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Montag, April 26, 2004
Mona Lisa is getting old
You know, Paris is said to be the city of lovers.
It surely is not for me.
First - I don't speak any French. Since my first foreign language at school was Latin and the second one English, I never had to learn French. And I never saw a reason to do so.
So a trip to Paris was bearing some risks. It must be about 15 years ago, when we - four young couples - drove in two cars from Cologne to Paris for a long weekend. It was awful.
My boyfriend and I we were the only couple still being a couple when we drove home, the others separated in Paris. We had to change rooms, so that the girls had rooms on their own and the boys, too. No matter that my sweetie and I wanted to stay together, we just had to help our friends.
The problem was that none of us was speaking a proper french, so we went into a restaurant and saw on the card something we didn't know if it was the menue, the day of the week or the name and adress of the restaurant owner.
Anyway, our Paris trip was awful.
I'm not such a group-type, and I'll never understand why there is an obligation to stay together like a herd of sheep when you are on holiday with certain friends. So we went to the Louvre.
Oh Yeah, I thought, the Louvre. I love museums, one of my sweetest memories is my weekend in London all alone and having a whole day to spend it in the British Museum just as I liked.
So - the Louvre made my day.
I thought so.
But my friends were able to "group up" even this, so all I saw was Venus of Milo, the Mona Lisa and the exhibition Louvre at the Middle Age.
In 40 minutes.
No less but not a single second more.

40 minutes for the Louvre.
Is like kissing, foreplay, fucking, afterplay in 5 minutes.
Is like watching 9 1/2 weeks in Fast Forward.
Is something that should be "verboten" by Geneva convention.

I've never been to Paris since then. I guess it was some kinda traumatizing me. I'm sure it was. Btw - ths boyfriend and I split up the week we came back from Paris.

So now the Mona Lisa is showing signs of ageing.
And I just hasted through her room.

It's a shame.