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Sonntag, Februar 29, 2004
How low will people go?
Ananova reports about German Station Neun Live finding out, how low people will go for money.
The highest prize they paid was about 7000 EUR and people did things like eating dog food, being led on a lash half naked on all four thourgh a shopping mall and whatever.
Well - actually in Germany you have to ask how deep can people go and watch Neun Live?
I don't know a single person who admits to watch this station and I know weirdest people who don't feel bad for anything! This station tries to get money in asking the viewers stupid questions (like how was Elvis Presley's nickname: 1. The Prince, 2. The Queen, 3. The King) or such stuff.
People have to call in to win 1000 EUR for such a question and each call costs about 50 cent. So the moderators have to wait for a really, really looooong time until they pick a caller.
So all I do is wonder that people got so much money as 7.000 EUR for a task, most people from whom I think participating there would do it for just being "On TV".

CDU in Hamburg wins elections
The good thing to say about this election is that this impossible Ronald Barnabas Schill is out. The bad thing is that the CDU who before had worked together with Schill and has made his success possible, now has won the elections alone and Ole von Beust can feel confirmed with his politics.
The SPD candidate Thomas Mirow now wants to resign from politics and get back in his job again. Even when I can understand this, I don't think he's right. Politicians who tried to win an election and disappeared afterwards have been here enough, how about real characters, who also stand thrugh a phase of opposition and have it help them winning profile and get known? Well, seems such folks are no longer modern and wanted.
Anyway, it's not really Mirow's fault to have lost it this time. It's a mix of von Beust being a "nice guy", Hamburg people mistrusting the SPD in Berlin and so also in Hamburg and folks who think, von beust needs a real chance, now, after Schill is gone. So Mirow should not be blamed but also not left out of responsibility for the next years so easily.

Samstag, Februar 28, 2004
I'm the 43,187,565 richest person on earth!

Discover how rich you are! >>

Freitag, Februar 27, 2004
Atrios and his Blog Eschaton are being under strong observation, because Atrios prefers to stay anonymus, which is, IMO, his free choice.
It seems, not just Bloggers are reading what he writes, but also folks who know how to profile people.

I'm not yet sure what to think of this. On the one hand, it's of course a tad flattering that someone is so much interested in someone else I'd guess, but on the other hand it's of course a whole bit threatening, or?

Dienstag, Februar 24, 2004
Al Quaeda against headscarf ban
I was sure about it, before, but now I know I'm on the right side of this discussion. A position against Al Quaeda can't be that wrong in our days!
And btw - hey you middle age terrorists - who are you that you dare to give statements to actual topics? You hvae shown that you can't rule a country, you have failed in Afghanistan, and we all know how you treat women. You better care for us not founding menstruation groups, meeting monthly at your graves and "let mother nature have her way".

Montag, Februar 23, 2004
Six Year old joins Mensa
I don't know what it is, but there are two organizations in the world, where I know a lot of people who claim to be a member there but aren't for several reasons.

One of them is Mensa. You know - this group for people with a higher than average IQ. And who will admit to belong to "just average"? So do we all belong to mensa? I have no idea, I've never made an official intelligence test, so I still have the illusion that all I had to do was one test and find myself with a higher IQ than Sharon Stone, or at least than a Gorilla.

The other organisation is the Legion etrangere. You won't believe how many young men claim to have been there and deserted and being looked after, now. (yawn).

Anyway, this six year old girl didn't join the legion, it joined Mensa.

Carnival Parades
yees - it's this time again, where in some german cities, like Cologne, Mainz and Duesseldorf, nothing works like it usually does. Where, like today, about 1.000.000 people come from all over the world to Cologne and watch and celebrate the Monday-Parade.
Wonderful! Yesterday was the parade for the schools and little suburbial groups, where just about 400.000 people were, but today was the big one.
Of course we were there. And we'll be tomorrow in one of the suburbs to see Wondergirls Nanny who will be participating.
Here you can see Wondergirl (I have no idea how long the link will work) as she was yesterday hunting for "Kamelle" and "Strüüßjer" (Sweets and flowers are thrown from the parade to the folks watching). I think she looks a bit strange but she was angry for the photographer standing in front of her and not letting her run to the sweets, I guess.

It all started with last Thursday where we had the big party at the office. After some hours I then went into the Twon Hall to meet folks from my party to party on. On Friday and Saturday we had it pretty quiet. Sunday then had us joining the Parade and tody of course we just had to go. Luckily it wasn't raining, just a bit snow here and there. We were all pretty warm under our costumes, so we didn't have any freezing problems.

It's so wonderful to see the costumes of other people. While we usually deciede a day or two before what we'll wear, others seem to really ponder about it for weeks, work out most creative ideas and costumes - wonderful. Some nice pics are here or here to see.

So what, Tuesday at midnight we'll burn "Nubbel", because he drags all the sins from Carnival with him in the fire and then the party will be over until 11.11.04.

Sonntag, Februar 22, 2004
I can understand Brad Pitt.

I have no idea, what kind of girl Jennifer Aniston is, but the two of them have a great taste when it comes to food.

They had Jamie Oliver preparing food for them and flew him for that from the UK to LA. If I had the opportunity, I'd do the same.

Will we have to consider her an expert by now?
I must admit, I don't mind if Mr. Kerry has or had an affair or not. That's something between himself and his wife and maybe the other woman involved, if involved.
I'd like to believe that folks here wouldn't make such a fuss about it as it's done in the US, but I might be wrong on that one, too.

Anyway, what hit me hard was that now Monica Lewinsky is asked for her opinion about anything. Especially about stuff running under the theme "Chating".
Doesn't it make her anexpert for affairs? Will she be the one to define "sexual relationship" by now? Leaves me frightening.

Samstag, Februar 21, 2004
Wenn ich so manche Diaries lese... naja, sagen wir mal, es gibt so ne und so ne .

Ich stelle mir immer vor, wie der Mensch hinter dem Diary wohl aussieht. Bei Blogs ist das schwieriger, die sind nich so persönlich, aber bei Diaries macht das immer besonders Spaß. Genauso, wie man schon beim Telefonieren oft hört, ob jemand eine "dicke" Stimme hat oder eine "dünne", meine ich auch vom Schreiber her zu "hören", ob eine Frau eher üppig oder nicht ist. So denke ich zum Beispiel, dass Frau Lyssa gerne Kleidergröße 38 trägt, aber nur über dem Arm, wenn sie mit einer dünnen Freundin einkaufen geht. (Wenn ich da jetzt falsch liege, steinigt sie mich).

Besonders, wenn ich solche Diaries lese, die sich einfach fürchterlich verzweifelt und einsam anhören, denke ich mir "Mein Gott, kann dem Mädel nicht mal einer sagen, dass sie sich erst mal selber mögen muss, bevor sie sich mit einem Kerl einlässt?" Natürlich denke ich das mit Kölner Akzent, damit es sich netter anhört, aber das macht jetzt so nix. Irgendwer muss ihr doch mal sagen, dass es keinen Sinn macht, sich ne schwachsinnige Serie anzusehen, in der so ein paar Geldschnepfen alles tun, um von ein paar Geldsäcken gevögelt zu werden und dabei möglichst nett auszusehen. Nur zum Spaß - okay, aber doch bitte keinen Sinn drin sehen!

Andere Blogger mag ich total gerne, allein schon, weil sie mich an jemanden erinnern. Während ich auch ne Menge Blogs nicht leiden kann, weil ich die Autoren für komplette Idioten halte. Aber darum ging es mir jetzt gar nicht.

Wohin ich eigentlich wollte, war der Gedanke, dass ich aus jeder Beziehung (sei es Liebesbeziehung oder auch nurr Freundschaft) mit einem Mann etwas gelernt habe. Und sei es nur das, dass ich hinterher besser wusste, was ich nicht will. Ich hab dann auch schonmal länger gebraucht, dafür, aber irgendwas hab ich immer gefunden, so dass die Zeit nicht ganz umsonst war. Ach ja - ich kann Leute wirklich nicht ausstehen, die davon Reden, in Liebesdingen Gefühle zu "investieren". Ich finde, Gefühle verschenkt man entweder, oder man lässt es direkt bleiben, weil alles andere ekelig ist.

Okay, also was habe ich denn so gelernt?

Von Rolf habe ich gelernt, dass ein Mann, den ich jeden Freitag aufs Neue anbaggern muss, geistig nicht gesund genug sein kann, um mit mir umzugehen.

Von Thomas habe ich gelernt, dass man Bierflaschen nicht mit den Zähnen aufmacht und von Markus, dass ich keinen Mann brauchen kann, der im Bad länger braucht, als ich und der sich mein Make-up ausleiht, ohne zu fragen.

Jürgen hat mir eindrucksvoll demonstriert, wie so ein Mann ist, der sich nicht von seiner Mutter lösen kann und will, sondern bis ans Ende aller Tage, alles mit seiner Mami vergleichen wird.

Nach Michael war mir klar, dass ich einen Mann, mit dem ich gerade "Schluss gemacht" habe, nicht Auto fahren lassen sollte; dass
es aber auch keine gute Idee ist, ihn in der Wohnung einzuschließen, damit er sich abregt. Noch schlechter ist aber die Idee, zu seinem besten Freund zu fahren und sich dort trösten zu lassen. *flööt*

Nach Peter wusste ich sicher, dass eine Flasche Wodka eine Flasche Wodka ist, auch wenn ich sie mit mehr Lemon trinke, als vorher und das es nie gesund sein kann, sie an einem Abend - an jedem Abend - zu trinken.
Nach Peter war mir auch klar, dass auch ein noch so cooler Mann, sein Leben einfach nicht auf die Reihe kriegen kann.

Manfred war der, der mir klargemacht hat, dass stille Wasser eben trüb und nicht still sind. Danke!

Rüdiger hat mir dabei geholfen, zu lernen "Nein!" zu sagen. Wie in "Nein, ich leihe Dir mein Auto nicht, damit Du in irgend so einer Dorfdisko irgendwelche Mädels anbaggerst, mit ihnen dann in meinem Auto Sex hast (Es war ein Käfer!!) und dann zu mir in meine Bar kommst um mich zum Feierabend ab zu holen.
Oder in "Nein" ich ziehe nicht aus, weil Deine neue Freundin einen festen Wohnsitz wegen ihrer Aufenthaltserlaubnis nachweisen muss."

Stephan hat mir nochmal klar gemacht, dass ich nicht mit jemandem zusammen sein kann, der sein Spiegelbild lieber hat, als mich. Dass ich nicht mit einem Selbstdarsteller leben kann, bei dem selbst das morgendliche Brötchenholen zu einer Abtenteuertour ausartet, gegen die alle Dschungel-Abenteuer nur strunzlangweilig sein können. Ich brauche meine Nachtruhe und kann es mir nicht leisten, dass ich jede Nacht gegen drei Uhr den Anruf kriege, der mich über das neueste Highlight in Kenntnis setzt.

Angela hat mir, genau wie Astrid, gezeigt, dass es nicht stimmt, was man so singt "Wenn es Dir gutgeht, hast Du Freunde, wenn es Dir schlecht geht, nicht mehr". Es geht auch anders herum. Es gibt Freunde, die sind für Dich da, solange es Dir schlecht geht; die waren für mich da, solange ich alleine war, unglücklich und auch oft einsam.
Als es mir aber dann besser ging und Mr. Lilli in meinem Leben aufgetaucht war und dann sogar auch noch Wondergirl, da konnten diese "Elends-Freundinnen" mit mir nix mehr anfangen, weil sie auch damit nicht leben konnten, dass ich mich besser fühle, als sie.

Gesamt gelernt habe ich, dass ich mehr verdient habe, als hier und da ein Krümelchen. Ich will den ganzen Kuchen und der steht mir verdammt nochmal zu!

Ach ja - die Namen habe ich natürlich geändert, damit niemand sich hier erkennt, oder vielleicht auch nicht?

Ozzy and is kiss of life
Okay - two things:

First, the message. Ozzy's accident seemed not have to been so harmless, it first sounded since he had to get the kiss of life to survive it. Duh - what a man can do with just some drugs, alcohol and a quad bike.

But now, the phrase: "Kiss of Life". How beautiful. How peotic! In German we call it "re-vitalizing" or so, but nothing even in parts being so visually spoken and completely clear as "Kiss of Life".
Did I mention, I really like the english language?

Wolfgang Daschner admits the threat
Sure, what else should he do?

Imagine the following situation:
An 11 years old boy gets kidnapped. You find the guy from whom you know he is the kidnapper, who even admits to be the kidnapper. Technically the Boy could be still alive and the kidnapper simply refuses to tell you where the boy is hidden, so you can't go and save him. Each minute you need longer endangers the life of this boy.

So what would you do, alone with the kidnapper?

I don't know what I'd do if I were a policeman, luckily I'm not in such a situaiton, but I know what Wolfgang Daschner did. He told his men to use, "intense pain" if necessary to get to know where the boy is hidden, while the kidnapper could hear it.
Finally he was successfull, the hiding place was told, but the boy was already dead.

From many more or less bad thrillers, I can imagine this happens pretty often in some police stations, but until now there was no policeman who made it "officially". After the Boy was found dead, Daschner sat down and wrote a report where he mentioned also the threat. Of course his chief had to take actions on that.

I can imagine that some US folks would find such a method absolutely okay. If it were my child, being kidnapped, I'd agree with you. As a mother I would act absolutely the same, and I wouldn't just threat with intense pain. But living in a state like this has taught me that I have the right of a state, who isn't as emotional as I am. A state who stays somehow beyond such feelings like revenge and hatred. And a state where "intense pain" is not an allowed questioning toy.

I'm sure, Wolfgang Daschner will get sentenced, but that must happen. We can't say on the one hand, folks like Metin Kaplan can stay here, because they would face torture and stuff in Turkey and with the same breath say that if we know, someone is guilty, torturing is okay. That can't be.

The family of the 11 year old murdered boy is pretty wealthy, I hope they know their obligation, when Wolfgang Daschner will be out of prison.

Donnerstag, Februar 19, 2004
Shooting in the Oval Office
Yes, like Spiegel wrote - it would be impossible to have a game where Gerhard Schroeder is defending the Bundeskanzleramt with a gun and hopping from table to table and shooting dark "Terrorists".
No, really not.
But the US tick different then Europe, we see it each day and this game is a proof of it.
The campaigns hit atr both sides, while the above game is really "Bush friendly", this reports are bitter satire against him.
I still have no idea, what Hillary's cellulite (or not?) should have to do with US elections 2004, but who am I to understand?
I had really fun with Whack a Pol in choosing my president candidate. Who's your?

Hot Online Date, or Bad Breath makes lonely
You know why I think Chats and other online-dating areas are a great thing? Because people can meet up who never else would have met.
I could imagine that especially people who don't look so great at the first look (and don't we all somehow belong to them??) have chances, they never had if they were flirting out there on the street.
I know what I'm talking about, I've chatted with many people, dated some of them and even had the one or the other relationship starting online. None of the guys would have been my 3D first or even second pick, if I hadn't known them online for a lot of time and shared thoughts and feelings with them.
I also learned from many friends that they feel they know someone better and closer online as when they get to know someone in 3D.
But well, there are some things - IMO essential things - one can't get, when just chatting online.
One important thing for me is the voice. Just from typing I have no idea what voice a guy has. Thx Edison we have Phones, so one can get a touch for how one speaks.
Via NetMeeting and similar stuff, these factors can be found out before meeting first.
And if scientists keep on researching, one of the other important factors - the smell - will be no longer an open question.

Great! So bad breath will really make lonely.

Mittwoch, Februar 18, 2004
How can they be so stubborn??
Really, I don't understand why the Cash family is so stubborn with who uses Johnny Cashs songs.

I mean, if I had written a song and it would be used for something good for menkind, I'd be proud and happy.
But they aren't.
They don't want the song "Ring of fire" to be used for anti-haemorrhoid products.

ROFL. What a pity, one of the view commercials I'd have a picture in mind by just hearing the song.

I can't stand those lists...

But this one is good, so I stole it from Anke.

1. First record you ever bought?
single: Kim Carnes, Bette Davis eye
Maxi: Soft Cell, Tainted Love
LP: BAP, No. 4

2. First gig (who and where)?
BAP, a german band, in Cologne, on the shoulders of a good friend called "Bobo".

3. Best gig (who and where)?
U2, Mungersdorfer Station, Cologne

4. Gig you wish you'd been at?

5. What's in your CD player at the moment?
No Doubt, the latest collection

6. A record that makes you laugh?
Rodgau Monotones, German Band; Soundtrack from Hair and Rocky Horror

7. A record that makes you cry?
Freddie Mercury, any

8. A record that reminds you of school or college discos?
Spliff 8555; Groenemeyer, Bochum; Frankie goes to Hollywood, the album with two tribes on it

9. A record which sounds better in the dark?
Donovan, Atlantis

10. A song you wish you'd written?
"What's a woman" from Vaya Con Dios

11. A record you'd like played at your funeral?
OMD, Maid of Orleans; Nina Hagen, Ave Maria

12. Soundtrack for a long car journey?
Rocky Horror; Hair; Grease II;

Dienstag, Februar 17, 2004
Microsoft Win XP and NT become Open Source?
At least a part of the Sourcecode seems to have become open source due to someone who brought them to the internet. No all it need are clever hackers and some gazillion hours of time to look through the millions of lines code and rubbish together.
I don't think Microsoft programs will be more dangerous with that.
Otherwise Linux were totally dangerous, because the code already is completely open.
I always say - dangerous is just the user who doesn't protect his computer.

Right now there is something really spectacular happening on Mars. Go here and see!

Gay Marriages
As anyone knows who reads here sometimes, I'm a strong supporter for equal rights for relationships between consenting adults, whatever gender they have. I'd also not have any problem with them having children and folks who claim this stuff about "against nature" and so, well... they can say what they want but I can think of them what I want, too.
Here in Germany gay and lesbian couples can have some "legal partnership" thingie done, where the ceremony is similar to a wedding, sometimes you can even find a german priest blessing them (as long he isn't disciplined from his bishop), but adopting children is even for hetero couples reall really difficult but for homosexuals impossible.
Of course do live here children with their homosexual parents for several reasons, and noone was able to proove that parents of the same sex bear any risk for the growing up of the child. I know, lots of so called scientists look for it, but I wait until the first few can really prove their ideas.
Ernie found a nice Web-Journal about a Gay couple and their daughter (and over they go in my daily read list). They wrote about their attempts to marry last Friday and how they finally made it last Saturday.
When I read how happy this family was, I couldn't stop crying. Crying because I remember my own marriage and it was a really happy day of my life and I could imagine how they felt about their love becoming "officially" somehow. On the other hand crying from anger about people who want to destroy that. Who want them to live their lifes quiet, alone without a partner they want (but a het one...)without any children and without any social status. This all, because people like that *know* , all a gay has to do is to deciede otherwise and he or she becomes hetero again.
You know what frightens me? Many of these people are in heterosexual marriages and had never to fight for acknowledgement of their love. Would they be able to stand by their love if they had the same problems gays have?

Sims playing Sim City
I love my Sims. But having my Sims playing a game similar to SimCity strikes me as a tiny little bit of... well sick. How deep will one go with that?

What happens when a White Dwarf dies?
Not that we know from having watched it, but the BBC claims that it can happen, like it did with Lucy, that a huge Diamond is born. The whole white dwarf became a huge diamond, and isn't it amazing how the Brits make it to put into a report about something astronomical a reference on the Crown Jewels?

A service World needed
Sometimes, when some new product is shown the first times, all I can think is "Whew - as if the world has invested in years of progress to come up with this". Either I can't see the practical reason, or it's just for a way too jaded customer or whatever.
Now there is a new thing, the practical benefits just jump in the eye of the reader. This was worth a few years of human development.
A Site to find a drinking buddy!

Sonntag, Februar 15, 2004
Dr. Laura
I don't believe in the catholic concept of god, even when I grew up that way. But, you know, somehow I believe there is some entity taking care that everyone of us gets in his or her life (or afterwards) what he or she deserves.

So I lean back, let Dr. Laura make a totall ass of herself and wait until she'll get paid back the pain she inflicted in so many people by neglecting something so important inside them.

I think she might have the right to speak her mind, but anyone who buys what she's selling, can't have as many brain cells as a wool-pullover.

Warum arbeiten eigentlich so viele Leute daran, unbedingt ihren Stereotypen zu entsprechen?

Als ich damals noch in der Bar gearbeitet habe, da hatten wir auch an solchen Tagen wie Heilig Abend oder so auf. Ich habe da immer total gern gearbeitet, weil das gab immer gut Trinkgeld. Wenn man sich aber mal an der Theke umschaut, findest Du immer die gleichen Nasen da.

Die eine Gruppe sind die Verzweifelten. Gerne unter 175 cm, gerne Schnäutzer(chen) und schwarze Lederjacke sowie weisse Tennissocken. Wenn sie Geld haben, geben sie gerne einen aus, sind aber dann immer der Meinung, spätestens nach dem dritten Drink (und sei es nur ein Kölsch), hast Du ihn dir so schön gesoffen, dass Du als Frau quasi gar nicht mehr anders kannst, als ihm in die Arme zu sinken und seiner Lamentiererei über seine Ex-Frau (en), seine Kinder, seinen Chef und die Nachbarn andächtig zu lauschen. Und das schlimmste - er kann nichtmal lustig erzählen!

Wie werden wir die Verzweifelten wieder los?
Mädels, da hilft nur Grausamkeit. Die sind komplett hinweisresistent und verstehen ein Nein nur dann, wenn Du es ihnen mit dem Pfennigabsatz auf die Stirn tätowierst. Und selbst dann fangen sie noch an, rumzuabern. Oder sie weinen und jammern. Bloß nicht weich werden, Mädels, das ist Methode!

Für die war bei uns immer die Chefin zuständig, eine nette Dame jenseits von Gut und Böse, der sie dann an den Fingern gehangen und Champagner mit ihr geschlürft haben. War okay so.

Eine andere Gruppe sind die Schönen, jedenfalls die, die sich für schön und tol halten. Die sind der Meinung, dass jede Frau in ihre Arme sinken muss, ohne dass sie einen Cent für ein Getränk ausgeben. Allein schon die Bugwelle seiner Aufmerksamkeit sollte sie paralysiert genug machen, um in seine Arme zu sinken, ihre Nase getränkt mit seinen Pheromonen und dann seinen Selbstbetrachtungen zu lauschen. Das kann unterhaltsam sein. Wenn Du den IQ von einem Meter Kiesweg hast. Sonst nicht.

Wie wirst Du einen Schönen los?
Kritisier ihn. Sprich über seine ausgelatschten Schuhe, seine Pickel oder krummen Zähne und schenk ihm ein Nagelset und das Buch "Wie benehme ich mich richtig?". Denk dran - gut gemeint ist auch geschlagen.

Pissed Brits?
I know there is not too much that makes a Brit rapidly going into "Pissed" mode, but I can imagine that the first Millionaire of the new Euro-Lottery (in Spain, France and the UK) made all of the British participiants become pissed immediately.

He's French and parts of his winning sum was paid by Brits who bought their tickets to this lottery.

Freitag, Februar 13, 2004
So you know what to expect,
when your wife is online all the time.

Imagine, you're online, surfing and wondering what your partner is doing while online, and you find a whole website with her actions!
Her Porn actions.
On the internet, for everyone to see.

Whew - as I always said, I wouldn't get a divorce, I'd become a widow instead.

Asian Cum Sluts
If you follow my links sometimes, you might have read Ernie's site before, but if not, then you'll just have to go there now or miss a real masterpiece of humour.
Ernie is working for a huge web company and is describing how he made it to use the words "text browser" and "Asian Cum Sluts" in one sentence.
With a straight face.
At work.
Really hilarious!

Donnerstag, Februar 12, 2004
Protect Microsoft Computers
The last days I was asked from some folks at work "something private", when they started talking about the actual virus threat and wanted to know if they had to update their anti-virus program.
Well, I don't recommend downloading a patch at Microsoft when the actual copy is not a legal one.

I also was asked about Linux, its safety and why Microsoft is such a shitty software with soo many failures and places a virus could hit.
Hmm.. since I converted from Windows to Linux, I sure can tell, that KDE is a pretty simple SUSE Linux Version and doesn't need so much change in thinking. Other Linux Versions are somewhat strange, but well, written from freaks *g* But let's have it clear - if Linux was used by as many people as Windows, there were security updates en masse, too.

For what does a Virus programmer make his Virus? Of course for the masses and not for some single freaks and daring users. So, that is what makes Windows more dangerous than anything else, and not (only) that it's written shitty or so.

Does that mean ...
there is some hope left for German economy?

Barbie and Ken split up
like Ernie and CNN report, Barbie and Ken split up.

So what? I never liked Ken so much. I had several Barbies, actually I still have them stored in a bag, waiting for Wondergirl getting older, when I was a child. There was Mable a white with blonde hair, there was Chris, a black one with long black hair and her daughter Tina and there was Judith with her daughter skipper.

See the point? No Ken. No guy at all. I had one of those Action Jim guys, but he was too busy for that much women and girls so they git it all done on their own. They had their horse, their boat and their sportscar, so it looks like they didn't suffer from Jim being away.

Ehhh.. yes, I loved my Barbies, really much. My mom hated them because they were so expensive and I always wanted more, more, more....

Mittwoch, Februar 11, 2004
Scott, you're wrong
I like A Fistful or Euros and I came to like really much what Scott writes, but this time, I think he is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Sure - it's headscarf time again. Seems to become one of my favourite topics in here, but it seems one can't tell it often enough.

Scott refers to France and calls his entry "now the real fight begins". His entry and some of the comments come to the conclusion, that it's the law's fault, if muslim girls will stay out of schools in the future. He names some examples who are not allowed into their schools with their headscarf on and so it's the school's fault for them not getting any education, degree or whatever?

Excuse me, but the logic inside this reminds me on the logic of hijackers who claim "It's the governments fault, when we have to kill our hostages".

What's the choice for the girls? If they're old enough they can decide for themselves to wear a scarf or not. If their family is too dominant, they might decide to wear the scarf on the way to school, put it away during school and put it back on the way home. We're not talking about forbid of headscarfs on french streets. We're just talking about school here.

What would happen when I would hang my heart on going to school with my so much beloved Jeans trousers on? In the UK? I would be sent home for not wearing my school uniform and noone would ever have to idea to blame the school.
What would happen when I would want to wear my "Jesus loves you!!" T-Shirt on an American University? I guess it might bring me into some trouble, too, because as I understand it, open religious signs are not welcome there, either. (Update: as I learned from some comments, I was talking bullshit with that one. Sorry, just ignore the sentence about American Universities!)

So who is wetting their pants about what French do in their schools and Germany - hopefully - will do soon after? The girls can go to school, all they have to do is to behave like anyone else.

So, here we are with the basic right on individuality. So the headscarf shows the right of individuality? And because of that it can't be forbidden to wear it? Well, how about the individuality of any nurse or even worker at Burger King who have to wear Corporate Idntity clothes? There are so many jobs in uniform, this reason is as invalid as the above one.

Muslim girls are not discriminated by the schools nor by the French government. Noone is allowed to wear religious signs. And noone is allowed to wear a headscarf, whatever religion he or she is.
The only people discrimninating muslim girls are muslim fathers, uncles, mothers and brothers who demand their innocent little girls to wear such a diminishing sign of female suppression and even talking them into believing it to be a religious sign.

Welcome, Readers from Tal G.
I hope you'll be not too disappointed, but you won't find the hatred anti-Israel drumming, you might expect by what Tal G. posted. You will find me, reminding that we called a black and white scaf "Arafat scarf", because a prominent Arabian was wearing it. It was a god amount of time later, when we learned who Arafat was and what he was standing for.

But anyway, you're welcome, look around, maybe you'll find something in my Archives you like or are interested in.

Dienstag, Februar 10, 2004
How to spot a liar?
You might know tis from home, when Mommie sais to Daddy:"I see it on your face when you lie".
Here you'll find some general signs of body language indicating someone is telling lies.

Men kissing each other - Provocation in Rome
It might be fun to watch Rome on Valentine's day, because gay men do their part in the provocation game. They try to get a world record in most people (men?) taking part in a mass kiss.
In Rome.
Where the heart of catholic church is beating its mercyless beat against everything that has to do with love, sex and passion if its not directed as the one and only god.

Yes - that's what I call a provocation.

Asylum politics in the Netherlands
According to what the BBC reports, the Netherlands will have some changes in their attitude towards asylum seekers.

I see this problem from several sites. One site is that we in Central Europe, as a place where we're pretty okay with all have some kind of obligation for those whose life is worse. Don't forget that many of European wealth is also based on so called third worl work, be it the oil, be it the diamonds from Africa, Coffee and whatever.

And if I were living in a place where I had to fear 50% of my children might die on diarrhoe and other "profaneties", I'd be on my way to a better place, too. I can understand the co called "economy refugees".

Butbutbut... I also can see that some countries can't take any more people right now because they're unable to either have the live their life until they go back or integrate them with all what belongs together. No country in Europe is big enough to allow people to live as isolated as it's possible in the US for minorities. Here we live in shorter distance to everyone, so a minimum on integration is needed.

So what would be the best way? I'd go for a common EU-Asylum program. Asylum seekers wouldn't be able to apply for a special country but for Europe in general and they would be sorted in each European Country, using a fair distribution key for all member countries. But well - it'll take some time until I'll be EU president...

Sonntag, Februar 08, 2004
The glorious 80s
Okay, I'm 35 by now and Mr. Lilli (same age) and I often find ourseves watching "Oldie Shows" or stuff like that on TV or radio because they play "our music".

What exactly is this music we call "our music"?
That depends on to what group you belonged and wanted to belong right then.
If I would have had the money I'd have tried being a Popper and ended up being a Goth. But so I just became someone with sweatshirt, Jeans, Sportshoes from Adidas and an "Arafat-scarf" in black/white.
The music I liked was changing day by day but the most constant stuff was "Deutschrock", because I had never heard music like that in German before. I would have become a lesbian for Nena, I wanted to marry Falco and have him sing "Der Kommissar" and "Jeannie" for me all day long; I wanted to be a groupie for Spliff and party all night with their "Carbonara" and, of course I wanted to be adopted by BAP.

I was too young and happy for stuff from Kraftwerk, Grauzone or so, but I adored Ideal and others, even when I then was yet unable to completely unterstand what they were singing about.

Sure, there was plenty of international stuff, I liked much, too. But for the first time we had German music which was not just for my parents. There were Bands like Depeche Mode, Wham! (UK), ABC, Spandau Ballett, Frankie goes to Hollywood (just heard his "Two Tribes") and many, many others

Anyway - thanks to James Lileks for reminding me on that songs!

Since Michail Gorbatchov seemed to be a politician with a vision and a plan, Vladimir Putin looks like an IRS-Man. Even if I hadn't this problem with short men (he is even shorter than Schroeder who himself is just the hight of a Bar to put a glass on), I wouldn't trust his attitude. I don't think that he wants us bad, but he is no Gorbatchov, neither a Jeltzin who was - at least - funny when drunken.

So what is happening in Russia these days?

I have no idea. The impression you get here, when you don't look for closer information is that Russia is home of many, many Mafia Gangs and types; that in Russia you either work against the government or the Mafia or both, whatever you do, you're in danger; that you have to pay much money - Bakshish - to get the allowance to work the way you want to and that the average people are way too poor.

In that picture exactly fitting are informations like the one, that anti-Putin candidate Ivan Rybkin is reported missing. Maybe he's just gone fishing or in jail for something completely unrelated, but it fits into the picture.

The again there is the remembarance on the old Russia, the Tsarist Russia with all its Gloria and all. Have you ever thought for what these Faberge eggs were made? I mean, who needs an egg for whatever? And what is a Tsar expected to do with 50 eggs?
It seems that nine more will find the way home to Russia now.

What the heck is a "War President"?
I mean, if George W. Bush claims to be one in his latest interview, I come to a vague idea of what he is talking about. But then - what is the difference between a "War President" and a "Warlord"?
The colour of his clothes, or what?

I'm still hoping, Mr. Bush will lose support en masse and be sent home at the election.

Samstag, Februar 07, 2004
What will *really* deciede the US elections
As if we hadn't known for long.

The US elections won't be won or lost because of political achievements (or GWB wouldn't even dare to stat again), someone's maturity has as little to do with it as his religion, political beliefs or family.
It's all about the stars.

At least if you believe in Chinese Horoscope. According to Josh, the election is already decieded. Well, as long as it isn't Bush neither one of his close friends, there might be hope.

Personally, I don't do Horoscopes. Scorpios like me are very critic about that stuff.

Schröder tritt zurück
Äääätsch - aber nur als Parteivorsitzender. Bundeskanzler bleibt er schon noch, keine voreilige Freude, bitte.

Aber was und wem nützt es denn? Ich frage mich, ob es einen qualitativen Unterschied gibt, zwischen einem Parteivorsitzenden Gerd oder nu eben Münte. Ich halte beide für visionsfrei und tu mich daher ein bisschen schwer damit.
Okay, wir sind Olaf los.
Aber ich fürchte, der arme kann auch nicht wirklich dafür, sondern musste das Feuer auf sich ziehen, um Gerdie zu schützen, aber ungeliebt bleibt ungeliebt.

Also was ändert sich jetzt wirklich?
Nix. Und das ist Programm. Was ich an so Typen wie Münte, Clement oder auch Steinbrück so schade finde ist nicht immer unbedingt die Politik, für die sie stehen (wenn denn sich sowas ausmachen läßt), sondern die Tatsache, dass sie alle tolle Beamte sind. Tolle Verwalter dieses Staates, aber nicht eine gottverdammte Vision oder Vergleichbares aufbieten können.

Wer isses schuld?
Wir selber. Sag ich als SPD Mitglied. Weil wir solche Kandidaten aufstellen. Wie sollen die denn in Berlin auch vernünftige Politik machen, wenn wir fast nur Kandidaten schicken, die sich einzig und allein durch ihre Windschnittigkeit auszeichnen und sonst null, so richtig nullkommagarnix. Wenn im Vorfeld die Basis schon nur die wählt, die sich hochgeschlafen (so oder so) haben, dann sollte sich doch niemand wundern. Und wenn das tumbe Wahlvolk (als solches wird es gern gesehen und quittiert das dankbar) dann dieses showgeeigneten Spacken auch noch wählt, dann ist doch wirklich niemandem mehr zu helfen, oder?

Dann ham wa jetzt ebent Münte.
Is die selbe Suppe.

Janet Jacksom Breast
The point I'm missing in this discussion is, if silicone with a metal ring qualifies as a breast? But it seems so. I won't lose a word about the act itself, about the qualities (or not) of Justin Timberlake, that little Justin could be Janet Jacksons son and all that. I won't make funny remarks about the US folks who run mad about a naked nipple and I won't run the conspiracy about Michael and Janet Jackson being one person. None of this will leave my lips.
I'll just link to the Amateur Gourmet who looked for inspiration and made Janet Jackson Breast Cupcakes

Mittwoch, Februar 04, 2004
I'm a Star!
Isn't it strange? In Germany, the first series of I'm a Star get me out of here! just finished. I'd not say it was awful, that would be too much. It was just pretty boring. I mean, what was the point? B-List (well, maybe D-List) celebrities sitting together under some trees, having to prove their guts once a day and the rest is pure nothing. Well, the interesting moments were when one was sent out, but that's it.
While in the UK, viewers complain about swearword use by one celebrity, here most people I know, just have noted it and labelled it "boring". I wonder, how much a second series will attract.

Dienstag, Februar 03, 2004
Eight and a Half Year
I feel strange when I learn that it will bring you into prison for no longer than 8.5 years when you kill a person and eat him for nothing than your own sexual kick and pleasure.
Okay, the person was consenting.
So, does that make the murder to killing on demand?
We had a quite lively discussion about this at the office, too. The problem is - what would be a fair sentence for the Cannibal? He had a thing about wanting to kill and eat a Human. It must be a man and it must be in consent.
He would not have eaten someone who didn't consent, that's proven, since he let go sevral others who stopped the, what they thought, game.
But for him it wasn't a game, he was - excuse me - dead serious.
Is he responsible to realize that his consenting victim was unable to give consent because of whatever mental problems?
Is he responsible for giving this guy what he had wanted?

I think he is, but that might be because I have some special relation to the meanings of the word "consent" and "being able to consent". For me, this cannibal Armin Meiwes has a really really sick fantasy where consent is no longer a valid point or excuse for anything.

Who will know if the victim was "really" consenting. Who will know if it wasn't just a game for him and he was unable to stop it when he hit the edge? Who will know if Mr. Meiwes won't go out in 6 years and look for the next victim on the Internet, even when he now claims, that he'll never do it again, because his fantasy is fulfilled. I mean, who can judge it? There aren't so many of cannibals around out there for psychologists to have any experience with them. Who can judge how far a person with mental problems is able to consent? Obviously the German Judge couldn't.

Sonntag, Februar 01, 2004
Mad Cow in the US
I know, it's the job of a government to stand for national interests. But sometimes, when I read the one or the other report, I can't help but ask myself what side-effects Mad Cow Disease might have on politicians.
I mean, it all comes down to one question: Do I follow just my goals for whatever damage they might do to others, simply because I'm the most powerful in the neighbourhood?
The US is acting like that very often and I see US citizens supporting this, sometimes with as dumb remarks as "It's their own fault, they can't help themselves, they should do it the way we are and they will be able to help temselves".

I have no idea what Europe would do in the US shoes, maybe it would be the same and act as arrogant and without any look for the sidelines, but I hope it won't.