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Dienstag, Februar 17, 2004
Gay Marriages
As anyone knows who reads here sometimes, I'm a strong supporter for equal rights for relationships between consenting adults, whatever gender they have. I'd also not have any problem with them having children and folks who claim this stuff about "against nature" and so, well... they can say what they want but I can think of them what I want, too.
Here in Germany gay and lesbian couples can have some "legal partnership" thingie done, where the ceremony is similar to a wedding, sometimes you can even find a german priest blessing them (as long he isn't disciplined from his bishop), but adopting children is even for hetero couples reall really difficult but for homosexuals impossible.
Of course do live here children with their homosexual parents for several reasons, and noone was able to proove that parents of the same sex bear any risk for the growing up of the child. I know, lots of so called scientists look for it, but I wait until the first few can really prove their ideas.
Ernie found a nice Web-Journal about a Gay couple and their daughter (and over they go in my daily read list). They wrote about their attempts to marry last Friday and how they finally made it last Saturday.
When I read how happy this family was, I couldn't stop crying. Crying because I remember my own marriage and it was a really happy day of my life and I could imagine how they felt about their love becoming "officially" somehow. On the other hand crying from anger about people who want to destroy that. Who want them to live their lifes quiet, alone without a partner they want (but a het one...)without any children and without any social status. This all, because people like that *know* , all a gay has to do is to deciede otherwise and he or she becomes hetero again.
You know what frightens me? Many of these people are in heterosexual marriages and had never to fight for acknowledgement of their love. Would they be able to stand by their love if they had the same problems gays have?