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Donnerstag, April 29, 2004
We'll be offline til the end of next week.

Relax and have fun whle I'm away. I don't have a guest-poster, you can find wonderful, funny and interesting sites via my linklist on the left.

The Lilli family will be offline for the next week.

Have fun and relax while I'm away, I don't have a guest-poster, since my linklist on the left is full of great and funny blogs!

Deutschland : Rumänien? 1:5? Whew! Wie gut, dass ich mich nicht für Fußball interessiere und Tante Käthe mir recht egal ist...

Mittwoch, April 28, 2004
Selling a weddingdress
It's some time ago I was laughing so hard about an ebay auction than I did about this guy who is selling his ex-wife's weddingdress. With me are Ernie and over 5.000.000 others laughing and maybe also feeling with him.

Dienstag, April 27, 2004
Chaotic EU
Is the EU "chaotic and leaderless" as some people state?
I must say: I have no idea. And that's where I see one of the bigger problems.

Ya know - I consider myself as politically interested and even I have often no idea, what these comissions and groups in the EU parliament really are doing the whole day long. Sometimes I see a result of what they do when they change some laws, or when there are some news about some guy hiring his brothers girlfriend as a secretary or so. But the rest? Hmph. Difficult.

I'm preparing the EU campaign right now and we have a hard time coming up with good ideas about what to do and how to visualize what in the next weeks. It's not that we don't get informations, they're just so boring!

So now the changes to the East are coming. Perhaps it's the case that the EU is not prepared for such a huge step. But is one ever? I prefer to see it as a chance. Maybe the EU will have to grow into the chance and is not yet big enough for it, but they'll never be in a better shape for such a step. If we'll continue to talk this step into a bad thing it will come out as such, but why not trying to see it a bit positive?

Let's face it: most member of the EU are pretty wealthy, compared to the rest of the world. And I'm a believer in the idea that when the rich ones give some of their wealth away to others who need it more, the new base to meet is a better one, because more people can live by that standard, and improve it to its old marks bu with way more people to profit from it.

Montag, April 26, 2004
UK goes ID Card
From Lionel I learned that the idea of an ID card can become a trauma for a Brit. I have grown up with Cards, so I don't mind to have them. We use it in day to day transfers and just need a passport for traveling outside of the EU and nothing more.
So I see there is a thing that might make sense.
On the other hand, I have no idea, why we don't have just one document instead of the two.

Biometric stuff is coming here right now, fingerprints is the first thing and I guess the Iris-check will come soon after.

Our securities use the same reasons, people in the UK use for ID cards; they say it helps against Terror what a silly idea! Many of the 9/11 attackers have been living in Germany before, and here we have an ID card.
But just for Germans and the terrorists have not been germans as far as I know. So how should ID cards help against terrorism? Without any other help, I'd say: Nothing. Not a single thing.

But well, we'll see.

Mona Lisa is getting old
You know, Paris is said to be the city of lovers.
It surely is not for me.
First - I don't speak any French. Since my first foreign language at school was Latin and the second one English, I never had to learn French. And I never saw a reason to do so.
So a trip to Paris was bearing some risks. It must be about 15 years ago, when we - four young couples - drove in two cars from Cologne to Paris for a long weekend. It was awful.
My boyfriend and I we were the only couple still being a couple when we drove home, the others separated in Paris. We had to change rooms, so that the girls had rooms on their own and the boys, too. No matter that my sweetie and I wanted to stay together, we just had to help our friends.
The problem was that none of us was speaking a proper french, so we went into a restaurant and saw on the card something we didn't know if it was the menue, the day of the week or the name and adress of the restaurant owner.
Anyway, our Paris trip was awful.
I'm not such a group-type, and I'll never understand why there is an obligation to stay together like a herd of sheep when you are on holiday with certain friends. So we went to the Louvre.
Oh Yeah, I thought, the Louvre. I love museums, one of my sweetest memories is my weekend in London all alone and having a whole day to spend it in the British Museum just as I liked.
So - the Louvre made my day.
I thought so.
But my friends were able to "group up" even this, so all I saw was Venus of Milo, the Mona Lisa and the exhibition Louvre at the Middle Age.
In 40 minutes.
No less but not a single second more.

40 minutes for the Louvre.
Is like kissing, foreplay, fucking, afterplay in 5 minutes.
Is like watching 9 1/2 weeks in Fast Forward.
Is something that should be "verboten" by Geneva convention.

I've never been to Paris since then. I guess it was some kinda traumatizing me. I'm sure it was. Btw - ths boyfriend and I split up the week we came back from Paris.

So now the Mona Lisa is showing signs of ageing.
And I just hasted through her room.

It's a shame.

Sonntag, April 25, 2004
New outfit
I think about painting thewalls in here new. I'd like something like this, which Ithink it's really funny.
But it's so much work, and since I'm not on my own computer right now (need a new power device), I'll wait until after our holidays. If this new look then still is speaking to me, I will choose it.

Samstag, April 24, 2004
I have no idea, why, but everytime, I go to Gülay and have my hair made, she comes to me and instead of the yellowish press stuff, I get something special to read. It's the English(?) magazine Bizarre.
And I must admit, even when Dwarves in love or the sex life of disabled people (called "cripple sex" in the text) and a museum for mummies in Mexico and some other strange more of less sexy habits of some people don't belong to my daily reads, I read through it, because there are some really interesting writings in there (Believe me Darling, I read the Playboy just for the brilliant journalists who write the articles in it).
And in there I found something really interesting about how people try to not become a target by a suicide bomber.
They hand a bag of pig-meat in the place (the bus or the room or so), because the terrorist usually is a muslim and he won't go straight to paradise with te 100 virgins (or whatever) when the pieces of his exploding body will muggle up with pieces of a dead pig.
What a great idea! I mean - seriously, that's a wonderful idea! And how about a little amount of menstruation blood? Isn't that considered "dirty", too? Wouldn't contact with that send the bomber straight to hell or so?
If so, just let me know where to send my tampons, I'll pay the stamps.

But that all leaves one question for me. Was it my offer to help her with the Bondage Barbies dangling from her ceiling, or what was it that made her think, I'd prefer Bizarre to Gala or any other yellow stuff?

Montag, April 19, 2004
Alcohol abuse
Sure, I've had my fair share of alcohol and hangovers from it the other day. When I was a Teenager, it was cool, especially for a girl, to drink beer and not get totally drunk from it. I had my special recipes for that. One was to drink three raw eggs before I went out, the other was to go to the toilet, vomit and go back to drink again.
I know this is not healthy or okay, but with 16 or 17 this was cool. At least for the people I was with.

I had one or two Blackouts and when I started to work in a bar, I saw so many people having serious problems with alcohol (or better without it) that I stopped drinking for about a year, just to see if I could. Luckily I could and nowadays I drink if I like to, but mostly I'm the driver and have no problems to drink water and have fun like hell.

I remember a party where ther was a friend, let's call him Johnny, who was so drunk and high, he walked in the crowded livingroom, opened his trousers and started to pee on the fireplace. When he closed his trousers and turned around, he saw us and asked, completely confused, what we all were doing with him at the loo.

I guess, if we wouldn'T have been such nice friends, he'd have ended up like one of the guys, Lionel linked to..

Hmm.. how can one translate this word? Well, it's of course not a compliment, it's meant similar as when you call a German "Kraut", or not?
Well, there was this TV show in Bavaria and some guy was singing a song about Italy and the host of the show called all Italians "Spaghettifresser".
Which is not funny.
He thought it was, but IMO this is also for Bavarian TV not at least funny, tbh.
Okay - it's your own fault when you watch Karl Moiks show, and there are many things I' d do before I would watch it (swim through the channel on my own; lead a campaign for Arnie...), but such a comment is way from all acceptable in german TV.

Sonntag, April 18, 2004
Sorry, we thought you were americans on a special mission
Well, something like that is what is said to be the message to the killing of the two Germans GSG9 guys in Iraq. It's said they thought they were US soldiers on a special mission. Can anyone see the irony in that message?
To young german men die in a war, Germany never wanted and die because they get confused for US americans. I'm so sorry for the families and friends of the guys.
But anyway - do you actually *see* the irony?

Poor Lionel
Now, that he'll be moving into the arms of his beloved one, he'll be missing a chance to vote for (or in his case against) a thing he might hate more than a cheap burger - the EU constitution. While Lionel, as many other Brits, too, think that the EU has done them no good at all and that it, in the best case, should just go away and stop existing like it does today, there are lots of other people, who don't see it that way.
People who on the one hand realize that the EU sometimes worsens problems, but on the other hand has so many good things, that it's worth it.
I don't like many EU laws, too. I have no idea, why we now will need new vehicle papers, I have no idea why member of the EU comissions get paid a fortune for a job noone wants to know a bit about, I have no idea, why people aren't interested in EU topics, even when this will be one of the most important things in theit lifes for the next decade of years.

Anyway, it seems Blair changed his mind and now wants the Brits to deciede about the new constitution. And Lionel won't be there to shout his "No" to the uninterested masses.

Jens kann Gedanken lesen
Oder so ähnlich. Dachte ich so, als ich seine Top 5 Liste der Pop-Songs sah, die nicht vergessen werden dürfen.
Shakespeare Sisters - oh my. Eigentlich kannte ich zuerst nur die Version der Thekenschlampen, und hab das Original erst später gehört, was aber nix an meiner innigen Liebe zu diesem Stück geändert hat.
Maid of Orleans - lief die Tage noch irgenwo und ich hab Mr. Lilli mal wieder vorgeheult, was für ein wuuunderschönes Stück das doch ist.
Fade to Grey - super geiles Stück, aber irgendwie schärfer fand ich noch die B Seite der Single (oder wars die Maxi, ich weiss nicht mehr), ich hab keine Ahnung mehr, was das war, aber ich weiss noch, dass ich hin und weg war.
Wo iss mein MP3 Stick? Da hab ich die Sisters schon drauf...


:: how jedi are you? ::

Hmm.. maybe I read the wrong questions, I mean, it' s not they ask which character of Star Wars is the one you would prefer to be alone with at the Millenium Falcon?

Thx to Yoghurt for the link.

Freitag, April 16, 2004
None of their business
You know what I really dislike? When someone who is a professional in one thing, is automatically held for an authority in dozen completely unrelated other topics.
I mean, a politician should not preach in church, a celebrity should not be asked about his or her opinion in politics as long as the celebrity self is an active politician and priests should shut up about political things.

I can accept that many catholic priests talk about topics they never have experienced themselves. One can be a good pediatrists, even without havig a child oneself. But it really pisses me off, when a priest is trying to talk people into something just for the sake of being right.

Government and church are divided with best reason and I pray for a system where this division stands because otherwise I can hardly imagine live (I'm not talking about the UK and the Queen, she's not really the government, nor is she head of church, so really...

Whenever a priest starts talking about such politics, I feel like in a cheap talkshow, where B- and C-class celebrities were brought to give their silly opnions to even more silly topics. I don't care what politician Boris Becker prefers. I don't care in what God Steffi Graf believes in and I have other things to read than the confession of what Verona Feldbusch did in her youth (or also what not).

Donnerstag, April 15, 2004
A clever move?
So, let's, just for the sake of this discussion, assume the recently found tape is really from Osama Bin Laden or someone else high ranking in Al Quaeda.
So what are they doing there? The latest offer reminds me on my time on the schoolyard, where I knew, as long I ignore this big guy who's running around and kicking other pupils, hitting them and beating the up, it's not my ass that will get kicked.
Can't be it, or?

So Osama says he's offfering peace or something like that to European countries as long as they don't team up with the US.

I say he's revealing with that offer, how arbitrary (???) his goals are. Last week it was Iraq, the week before it was to free Afghanistan, then it was to protest against the imperial politics of the US ... Now it's Israels and Palestine, where the one and only reason for all evil is to find. And via Israel we're back at the US and all the Jews in the world.

Sorry, but this is ridiculous.

I think one can't tell it often enough - Osama Bin Laden is not a radical muslim. He is a Terrorist who happens to be from muslim religion, that's all. He uses Islam as a shield to hide behind and to recruite young, willing victims who go and got killed for him. It's sick.

The USA is an allie of Europe and especially Germany. One doesn't have to think any good about the actual president, to see that no one will live forever and there will be another US president sooner or later (man, do I pray for sooner!) who might be better accepted in Europe and have at least minimal talent for foreign politics.

I'm glad, Prodi announced that Europe won't discuss with terrorists, just because they promise not to kick our asses but our friends ones.

So was it a clever move from Osama?

No I don't think it was. It will polarize people and force them on the side of the US who wouldn't have been there otherwise. It will bring Europe back closer to the US and not split them finally, which might have been the initial purpose.

Mittwoch, April 14, 2004
Hot Pizza?
I think Pizza is something, you carry home in a box and eat it in front of TV. I'd have a hard time ordering one in an intalian restaurant, because there are so many other italian things to eat, but well, I'm not sure, if I'd buy a Pizza from an automat....

Schonmal einen IVAR aufgebaut? An sich kein Akt, da wir ja bekennende IKEA Fans sind, haben wir natürlich einige von denen in Wohnung und Keller rumstehen.
Und bisher auch immer super aufgebaut bekommen, denn alles, was Du brauchst, ist ein Observatör, ein Imbusschlüssel, einen Schraubendreher (für den Observatör) und eine Wasserwaage.
Jetzt hatten wir ja das Glück, dass wir beim jetzigen Umzug viele fleissige Helferleins hatten. Unter anderem einen Schreiner (ist Gold wert, beim Küche Aufbauen!) und einen Elektriker.
Die haben beide super geholfen, aber die Kür, die wirkliche Kür im Doppel war der Aufbau des Doppel-Ivars am Abend.
Wenn ich doch nur eine Webcam und ein Mikro in Greifweite gehabt hätte! Wir wären Millionäre geworden, alleine an den Comedy-Rechten für den Spot und bei IKEA hätten wir ein Leben lang frei einkaufen gehabt, bei der Werbung, die man damit hätte machen können.
Wir sassen zu fünft um die beiden herum und haben uns höllisch amüsiert.
Mal sehen, Gitti hatte schon vorgeschlagen, man könne den IVAR ja noch ein paar Mal wieder auseinandernehmen und bis zu 10 Leuten passen ja irgendwie schon die in Wohnküche.
Ein Wohnzimmertheater kenne ich schon, aber gibt es auch schon ein Wohnküchentheater??

Dienstag, April 13, 2004
They won't be the last ones
I'm sure, german civil servants will go on strike next year, too.
There will be more working time (41 hours per week), but the same salary, there will be less christmas gratification and also less collagues and so more work (sure - yoh have 2.5 hours more per week, you need more work!). I seriously doubt, unions will let pass this without protests.
Lucky thing is - even when they are civil servants, there are many who aren't allowed to strike and will have to do the work for the others. So our fire-brigades will remain.

Es gibt so Dinger, die sind eigentlich schon vorher klar, oder? So super es beim letzten Umzug geklappt hatte, so war mir diesmal klar, dass es nur in die Hose gehen kann, als unsere Tele-Anbieter Netcologne mit der Hiobs-Botschaft kamen, dass die Telekom involviert sein muss.
Klar, zwischen 8.00 und 16.00 Uhr ist natuerlich einen Zeitangabe, die kann man sich auch in eine Koerperöffnung der freien Wahl schieben. Du sitzt also den ganzen Tag fest und wartest auf diesen Techniker.
Der nicht auftaucht.
So gar nicht.
Auch abends um 8 noch nicht.
Da denkt man doch %&/())=$§"!, oder?

Also Donnerstag alte Leitung tot. keine neue und in der neuen Wohnung nur bedingt Handy-Netz.
Freitag Feiertag, da kommt keiner raus.
Samstag kam dann der Techniker von der Netcologne, der konnte aber nix tun, weil er keinen Schlüssel für den Schrank hatte, den hat nur die Telekom.
Und die kam dann doch schon heute, Dienstag so gegen 10.00 Uhr.

Als ich den Tuppes nach einer Adresse zur Übersendun der Nachricht über den Verdienstausfall fragte, wurde er direkt ganz vorsichtig und zickig.
Kann ich auch.
Musste er halt zweimal alleine in den Keller latschen, ist nicht mein Problem, wenn er was vergisst.
Jedenfalls haben wir jetzt wieder einen Festnetzanschluss und können sogar wieder online gehen.

Aber die 1,5 Tage, die rechnen wir denen ab, zu Mr. Lillis Stundensätzen, denn der hat letzten Donnerstag hier gesessen und vor lauter Langeweile Schränke aufgebaut.

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says.
... und schmueckte die Schilderung der Szene, der sie soeben bei-... (bittersweet chocolate from Laura Esquivel)

2. Stretch your left arm as far as you can. What do you touch first?

A wall and some boxes with stuff packed since we're not completely unpacked after moving last weekend.

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?

Documentation about Hitler - I love Satellite-TV!

4. Without looking, guess what time it is.


5. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?


6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

My Cat, she's in heat.

7. When last did you step outside? What were you doing?

7.15 with Wondergirl to play football on our new Terasse

8. Before you came to this website, what did you look at?

My emails, since I was offline for some days

9. What are you wearing?

Old clothes, since much stuff is still packed

10. Did you dream last night?

Yo! I dreamt of packing and unpacking boxes with our stuff. I haven't done anything else the last 10 days.

11. When last did you laugh?

Some minutes ago with Mr. Lilli

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?

Nothing - the pictures are also still packed. But in a few days I'll se a collection of old family pictures and some arts stuff.

13. Seen anything wierd lately?

Yes, we have a very... funny neighbourhood.

14. What do you think of this quiz.

It's pretty fun.

15. What is the last film you saw?

On TV? Finding Nemo last week on DVD.

16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?

A house, preferably in the UK

17. Tell me something about you that I don't know.

There must be a reason for anything that someone doesn't know about me.

18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?

World peace, of course.

19. Do you like to dance?

I love dancing. Either ballroom or Disco or Rock'n Roll or Jazz Dance. The only thing I've never tried is Ballet (for obvious reasons for everyone who knows me)

20. George Bush: is he a power crazy nutcase or some one who is finally doing something that has needed to be done for years?

I'm sure the truth lies somewhere between these two points.

21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?

We did call her Victoria

22. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?

He would have been called Raphael.

23. Would you ever consider living abroad?
Sure, preferably in the UK.

Mittwoch, April 07, 2004
On the move
Since I have a hell of work to do until friends will come on Saturday to help us move and since DSL will be moved to the new flat tomorrow the rest of us at Saturday, I might not post anything til Sunday.
I hope there won't die any more soldiers for the profile neurosis of this president, but right now it looks like the real war just has started.
If you want to read something, why don't you browse through my linklist on the left.
Have Fun and some happy Easter!

So, morgen früh wird Netcologne meine Datenleitung kappen um sie dann in der neuen Wohnung wieder zu legen (hoffentlich). Nur ziehen wir erst am Samstag ein, so dass ich bis Sonntag wohl eher kaum zum Bloggen komme, glaub ich. Hier ist noch Hölle viel zu tun und ich hab keine Ahnung, wie wir den ganzen Kram fertig kriegen wollen, bis am Samstag alle hier anlaufen und schleppen helfen wollen. 30 Kartons sind schon gepackt, mein Rücken schreit meinen Namen in unbekannten Sprachen, ich habe Muskelkater an Stellen, wo ich nichtmal wusste, dass ich Stellen habe, ach ja, das Jammern macht auch mehr Spaß als sonst...

Anyway, wer sich langweilt, kann ja einfach ein bisschen in meiner Linkliste stöbern, da sind wirklich gut Links dabei. Bis Sonntag oder so und fröhliches Eiersuchen.

Vielleicht schaff ich es ja, zwischendurch etwas hier zu schreiben und auf dem Stick übers Läppi in der neuen Wohnung zu posten.

Dienstag, April 06, 2004
You are a MASTER of the English language!

While your English is not exactly perfect,
you are still more grammatically correct than
just about every American. Still, there is
always room for improvement...

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I have no idea why the piccies on quizilla don't work at the moment (mine was something from Karate Kid), but go and try the test yourself. Thx to Grammar God for the link.

Too fat for sex?
Yeah - watch out, when your sweetie calls you "Panda" after reading this.

Hello, I'm Ingvar
It's a running gag at the Lilli family. Some months ago we read some feature about the IKEA founder, Ingvar Whatwashisname, who sometimes likes to show up at some IKEA market, noone realizes it's the big Boss and he introduces himself with "Hello, I'm Ingvar" (in whatever language he speaks).
Imagine the shock and horror of the poor IKEA employee, who just had a bad night, is lovesick and the hair is just plain ugly today? Well, according to media coverage, Ingvar has beaten Bill Gates in being rich.
I don't mind, Ingvar has become a bit richer this week by our money, too, since we're IKEA addicts and since we're moving right now and we needed a new kitchen, there was no other possibility to get it than IKEA, of course.
And by that - if you have the choice between IKEA Godorf (near Cologne) and IKEA Duesseldorf, just make the good choice and go to Duesseldorf. It's bigger, nicer and more friendly. Even when it's in the "forbidden city", it's worth a trip.

Sonntag, April 04, 2004
Sure, something must be our special...
If I'd want to train a cook I'd either have a Japanese or Italian teacher; if I'd want a servant trained, I'd ask a british Butler (I love stereotypes!) and who do I ask when I want policement who got trained by the US to get the advanced training? Of course - I'll ask a German to do the job...
As it has happened with Iraqi policemen who get their trainings by Germans. I wonder, why the Germans do the advanced training and not the US, but wel, they will know why.

Pension and other cuts
Hey you - we don't have any money left. We have too little young people paying for too many older people. We don't have any money for paying medical support for everyone at highest standard and people who are today working won't get as much pension as todays pensioners get.
What's the news about this?
I mean, for what - exactly were people running on the streets? Here in Cologne I could hear the demonstration chants in my flat. I know many people who were out protesting. I can understand them.
But I also can understand the government, because they don't see any other solution that cutting where cuts are possible. And as long noone is able to have a better vision (or to at least have a vision), I can't protest against what they do since I see it's necessary to do a lot of things.
I can protest for them not doing the right things, for not doing all the things I wanted them to do, but I can't protest as long as I don't have any idea of a better way.
I'm not speaking about the single individuum, but about the unions who failed to show me their way of how to solve the problem. Just shouting is the wrong way and I can't support that.

Samstag, April 03, 2004
I wish they were...
You know this - when you read something, like that Bush won the election when everyone here knew that the votes weren't counted correctly, you think, you're completely sure to read about a hoax. Or at least all you've left is to hope.

I like Hoaxes, my mailaccount at work is full of them, because somehow Hoaxes grow better in office surrounding than at home, I guess. And here now, via Fundsachen , The Museum of Hoaxes.

Freitag, April 02, 2004
I had a busy day, Wondergirl didn't sleep well last night and won't do this night, too. The next 10 days will be horror because we'll be on the move, so I have absolutely nothing to post today.

Donnerstag, April 01, 2004
First German state forbids headscarf on schools
Yeah! That's a good progress. I do hope, other states will follow this decision and ban this sign for supression of young girls from schools.
We can't do anything against it, when they have/ want/ have to want them in private, but at least at schools this discriminating sign will be gone.

Zentrale Informationssammlung Terrorismus
Die Gewerkschaft der Polizei (GdP) ist ja schon mal für den ein oder anderen mehr oder minder praktikablen Vorschlag gut. Heute berichtet Michael Neumann im Forum Innenpolitik darüber, dass die GdP die Einrichtung einer zentralen Informationssammlung anregt.
Ah ja.

(Auch wenn ich mich da im Kommentar schon ein wenig ausgelassen habe, hier nochmal ein wenig detaillierter.)
Welche Informationen sollen denn da jetzt gesammelt werden? Ich meine, "Stellen wir uns mal ganz dumm - dat hier, dat is ne Dampmaschine..." so doch sicher nicht, oder? Ich denke, die werden weniger von Handlungsanweisungen und Vorgehensweisen reden, weil dafür wäre ein Blog doch viel besser geeignet (oder Lyssa?), sondern über das Erheben, Speichern, Auswerten und Weitergeben von personenbezogenen Daten.
Vorwiegend dann wohl über Daten von "Verdächtigen". Da haben wir also dann eine Datenbank, in der alle Verdächtigen erfasst werden und ihre Daten an so ziemlich alle Interessierten weitergegeben werden? Dann haben wir also noch ne Datensammlung, in der gezielt Ausländer - denn wer sonst ist schon terrorverdächtig? - ihre Daten wiederfinden (würden, wenn sie schauen dürften). Neben dem Ausländerzentralregister und den örtlichen Ausländerakten der Ausländerbehörden also noch ne Sammlung.

Wobei eigentlich eines klar ist - diese zentrale Sammlung soll nur zusammenführen, was alle als Bezugsquellen aufgeführten Behörden und Dienste, sowieso schon dezentral sammeln und auswerten, nur jetzt alles zusammen.

Ja, das kann tatsächlich Synergien ergeben.

Nur sind die in unserem Rechtsstaat so gewünscht? Ich tue mich ein wenig schwer mit dem Gedanken, dass Datenschutzbedenken, die dem Vorhaben im Wege stehen, mal eben so abgeschafft gehören.
Was ist mit dem Recht eines jeden, zu wissen, welche Daten wo von ihm gespeichert sind und Akteneinsicht zu bekommen? Bekäme die ein junge Iraker oder Saudi dann da? Ich bin auch nicht der riesen-Fan von übersteigerten Datenschutzvorschriften und es nervt mich im Job immer wieder, dass wir an Daten Ansprüche stellen, die wir bei der normalen Papierform nie gehabt haben und auch nie realisieren könnten.
Aber die Nummer mit der Speicherung und Weitergabe von Daten, die ist mir schon irgendwie ans Herz gewachsen und ich finde die Kosten/ Nutzenabwägung einer solchen zentralen Datei schon erheblich diskussionswürdig.

So richtig aufmerken lässt dann noch IMO der Passus, in dem es an die Weiterleitung der Daten an innere und ausländische Dienste geht.
Wer kriegt die denn dann?
Oder nur unsere Kumpels?
Oder nur die EU und die USA?
Oder wer?
Und wer bestimmt das? Notfalls immer wieder neu?

Hmpf - ich weiss nicht, so richtig Hurra schreit so eine Idee nicht wirklich, oder?

Vielleicht war's ja auch nur ein Aprilscherz??

David Letterman
I don't watch Lettermann, even when we can see him here, but somehow - I have no idea why, is Letterman not really my cup of tea to watch.
But I wish I had seen this last piece, where he showed this young boy who grimaced while Bush was speaking. That alone is pretty funny and period, I mean, you would find similar pictures from every president. The funny thing is, what is now happening with the CNN dementing and dementing the dementi and so on. Atrios keeps me informed.