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Donnerstag, Januar 01, 2004
I've once been in Zurich to meet a friend who was living there for ages. She was born in the US, had a US citizenship but also a swiss one, because her parents or at least one of them was from Switzerland.
Anyway. The area she lived was pretty nice, we had wonderful weather and the people were okay but a bit slowly. And when I liook at the Swiss happenings in politics, I get this sight again and again that the Swiss might be a bit more slowly in some - important - things than the rest of the western world.
For example they were the last to give the right to vote to women. It's n0 40 years ago now that in Siwtzerland women were not allowed to take part in elections. Don't know why, but that's how it was.
It also was a country where people got sntenced when they had helped Jews in the Time of Nazi Germany. While the Swiss herself said it stayed neutral (lol - great kind of neutral, when this means to participae from the money of thousands of killed jews), they didn't let Jews in to sav them from Concentration Camp and Death. All people who did so were fined or sentenced and this sentences weren't annulated til the last days, where finally even the Swiss came up with a law that forces the pardonning.
Wouldn't help many people now, because most of them are dead now.

I think the Swiss kind of handling all this is so full of lies and false sorry. And why? Just all because it came on daylight how the Jewish money was handled in Switzerland. Many Jews had their money on Swiss bankaccounts and while they were killed by the Nazis, also all inofrmations about these accounts vanished. The Swiss Government allows their Banks to behave that way and don't give any informations about Accounts, for example to find Heirs or so. So what happens with all the money? What all have Swiss Officials knewn and let Nazis do just to have not the Nazis invade Swiitzerland? And - why didn't Nazi-Germany invade it anyway?