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Donnerstag, April 15, 2004
A clever move?
So, let's, just for the sake of this discussion, assume the recently found tape is really from Osama Bin Laden or someone else high ranking in Al Quaeda.
So what are they doing there? The latest offer reminds me on my time on the schoolyard, where I knew, as long I ignore this big guy who's running around and kicking other pupils, hitting them and beating the up, it's not my ass that will get kicked.
Can't be it, or?

So Osama says he's offfering peace or something like that to European countries as long as they don't team up with the US.

I say he's revealing with that offer, how arbitrary (???) his goals are. Last week it was Iraq, the week before it was to free Afghanistan, then it was to protest against the imperial politics of the US ... Now it's Israels and Palestine, where the one and only reason for all evil is to find. And via Israel we're back at the US and all the Jews in the world.

Sorry, but this is ridiculous.

I think one can't tell it often enough - Osama Bin Laden is not a radical muslim. He is a Terrorist who happens to be from muslim religion, that's all. He uses Islam as a shield to hide behind and to recruite young, willing victims who go and got killed for him. It's sick.

The USA is an allie of Europe and especially Germany. One doesn't have to think any good about the actual president, to see that no one will live forever and there will be another US president sooner or later (man, do I pray for sooner!) who might be better accepted in Europe and have at least minimal talent for foreign politics.

I'm glad, Prodi announced that Europe won't discuss with terrorists, just because they promise not to kick our asses but our friends ones.

So was it a clever move from Osama?

No I don't think it was. It will polarize people and force them on the side of the US who wouldn't have been there otherwise. It will bring Europe back closer to the US and not split them finally, which might have been the initial purpose.