it's the state of the democracy in Turkey that worries some judges and politicians.

Mr. Shily himself, our "Innenminister" has made several trips to Turkey to ensure, Mr. Kaplan will be treated fair after brought there. He is pretty confident this will all happen. Mr. Kaplans lawyer (a german woman) is not. She also fears that others might be tortured to tell the turkish police things about Kaplan.

I have no idea how far the Turkish democracy went until now, but alone the fact that Öczalan is still alive leaves hope, doesn't it?

Actually Mr. Kaplan is expected to walk in the local police station tomorrow or give something from his doctor why he can't and I'm pretty sure, he will do right that.

It's now the "Ausländeramt" being in trouble since it was reported they did try to play games with the judge. Kaplan will be safe for another two months because that's what the last court said, for him going into revision. And he will... People like him always use each and every straw they can get.

As I use to say ... there is no short man without a serious damage...

Samstag, Mai 29, 2004
Good British Food
Okay, I know, many of Germans do think British Food is plain awful.

They judge it by what they either found themselves in some British Pubs or by what they've been told by others. I must say - you are right, but in the same second you're oh so deadly wrong! Just think about it - imagine the pub around your corner, the one which is not the best one, where the sauce for the Jägerschnitzel is the cheapest Aldi choice, the Kakao is made with water and the Lasagna comes in an Aluminium box. One can survive eating there and sometimes you eat yourself there, but you know pretty well, it's not some representative kind of food you get there. And now imagine, German food would be judged by exactly this pub/ restaurant.

Mr. Lilli and I are the proud owners of some good British Cooking books and we use them often. Sure, there are things no civilized human being should be forced to eat, like english sausages for example, but I'd include the German "Saumagen" also to this list.

Here I found some nice recipe for meateaters like us:

Toad in the Hole

125 gr (1 cup) plain (all purpose) flour
pinch of salt
1 egg, beaten
200 ml (one scant cup) milk
75 ml (1/3 cup) water
2 tablespoons beef drippings
250 gr chicken legs (without bones)
250 gr small "Rostbratwürstchen"

First step: Mix salt and flour and make a well in the centre for the egg.
Add the egg.
Second: Half of the milk goes in, mix it all with a wooden spoon
Third: Beat it until smooth, then add the rest of the milk and all the water
Fourth: Beat it again. Then let it stand for about an hour.
Fourth b: Go and write some good Blog entries while waiting for the hour passing by.
Forth c: Pre-heat the Oven at about 200 C/ 425 F
Fifth: Add the drippings to one large pan, then cut up the chicken and the sausage that you have it all over the pan.
Sixth: Heat the pan in the oven for a few minutes until it's very hot, then put it out again and in goes the batter all over the sausages and the chicken.
Seventh: Back into the oven to cook for about 35 minutes until it's golden brown at the surface. Don't open the oven for at least 30 minutes!
Eigth: Serve it hot with a nice gravy (chicken or so)

This is not really Finest Cuisine, but Wondergirl loves that stuff. You can eat it with Ketchup, so children will be great with it, you can also make it "finer" with some grated cheese and some Red Wine Sauce, if you like to.

We also love stuff like Mulligatowny Soup, Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding or Cranachan (Recipe can be found somewhere in my archieves, I have no idea, where).

Mr. Lilli has some kind of "Good Pub Detector" included. He always finds great places for food when we're around.

Freitag, Mai 28, 2004
Metin Kaplan
As the BBC reports, Mr. Kaplan is no longer searched for by the Cologne police.
Which leaves me happy for our "Rechtsstaat".
Not that I likehim or for what he stands, but I'm pretty happy that even he - whatever PITA he is - gets the benefits of our state and our principle of justice in justice.

We'll see, what the court will deciede.

I have written a long post about this in German, but somehow Blogger managed to chew it and have it vanish into Nirvhana.

Well, I won't write it again, today, for that I'm way too tired.

Dienstag, Mai 25, 2004
Blogspot burps
At least from time to time. I have trouble to get on blogspot sites, also I've got troubleto here, from time to time. But well, as usual.... as long as I don't pay them money, I can't complain.

You are Snoopy!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

thx to Schroeder for the link

Nothing helps
I fear there will help nothing. You can polish and clean and caress and wax it, but the (not so) private parts of David won't grow any more.

But a bigger one would look obscene and half erected, somehow.

Montag, Mai 24, 2004
So is there hope for friendship between them?
I don't like France.
It might be, because I don'T speak the language and so don't understand the people and all.
The one time I was in Paris for a weekend was a trauma.
None of us spoke French and at the Restaurant we didn't know if the words on the card were the food or the waiters adress, so we were pissed about stuff being out own fault - why do we go to a place where noone undertands the people?

The few french people I got to know (in France) were without exception absolutely arrogant, simply refused to speak anything but French with me, even when they were old enough to have learned english at school. I can't stand French films and just very little of french music, there are just very few french actors I like, and French food...? Well, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German and English is what I like much more.

I'm sure, I would like it better if I knew it better, but I see no reason to waste my holiday time in France, when I could stay where I really like it, be it in England or the German North.

On the opposite there is Great Britain - I love it! I speak the language (well if you consider Lilli-english being english), I like the humour, the Brits have wonderful musicians like Robbie Williams, the food is great, most of the Brits I met were pretty okay, the one or the other was even more to me, so who am I to waste my thoughts on the french?

The only positive was the recent French action when Bush went into this war that will cost him his re-election (I hope it so much!). I was really sad, my so much liked Brits were unable to do anything else than jumping on George W.'s lap.

The most Brits I know don't like France, too. Some dislike them because of their peace-politics, others have real reasons for it.

The more is stuff like this that lets hope for friendship... some day.

Sie nervt
Eigentlich tut es mir ja schon weh.
So als Frau, die immer schon der Meinung war, dass Emanzipation der Frau nicht heissen darf, allen Männern das Gemächt zu entfernen habe ich sie trotzdem eigentlich immer ganz gut gefunden.
Ich fand auch ihr "Duell" mit Veronchen recht gut.

Aber bei Jauch heute, geht mir die gute Alice Schwarzer wirklich auf den Zeiger!

Wenn ich schon so wenig weiss, dann schäme ich mich schweigend und gehe nicht Gott und aller Welt damit auf den Sack! Das Getue, was die so absondert, ist wirklich nicht zu ertragen.

Ich habe auch keine Ahnung, was die bundesdeutschen Landwirte flächenmäßig am meisten anbauen (Weizen, Hafer, Mais, Kartoffeln), aber dann soll sie raten, oder die Kohle nehmen und sich verzupfen.

Nee nee Alice.... dat is so nix...

Freitag, Mai 21, 2004
Kick the Brits out?
For some time it belonged to my job to be at Football Games on Saturday night (I mean Football... where we use a Ball and not an egg like the US folks who call what they do Football) and I never got what Hooligans were up to if not "Bam bam bam" stupid rioting and violence.

Yes, I really think, Hooligans can't be intelligent or thinking people, because they either are so dumb to riot or their brain is beaten out with time.

It's always the whole world shivering when you mention the British Fans. Which is unfair. The British Fans just support their team, I can't call Hooligans Fans. They're just idiots who want a good fight and look for a football team as reason, but they could "support" whatever team, as long they get datisfied their deep, dumb and dark desire for violence and fights. (not the diabolic kind of dark, but the kind of darkness you'll find inside an asshole).

So British Hooligans have the worst reputation and it's saying that if they will riot in Portuga, the British Team will be sent home.
That would be pure horror! Imagine - a British Team comes home from Portugal, not because another team played better, not because some referee took money for his decisions against them, not because a flu grabbed all players, but because some unemployed skinheads, too dumb to spell their name, too drunk to aim at the loo when peeing.
Can you imagine them coming home?

If that would happen, I knew my duty if I were a football fan.

So I can watch the games and cross my fingers for the team I support (if ever).

Choosing the new president
In Germany, we elect our president the following way:
all members of our high parliament (600something) and the same number members who are sent from them Bundesländer - politicians and prominents, like actors, singers, athlets build the Bundesversammlung who chooses between the nominated candidates.

While the SPD nominated a woman - Gesine Schwan - the CDU nominated Horst Köhler, an international finance professional.
Usually the party with the lesser chances nominates a woman, since all these men there won't elect Gesine Schwan.

Now the voting has become some special Explosiveness after the nomination of Horst Filbinger. Hans Filbinger had to resign in 1978 because he was a Nazi-Judge and is said to be responsible also for death-sentences.(Yes you US readers, here we don't like people who send others to death!).

I have no fucking idea, how anyone could have thought they could send Filbinger and noone would notice.

Fight the weight
At least that's what health organisations worldwide have decieded over.
One in six people worldwide is overweight - and all of there were in the underground with me, today - an EU will start the fight against this problem.
Most people tell, it's the Glands' fault. Yes sure, the salivary gland and no other, of course. This gland stuff or the story from the heavy bones is just another way to prevent people from having fun at the see, whatever colour the flag has.
Aren't all calories green?
And aren't Calories eaten in company negative calories, who adjust the positive ones like in fries or other green stuff, when eaten alone.
Aren't all Calories green?

I'd bet the health organisations of Ghana or Namibia don't have these problems...

Ich hab da einen Kollegen im Büro, in dessen Chaos ich mich sofort wohl fühle. Vielleicht weil es meinem Chaos so gleicht.

Der gute hat die Tage seine Freundind geheiratet.
Gut so.
Aber ich habe noch nie so eine beschissene Standesbeamtin erlebt, wie da.
Die palaverte einfach so ihren formellen Text runter.
Nix Persönliches, nix Nettes, nix so zwischendurch oder nebendran.
Auch wenn das für die Job ist, heiraten tut man (arrgh Schutzheilige der deutschen Sprache verzeiht mir!) nicht so ofr im Leben, da kann sich die Gute schon ein bisschen mehr Mühe geben, als ihren Standard-Part da runter zu leiern.

Naja. Der Kollege ist jedenfalls gut unter die Haube gekommen.

Jetzt im August die nächste Hochzeit. Die kann ein bisschen turbulenter werden, fürchte ich. Allein schon wegen der drei Kinder, die die Braut mit in die Ehe bringt.
Oder wegen der beiden Hunde.
Oder vielleicht wegen der Vögel?
Oder vielleicht doch nur wegen uns, den bekloppten Kollegen?

Das haben wir letzte Woche schon im Standesamt gemerkt - wir sind mittlerweile so viele, wo wir auftauchen wird es schwarz und jeder betet, dass wir nicht alle zum Essen bleiben.
Im Ernst - dadurch, dass wir mittlerweile zwei komplette Bereiche abdecken, sind wir in kurzer Zeitunheimlich gewachsen.

Ist aber auch irgendwie schön so.

Kulturhauptstadt Köln... eehhh Essen?
Tjaaa... dann hat das für Köln wohl nicht gant gereicht mit der Bewerbung zur Kulturhauptstadt.
Wieso nur?
Werfe der denkende Mensch doch mal einen Blick ins Kölner Rathaus - in welches? Ins Bezirksrathaus (davon haben wir - noch - ein paar), oder ins historische Rathaus, oder ins technische Rathaus oder was?
Also werfen wir.
Und finden einen Oberbürgermeister. Der war vorher Lateinlehrer. Jetzt isser hauptamtlicher Cheffe der Verwaltung der viertgrößten Stadt Deutschlands.
Das iss Karriere!
Und eigentlich ist der Fritze auch ganz in Ordnung.
Finden die, die ihn besser kennen.
Wenn jetzt da nur die diese Blase von Vasallen und Lakeien um ihr herum wäre, so dass man auf der Glibberspur echt ausrutschen kann.

Jetzt steht der Fritz - also der OB - in Köln für einen etwas provinziellen Kulturbegriff. Warum eigentlich? Weil er selber so einfach gestrickt wird? Weil er selber so ein bisschen rumkölschelt und immer da ist, wo eine Fotokamera blinkt? Weil er sich soooo gerne in diesem gräßlich roten Schal ablichten lässt und so seine Nähe zum Bürger demonstrieren will?

Jedenfalls betrachten viele Kulturschaffenden in Köln ihn so, wie ein 15 jähriger seine 12 jährige Schwester, die seinen besten Freund ansabbert. Mit so einer Mischung aus Mitleid, Ekel, Neugierde und Überlegenheit.

Seit die FDP der CDU in Köln zu rosa geworden ist, haben wir hier ein schwarz/ grünes Bündnis. Wenn ich nicht wüsste, das die Kölner Grünen etwas..... ganz besonderes.... sind, würde mich das echt besorgen.

Also irgendwie hat sich Köln beworben, Kulturwelthauptstadt 2010 zu werden. Auch wenn die Busse mit den Touries uns jetzt schon die komplette Stadt zustellen, können wir davon immer noch ein paar mehr gebrauchen. Auch wenn wir die Hohe Straße und die Schildergasse vor Weihnachten dicht machen mussten, weil einfach zu viele Leute da unterwegs waren - das waren keine Kölner. Kölner kaufen da nix ein, das können nur Touries und Bergheimer sein, wobei noch nicht klar ist, was mehr ekelt - da passen noch ein paar Holländer zwischen; noch ein paar Japaner auf den Dom und noch ein paar Russen in den Bus zum Schokomuseum.

Jetzt hat die Kölner Politik der letzten drei Jahre sich nicht wirklich in positivem Licht gezeigt, Zuerst leistet sich die SPD die Spendenaffäre, dann kommt die Müllaffäre, in der sowohl rot als auch schwarz angeblich hängen. Hier werden Baustellen einfach mal ein paar Jahre nicht weitergebaut - mitten in der City; hier werden Löcher aufgerissen, ohne das man weiss, was man mit welchem Geld dahinbauen will; hier wird ein Turm gebaut und keiner weiss, wie hoch er wird... all das gibt es nur in Köln, so kommt es uns jedenfalls vor. Und wir Kölner? Wir haben sie noch nicht vor die Stadttoren gejagt, wie schon so manch bekloppten Bischof in alten Zeiten, das rechne ich uns hoch an.

So, und in all diesem sagt der OB, also der Chef der Verwaltung, die es bis jetzt nichtmal auf die Reihe kriegt, den Alter Markt verbünftig pflastern zu lassen, wenn denn Köln die Wahl schafft, dann würde er in 2009 glatt nochmal kandidieren.

Naja... bei der Vorlage... das kann doch keiner auf sich sitzenlassen.
So ne Drohung steckt doch keiner einfach so weg.
Also wird jetzt Essen der NRW-Vorschlag und wir müssen abwarten, welchen Grund sich Fritz suchen wird, um auf jeden Fall nochmal zu kandidieren.

Ach ja - Fritz ist in der CDU und ich stehe ab morgen wieder wahlkämpfend auf der ein oder anderen Stra0e.
Aber nicht für die CDU:
Sicher nicht.

Toi toi toi Essen. Ich hoffe Ihr packt das. Und ich hoffe, Euer OB hält Fußball nicht für den Gipfel der Kultur in seiner Heimatstadt.

Whothe Heck is this guy?
Sometimes it's fine being without any clue.
Like now.
There is some thing going on about this guy who claims to be Andy Kaufman.
So What?
I mean - where's the beef?

Who is Andy Kaufman? All i understood was, he was away for 20 years and is back now.
Or is not.
Or is just a fake

So - who can enlighten me? But do it only, when it's an interesting story.
Or make some interesting story up.
I don't mind.

Turkey in the EU?
Last night we had a little meeting where we were talking about the EU. And I was shocked how many people still don't want to have Turkey in.
You can hear many reasons being discussed. here.
1 - the cultural difference; means: since Turkey is so different from central Europe, there won't be any cultural consent possible.
2 - the geographical difference; means: Turkey is, when you see it geographically, not in Europe. They are, at least partial, Asian.
3 - The religious; means: As an Islam state, and as the EU being christs, there won't be a ground for understanding.
There were mentioned some more, but let me give an answer to each of this numbers.
1 - Cultural difference. Hmm.... well, when I see what is usual day to day program when you live in a small village in Bavaria, I'd prefer to be on a market in Istanbul. At least there I know, I'm a trourist and can go home after my holiday.
2 - Geographical... You know what? Who cares? I mean, if there's some bit of water in between, I don't, but that can't be a reason, to get them out right now. Geography is just continental plates drifting together or apart, so what's the point?
3 - Religious; Oh my! In central Europe, we're mostly christian oriented, sure. But when you just take a look at Macedonia and their neighbours you'll find more Muslims than you expect. But noone is argueing against Macedonia; either they don't realize they're Muslim, too, or they just don't care. Turkey is doing some quite relaxed Islam, since they separate between state and religoin, what I find a great idea when it's really lived. I wish we'd do here.

I know, there are many more reasons pro and contra, but I think Turkey and Europe should join this great chance and set a plan for when in the next twenty years Turkey will join Europe.

Dienstag, Mai 18, 2004
I'll never say I'm an expert in foreign politics, especially not in India-politics, but is there anybody who can explain to me, why this Sonia Ghandi campaigns, works like hell and now, after having won the election, said, she doesn't want to become prime minister?
Is there some trick I haven't seen, yet, or is it just this "inner voice" telling her what to do?

Hmph - world never stopps making me wonder.

Anke Late Night
Nachdem ich jetzt schon bei so vielen was drüber gelesen habe, muss ich doch auch nochmal ausführlich senfen...

Ich mag Anke Engelke. Auch wenn sie nur ein paar Jahre älter ist, als ich und aus einem Kaff in der Nähe von Köln kommt und ihre Eltern und meine Ma sich kennen, so dass ich immer mal wieder vorgehalten bekam:"Guck mal, Lilli, was die Anke Engelke wieder alles so macht und kann, die ist jetzt beim Radio RTL, wenn Du nicht Deinen Salat aufisst, kommst Du niemals dahin...", oder eine ähnlich belanglose Konsequenz.

Ich mag Anke Engelke trotzdem gern. Ich kann über ihre Witze lachen und fand selbst diese eigenartige Serie, in der sie eine Talk-Show Moderatorin spielt, noch ganz lustisch.

Auf mich hat sie gestern auch verdammt nervös gewirkt, was aber auch nu wirklich niemanden wundert. Ich wäre auch nervös, wenn ich den Sendeplatz von Dirty Harry hätte.

Ihre Gags waren okay, ihr Anfang war auch nicht schlechter als Die Schöpfungsgeschichte in drei Akten, oder was Schmidt da so aufgeführt hat. Scheisse bleibt scheisse, auch wenn man sie zum Kult erklärt.

Und - was für mich am wichtigsten ist - ich konnte bei Anke genauso super einpennen, wie ich das bei Schmidt immer geschafft habe.

Im Ernst - warten wir mal ein paar Wochen/ Monate und denken daran, wie elend schlecht Schmidt anfangs war, da war auch von "Kult" noch so gar keine Spur.

Penis enlargement
I get about 30 Spam Mails per day on my private account. Among these mails are some promising me the spectacular insights in women having sex with (whatever), women masturbating, womans stripping... and in Penis enlargement.
Like weight reducing pills, I don't believe in penis enlargement, but I never really cared.
All I thought was "What a Moron do you have to be to buy anything that is sold via Spam Mail?"

Wonderful Ernie now had this link on his page to a guy who documentates his experiment with taking Penis growth pills and this guy claims it really works.

Well - what does that proof?

Either the pills this guy tried out really work.
Or the guy was mid-puberty and still growing.
Or his Blog is just a huge marketing trick of some penis-enlargement-pill seller.

I have no idea.

He really claims it works...*shaking head in disbelief*

Montag, Mai 17, 2004
Hip hip hooray! The first same sex couples got married!! It was about time. Let's hope the rest of the US will come soon after.

Moore has film about Iraqi abuse?
We know he is a clever businessman, whose business seems to be to critizise Bush and his government. Even when I sympathize with some things he said and did, I don't like his style of making profit out of all - well, who would blame him for that?
But well, he now claims he had sent three camera teams into Iraq who were able to get documentations of US soldiers abusing Iraqi people.
Outside of a prison. Right on the streets.
Bush just claimed the incident was a single one and just happened in this prison.

And now Moore introduces his film in Cannes - where else?

I'm not really sure what to think of it, I wouldn't glorify it before having seen it and its proofs, but I also wouldn't damn it just because it's made by Moore, as I can see many folks do. Face it - he might be a PITA for some, but he's not the evil himself.

Sonntag, Mai 16, 2004
James Fox complains
the Eurovision Contest was a farce. Well - a few bitter truths:
It was always a political voting. It was just that central European states like Germany and the UK had better chances in that than they have today because of the strong Balkan countries.
The British song was not a winner song at all. It sounded like american country on valium. Nice, but pointless, so don't expect anything more you got, because you got all you deserved.

One will have to think about the voting system. Maybe one can weight the votes differently, or just count all votes in one huge count or so; I have no idea how it would be fair, but that hasn't been a point for ages, it just comes uo now, we're on the victim-end of the farce. So let them have their wins in the Balkan states and in a few years time, we'll find a new solution, okay?

Da krieg isch Plack
Sagt der Rheinländer beim Lesen solcher Nachrichten und will damit ausdrücken, dass sein Missfallen über den Inhalt einer Nachricht wie dieser dazu geneigt ist, kleine Herpesbläschen (Plack) im Mundwinkel entstehen zu lassen, wie sie sonst nur an Rosenmontag erblühen, wenn auch der siebzehnte Rote Funke in Reihe, hackestritzenblau noch ein "Bützchen" (Küsschen) abstauben möchte und Dir seine sabberigen Lippen unter dem Schnaäutzer, in dem sich noch die Reste diverser Zwischenmahlzeiten (Zwiebelreste vom Mettbrötchen bilden da mit Bierschaum und Brotkrumen eine unheilige Dreifaltigkeit) finden lassen, auf den Mund drücken will, was dazu führt dass Du den Kopf ruckartig zur Seite wirfst und zwar seine Lippen so auf der Wange landen, die eh schon total versabbert ist, Deine Halwirbel aber eben auch woanders lagern, was Dir dann nach Karneval zusätzlich zu Kopf- und Halsschmerzen auch noch Nackenziehen beschert.

Naja.. so fühle ich mich jedenfalls, wenn ich wieder mal lesen muss, dass die Bajuwaren sich anmassen Deutsch zu sprechen. Ist ja fast so, als würde man das, was es in Düsseldorf zu trinken gibt, als Bier bezeichnen und das was ein Sozialhilfeempfänger auf dem Konto hat als "Vermögen" anzusehen.

Was soll das? Warum macht man es den Leuten nochmal extra schwer? Welcher Idiot denkt sich sowas aus?

Discussion Culture
is, what I would sort this under.
I was really shocked, when I saw the notice that PapaScott will now do some translation work for Davids Medienkritik, a site, often leaving me foaming, shouting and smashing things around for their posts being so.. dumb, one-sided, manipulative and just plain "Driss" )look how you can get this translated!).
Scott claims, you can only change people's mind when you're talking to them. to what I agree.
I love talking to people with different ideas, different political beliefs and all that; that was one of the main reasons for me to have a weblog. If I want to people who think like I do, I initiate an "Ortsvereinssitzung".
Sorry, Scott, they're Morons! Not even so much David himself, but you'll find more than the average rate of Dumbnuts in his comments.
Talking to them and becoming a part of them is a difference, isn't it?
Talking to them and working for them is a difference, or?

Talking needs in my book, some kind of niveau, some kind of basic consent about how a discussion should be lead, but I can't find even that with people who argue like David's bandwagon.
They're so full of hatred against all, german politicians do, I have no idea, if it is guilt, self-hatred or just outside interests wo instrumentalize people like David and his friends.

I'm also missing any constructivity, which leads me that far to ask a common question from the 60ies - why don't they just leave? I mean, when I live in a country where I can find just so little positive in all day politics, why am I staying? I know for myself, I would leave immediately instead of staying and feeling as miserable with it all as it seems there.

Being so one-sided like this kind of sites is something I consider dangerous for one's beliefs.

But anyway Scott, maybe you're right and I'm wrong. I hope you find people to talk to, who are able and willing to listen to you.

Hey, did you notice, on June 13th, just in four weeks time, some of the most important elections in the European world will happen?
No wonder.
On June 13th, we'll be able to elect a new European parliament, and I'm totally shocked how little the germans care for it. We think the participation will be under 59% which I find absolutely awful!
The EU and the EU's decisions have such a high impact on our day to day life, but we leave the politicians there do their job nearly without any common interest.
They decidede things, affecting our lifes really much, but we let them do just as if they were doing stuff, completely unimportant.
Weel, if I were European politician, maybe my interest would also be, not drwaing too much attention on me, but is that something we should them let get away with? Surely not!
If I look around, with the usual exceptions, it's a fucking shame what quality the candidates have, we sent there, Either they're politicians we don't want to see any longer in Berlin or they're completely unaware of the workd around them.
What contact to normal people to they have? They're doing some happenings here and there and the time in between they disappear until the next election.
It pisses me off, but allI can do is trying to change it in my little cosmos, so I'll try at least that.
So, if you're European - Go to the election on June 13th! If you'll be not home at this day, go and have your vote counted by letter or directly or whatever possibility your country offers.
I don't tell you to vote for the SPD in Germany, even if that's the only choice for me - imagine where the CDU would have sent our soliders the last months if they have could - but that's up to everyone. As long as you vote for a democratuc party, Go and Vote on June 13th.!!

Hear! Hear! Why should I re-type what he said so good?

Geneve Convention
Oh my. Today at "Who wants to be a millionaire?" (here! Here! Why do they never give us a chance??) the candidate didn't know the difference between the Geneve Convention and the Schengen Contracts, so who am I do expect any soldier to know about it?
Naah - serious - I guess each of the soldiers involved did know their actions violate the Geneve Convention, but they thought they simply wopuld get away with it, because their command was backing it, as it seems. I've read enough about behaviour studies and that stuff to know that it can come so far that each of them thinks they were doing absolutely right and the world would thank them for their work afterwards, but at least their command chain should have had some folks with guts who would have pointed to these actions early enough.
But nothing happened. Does one, who feels, he is walking on a borderline, take photos of what he's doing? Of course not? Pictures like the ones the world could see the last days, are just taken, when the person taking it, is completely aware of his or her safety in the situation.
This atmosphere of safety is an atmosphere, the command chain creates by the commands, so it's not really fair to hack just on the soldiers and leaving out most of the command, in my eyes, they are even on a higher level responsible than the active soldiers.
Dennis has one more pov about this.

European Song Contest
MY favourite was clearly Max but also this Turkish Band Athena and the girl from Cyprus. I do think this Ukrainian singer has an interesting voice and the greece singer looks really hot, hot, hot, but the songs were some kind of.. unsoectable; there was something missing, somehow.
But anyway - it's always fun to watch the Contest and to cross fingers for your favourite artist. Mr. Lilli and I were wondering how some countries could send such bad artitsts, but I guess the world did wonder that about the german contenstants like Corinny Mae and Michelle, just no word about Lou, too. The UK and the Irish song were pretty nice, but nothing special, too. They sounded like some american country stuff and one of the singers looked like the younger cousin of George W. Bush, while another one, I forgot from where he was, sounded like if he had stolen his song from Enrique - or even worse, Julio - Iglesias' cupboard.
So one other - why do solo dancing westeuropean men look like tutu-gays while turkish or especially here, greece men just look hot like hell? I have no idea, something with the genes, maybe??
So next year in Kiew.
I'll look forward to it.

Mittwoch, Mai 12, 2004
Sorry, but this Hostage-taking in Iraq is a new habit, I have no understanding for- Once sources report about US soldiers taking a wife and a daughter from some guy into hostage and now it's reported that some russians were taked as hostages in Iraq.
What should it help?
I mean, if we assume there is some central organizing behind all Iraqi actions against this coalition, hostages just "help" - as if ever - as cry for help or as method to have the world news perk up.

But we all know what is happening in Irq - more or less. And the world knows about a war in Iraq and who does it for what, so for what should this hostage thing be good? No country with a pride would pay for some inhibitants, after the third or fourth incident of this kind, even the interest of the media decreaes enormously.

So the "typical aim" or hostage-taking won't help anyone a thing and for everything else this method is not practicable. Why don't they just leave it that way?

Montag, Mai 10, 2004
What's about UK soldiers?
Was something, I wanted to know yesterday. The newspapers were reporting about UK and USA soldiers abusing their prisoners, but they didn't bring much about the UK position. What should they have written? Sure. Blair could have said "Me, too" all the time, but that wouldn't really help so much.

So we were waiting for an official british statement which today was made by Tony Blair, wom I consider a real specialist in excuses. His speeching-style is just made for excusing, I think.

Sonntag, Mai 09, 2004
One more on torturing
When I see how folks like Ray and his bandwagon in the comments (there are a few voices missing, but that will change once the weekend is over. I'm sure) blow themselves with critisizing the German Media for their double standards and Joschka Fischer for what Cohn-Bendit said (do whatever possible to avoid Bush's re-election), I'm tempted to ask what in their opinion Germany should do? Would you feel it to be appropriate for us to sit down at the feet of this superior nation and listen to the words of wisdom coming out of the mouths of a group of politicians who make most of their money in oil contracts with firms they have to do also in their job as a politician with?
Would you feel it to be appropriate for us to go in ashes as long some - any - US folk deciedes that Germans won't be Nazis or Commies any longer?
Would you feel it to be apporpriate for us to listen to whomever calls himself a journalist and writes lines against "Old Europe" and others?
I bet!
You see, Ray and Rays friends, it isn't done with just condemning something the own military does. As I claimed before, a political responsibility without consequences for the one who claims to have it (here it's Mr. Rumsfeld), is no responsibility but cheap waste of air and time.
Yes, you are right, the german media are one-sided about all this, but who the fuck cares? There are enough folks like you who try to keep on reminding what a great leader the US president is. You do, as if you'd have a higher morale standard, but when one reads what you do, one finds out, you're not a single dip better, even worse, because you pretend to be and do something you always fail miserably.

Who did what to whom?
When studying I learned that the simple questions are the hardest to answer, especially when it comes to laws. "Who demands what from whom wherefore?" is such a sentence (poorly translated, of course).
But it all comes down to the simple questions in life.
Especially the bigger things.
Who did torture whom? Why? How often?
And then the questions that have to be asked: what will happen to the torturers and who will do it?

Soldiers who rape and commit other crimes, soldiers who torture prisoners have to be brought to court. Higher ranks who let their people commit such crimes have to be brought to court, too because they have let it happen.

And people who claim the political responsibility but don't do a thing besides trying to spread fog around everything have to be brought to places where they get ripped their ass off, or at least they have to resign, because what else does political responsibility mean, when the person doesn't do anything afterwards? I'm not talking about preussian times and before where it was expected to shoot yourself, but a little bit of consequence - here a resign or a few - would be in order, wouldn't it?

I also wonder why we're just talking about the US troops torturing. What about the Brits? And what it Tony doing?

Death Penalty
As I claimed several times before, I think the Death Penalty is something no civilized state should be involved. I don't mind if the person in question is guilty or not, a state should not murder a prisoner, for whatever reason.
In this case it's about Perry Allen Austin who is imprisoned in Texas Death Row because he should have kidnapped and murdered a nine years old boy. There is no proof than his confession which seemed to have been made under deep depression.
Well, the site Campaign for Justice is of course about money, because it seems justice, not only in the US, is always about money. When you have money, you're more likely to find justice as if you're poor. Thx to London Leben for the link.

Samstag, Mai 08, 2004
Europe against radical Imams
And what are the Germans gonna do?
In fear that everything they do would immediately call for these dumbnuts who cry out "Nazis! Germans go and discriminate people again..." and so on, until now the Germans didn't have the balls to do something appropriate.
But I'm pretty confident that will change the next weeks/ months, and people here will have to learn that integration also contents some hard rules and some things both sides just simply have to do "because".

Liebe Post,
wisst Ihr was? Wenn Euer Brief-Monipol fällt, dann werde ich aus purer Gehässigkeit alles bei irgendwem anders in Auftrag geben, egal zu welchem Preis, einfach nur, weil ich Euer gelbes Anlitz nicht mehr ertragen möchte.
Komme ich also gestern aus dem Urlaub und habe eine Paketbenachrichtigung im Kasten. Sieben Werktage. Oh Mann - wie gut, dass der Urlaub so kurz war, heute war der letzte Tag.
Das mit den Karten hab ich öfter - da hat dann der Postbote keinen Bock zu klingeln, sondern wirft kommentarlos das Teil ein, in der Hoffnung, es beschwert sich schon keiner.
Ich immer.
Ist nämlich total nervig. Ich habe ein Postamt ein paar hundert Meter weit weg am Sudermanplatz. Da könnte ich wunderbar meine Pakete abholen und alles andere erledige ich eh von da, wenn ich die Post brauche.
Geht aber nicht.
Meine Pakete, die dieser Schwachmat von Zusteller nicht zustellt, sondern schweigend wieder in den Wagen stellt, darf ich im Dumont Caree in der Breite Straße abholen.
Also entweder mit dem Auto oder Fahrrad, weil Bahn ist zu weit und riskant (könnt ja was Schweres sein).

Wir sind also heute nach dem Fädenziehen bei der Katze (nie mehr rollig!!) mit selbiger noch zur Post, weil ich unbedingt heute dieses doofe Paket noch abholen musste.

Ich hab's grad noch geschafft und war um 13.45 Uhr drin (14.00 Uhr ist Feierabend). Ein kurzer Blick rund - boah! Sieben Schalter besetzt, an allen wird hektisch gearbeitet. Super!

Wäre schön gewesen, wenn nicht an drei von den sieben Schaltern die Damen und Herrn in blau ihre dämliche Tagesabrechnung
gemacht hätte. Das gab es ja schon zu meiner Zeit vor 10 Jahren in der Meldehalle nicht mehr - Abschlussarbeiten bei laufendem Publikum... Abartig. Ich war kurz davor, mir den Leiter (ist garantiert ein Mann) dieses Mistladens vor die Nase zerren zu lassen, habe aber dann unter nahezu unmenschlicher Rücksichtnahme auf meine Seelenruhe und die der Anlieger davon abgesehen.

Supercool war dann noch, als es 14 Uhr schlug, wollte noch eine Frau die Filiale betreten und wurde mehr oder weniger mit Körpereinsatz der entsprechenden (klein, grau und dicke Brille) Mitarbeiterin von dieser daran gehindert "Aus Sicherheitsgründen", wie sie nicht aufhöen konnte, das mühsam auswendig gelernte nachzuplappern. Dass zu dem Zeitpunkt noch ca. 15 Leute da waren, war sicherheitsmässig voll egal, oder?

Nee - ich will private Postzusteller!! Diese Beamtenköpfe sehe ich jeden Tag im Büro, das reicht mir.

Political connections
Yes, I know, living in Cologne and being a member of the SPD is not the greatest move right now, and talking about connections and "friends" in a political way is also something that's pretty much on the "No"" list for the next decades as long the scandals are being worked through, here (even when we made a great step with the new SPD leaders, Boerschel and Ott).
But I'd like to see it on a more theoretical way - people who donate much money to someone's campaign are made public by newspapers and all, but do you still know who gave what the last years to whom? Would it be interesting for anyone to be able to get to know this by a mouseclick? Would it be interesting for anyone to find out which musician prefers which political party and plays at solidary concerts or so?
I think it would, but I learned that my ideas of interesting sometimes don't match with the ideas of many other people, so this political friendster might never ever come out of the shadow of anonymity to most Germans. I wish it would not.
Thx Ernie!

We're back
We're back, home and still alive. No Greenpeace activist came and wanted so pull us back into the sea when we had our day on the Beach, wondergirl didn't increase the speed of her runs away from Moms hand and Mr. Lilli managed to drive our car back home in the rain with 120 km/h or even 80km/h when it was restricted speed.
On the one hand it's a shame that our holiday was so short, on the other hand, somehow I missed home. At least the cats and the puter.

Wieder da!
Köln hat uns wieder.
Da haben wir doch die letzte Woche gemütlich an der Nordsee verbracht und uns ein bisschen den Nordsee-Wind um die Ohren wehen und auch schonmal die Sonne auf den Pelz brennen lassen.
Eigentlich hatten wir gutes Wetter. Bis auf Heute. Heute hat es nur geschifft. Die ganze Autobahn lang. Abartig.
Als wir schon auf dem Weg mal in Harlingersiel reingeschaut haben und Wondergirl fröhlich und lauthals deklamierte "Kölle alaaf!!" war es noch wunderschöner Sonnenschein, doch je weiter wir ins Landesinnere kamen, umso dunkler wurden die Wolken.
Hier ein paar Tipps aus dem Urlaub:
Ferienwohnung 10 Minuten (per Auto) vom Strand bei echt netten Leuten. Selten habe ich einen Kellner gesehen, der so in seinem Job aufgegangen ist, wie hier. Wer gut Küche mag und keine Angst vor viel Fisch hat, ist hier richtig, auch mit Kind. Die kriegen ihre eigenen Speisekarte und dürfen die mit den hauseigenen Buntstiften auch direkt ausmalen. Super. 5 von 5 möglichen Punkten. Zum Restaurant gehört auch ein Hotel. Da könnte ich nie übernachten, oder ich müsste mich hinterher komplett neu einkleiden (sach mal "papp").
Wondergirl hat sich im Taka-Tuka-Land einen totalen Wolf gespielt und wird wohl noch Wochen lang von diesem geilen Indoor-Spielplatz erzählen. (Auch für Muttis und Pappis ganz angenehm zum Lesen und auf Kinderschreie warten).
Diese ganze Idee mit dem Strandportal in Bensersiel finde ich schon klasse, wobei das Restaurant dort zwar nett, aber nicht so gut ist, wie der Nordstern. Also nur maximal 4 von 5 Punkten.
Gestern dann woltten wir zur Seehund Aufzuchtstation in Norddeich und waren jetzt schon ein bisschen enttäuscht. Nicht nur, dass genau drei Seehunde von weitem durch ne Scheibe zu sehen waren (nicht, dass ich einen mitnehmen wollte, aber wir hätten schon gern noch ein paar etwas näher gesehen), der Rest der Nummer war auch irgendwie... schade.
Natürlich wollte Wondergirl auch in den Indoor-Spielplatz. Und da es ein bisschen getropft hat, war uns das schon recht.
Aber während im Taka-Tuka-Land eher Ruhe war und alle Kinder irgendwie nett gespielt haben, wurde in diesem komischen Haus nur rumgekreischt und gerast.
Jetzt stand an der Tür ausdrücklich, das wäre was für Kleinkinder.
Da frag ich mich - wie lange ist man Kleinkind? Doch sicher mit 10 nicht mehr, oder?

Aber es gibt so Mütter..... (aufblas), die sind echt schlimmer als alle ihre Kinder zusammen. Solche waren da. Da sind wir lieber mit Wondergirl nass geworden und haben auf dem Matsche-Spielplatz im Nieselregen mit Wasser und Matsche gespielt. Immer noch besser, als sich von pubertierenden kleinen Mädchen niederrennen lassen, die immer die schönsten Spielecken in Beschlag nehmen.

Naja und als wir dann Hunger hatten, wollten wir nur einen Happen essen in der "SchlemmerInsel im Ocean Wave". Okay. Die haben eine nette Spielecke. Das war es aber dann auch schon. So einen lahmarschigen Kellner habe ich echt schon ewig nicht mehr gesehen. Es waren so ca. 5 Gäste anwesend, doch bis der sich mal zu uns gesellte, waren wir schon soweit, dass wir wieder fahren wollten. Nee.... der gab uns so richtig das Gefühl, dass wir ihn in seinem Laden nur stören. Die hatten auch so Bewertungskärtchen, aber wir waren einfach nur froh, da raus zu sein, da haben wir auf die Dinger auch keinen Bock mehr gehabt. Mr. Lilli meinte, das wäre der Besitzer gewesen, aber so faul und desinteressiert kann nur ein Angestellter sein. Auch das Essen war eher mittelprächtig bis lieblos, also - und auch nur wegen der Spielecke - 2 von 5 Punkten. Nicht, dass die einen vergiften so schlimm iss nicht, aber so lieblos und blatschig dahingeplatscht.... neee... nicht nochmal.

So - jetzt sind wie wieder da und ich hab Euch gar nicht vermisst. Habe noch an PapaScott gedacht, als ich ein paar Bilder der ganzen Windräder gemacht habe. So bei einigen kann ich verstehen, wenn die das Mist finden (von wegen Schlagschatten und so), aber bei den meisten finde ich es gar nicht so wild und ich finde, dass sie so sehr die Gegend nicht verschandeln, sie haben schon so eine fragile Ästethik, finde ich. Aber das ist echt Geschmackssache und wie nahe dran ich so ein Ding haben möchte, weiss ich auch nocht nicht. Auf jeden Fall lieber als ein Kohlekraftwerk oder ein Atomkraftwerk oder sowas, das ist klar.