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Samstag, Februar 21, 2004
Wolfgang Daschner admits the threat
Sure, what else should he do?

Imagine the following situation:
An 11 years old boy gets kidnapped. You find the guy from whom you know he is the kidnapper, who even admits to be the kidnapper. Technically the Boy could be still alive and the kidnapper simply refuses to tell you where the boy is hidden, so you can't go and save him. Each minute you need longer endangers the life of this boy.

So what would you do, alone with the kidnapper?

I don't know what I'd do if I were a policeman, luckily I'm not in such a situaiton, but I know what Wolfgang Daschner did. He told his men to use, "intense pain" if necessary to get to know where the boy is hidden, while the kidnapper could hear it.
Finally he was successfull, the hiding place was told, but the boy was already dead.

From many more or less bad thrillers, I can imagine this happens pretty often in some police stations, but until now there was no policeman who made it "officially". After the Boy was found dead, Daschner sat down and wrote a report where he mentioned also the threat. Of course his chief had to take actions on that.

I can imagine that some US folks would find such a method absolutely okay. If it were my child, being kidnapped, I'd agree with you. As a mother I would act absolutely the same, and I wouldn't just threat with intense pain. But living in a state like this has taught me that I have the right of a state, who isn't as emotional as I am. A state who stays somehow beyond such feelings like revenge and hatred. And a state where "intense pain" is not an allowed questioning toy.

I'm sure, Wolfgang Daschner will get sentenced, but that must happen. We can't say on the one hand, folks like Metin Kaplan can stay here, because they would face torture and stuff in Turkey and with the same breath say that if we know, someone is guilty, torturing is okay. That can't be.

The family of the 11 year old murdered boy is pretty wealthy, I hope they know their obligation, when Wolfgang Daschner will be out of prison.