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Freitag, März 26, 2004
Non smoking policy
I know in the US the handling of smokers is far different than it is here.
Here you are not allowed to smoke in the underground, but in trains there are special smoker areas. You are allowed to smoke on the streets as long as you use the ashtrays and not smash the cigarette on the ground.
Most schools have smoker-corners for pupils over 16, in pubs, clubs and discos smoking is permitted and about 50% of the visitors smoke. You can buy cigarettes in every supermarket and on automats standing in public areas or hanging outside of houses, available for everyone. People under 16 aren't allowe to buy them.
At our office, smoking is okay. We try to sort the colleagues that way, smokers share an office and non-smokers do, but sometimes this just doesn't work.
As long as noone complains, smoking is okay. If the colleague complains, smoking is forbidden in that office. You are not allowed to smoke in front of customers, but there are areas where you can go out of sight of them and have your cigarette.
I can remember a time, where smoking was absolutely okay overall and even in trains and tube-stations it was absolutely normal to light a fag while waiting.
I'd have a hard time, thinking of a non-smoking policy in pubs for example. I know, some US cities have gone so far and Ireland is going to start it, too.
But wouldn't that have the same effects as the prohibition? I mean, people smoke either because they're addicted or because they want to.
The ones who are addicted won't just stop it when they can't to at pubs. Addiction is some kind of illness and has not so much to do with will and character as many non-smokers (mostly ex-smokers) tell.