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Sonntag, März 14, 2004
Spain elections
From what comes in our media, the end seems near to Mr. Aznar and his government.
From the interviews we see here, many people are pissed about their government. It's not that they supported the US in the war against Iraq when a huge majority of the spanish population didn't want this, it's the behaviour the last days after the terrorist attac.

You know - the official version was for a long time that this attac can just be the work of ETA, the basque liberation front or however they translate into english. The other idea, that it could have been Al Quaeda or at least with islamist background was not talked about, full of fear it might drive the voters into the arms of all evil in this world - the socialist left.

As it seems, the government plan didn't work and people voted exactly this because of the denial of the last days. More and more hints came into the islamist direction and the governement held on the ETA theory like a catholic priest holds his bilbe when he fins himself in the middle of Wicca-folks.

So whatever stone the terrorist crawled from, they might have helped the spain socialists, even when this wasn't what they wanted.

And no - I'd agree with Atrios, this wouldn't work in the US. Because in Spain a vast majority was against the War and in the US once there were many people for this war and then there is this strange US reflex to stand by their president in case of terror. If that were to happen in the US, it might help Bush more than damage him.