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Mittwoch, Februar 11, 2004
Scott, you're wrong
I like A Fistful or Euros and I came to like really much what Scott writes, but this time, I think he is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Sure - it's headscarf time again. Seems to become one of my favourite topics in here, but it seems one can't tell it often enough.

Scott refers to France and calls his entry "now the real fight begins". His entry and some of the comments come to the conclusion, that it's the law's fault, if muslim girls will stay out of schools in the future. He names some examples who are not allowed into their schools with their headscarf on and so it's the school's fault for them not getting any education, degree or whatever?

Excuse me, but the logic inside this reminds me on the logic of hijackers who claim "It's the governments fault, when we have to kill our hostages".

What's the choice for the girls? If they're old enough they can decide for themselves to wear a scarf or not. If their family is too dominant, they might decide to wear the scarf on the way to school, put it away during school and put it back on the way home. We're not talking about forbid of headscarfs on french streets. We're just talking about school here.

What would happen when I would hang my heart on going to school with my so much beloved Jeans trousers on? In the UK? I would be sent home for not wearing my school uniform and noone would ever have to idea to blame the school.
What would happen when I would want to wear my "Jesus loves you!!" T-Shirt on an American University? I guess it might bring me into some trouble, too, because as I understand it, open religious signs are not welcome there, either. (Update: as I learned from some comments, I was talking bullshit with that one. Sorry, just ignore the sentence about American Universities!)

So who is wetting their pants about what French do in their schools and Germany - hopefully - will do soon after? The girls can go to school, all they have to do is to behave like anyone else.

So, here we are with the basic right on individuality. So the headscarf shows the right of individuality? And because of that it can't be forbidden to wear it? Well, how about the individuality of any nurse or even worker at Burger King who have to wear Corporate Idntity clothes? There are so many jobs in uniform, this reason is as invalid as the above one.

Muslim girls are not discriminated by the schools nor by the French government. Noone is allowed to wear religious signs. And noone is allowed to wear a headscarf, whatever religion he or she is.
The only people discrimninating muslim girls are muslim fathers, uncles, mothers and brothers who demand their innocent little girls to wear such a diminishing sign of female suppression and even talking them into believing it to be a religious sign.