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Mittwoch, Januar 21, 2004
Do you have a Heart for Romance?

Just imagine: You live in Europe and the person you're deeply in love with is a few thousand miles away. Not just on holiday or for a job trip. Just because this person lives there. In the United States.
There's nothing you want more, than to merry this person. Now! At least asap.
But you can't. Because to get the legal stuff done (US immigrations and all that) would cost a few thousand dollars that neither you nor your love posess. In fact you struggle to be able to afford a visit just a few times a year.
The only way you have is the internet.
But waking up next to a Computer instead of the loved one is a fucking hard thing in the morning.

You might have heard about such stories, through the Internet people meet who would never have met else and borders become unimportant when they fall in love.

If this were a Hollywood movie, the male (Tom Hanks) would find a friend who would lend or give him the money he'd need for that and the movie would end with him sitting in the plane on his way to his love (Meg Ryan).

But this is no Hollywood movie, but sad reality. This all happened to a dear friend of mine and he is missing his wonderful lady really, really hard.

Let me assure you, I know Lionel for several years now, I've slept under his roof, spent christmas under his roof, I've met his brother who is nearly as much a cutie as he is and if shell really wants him, I'd say she deserves what she'll get.

So, if you have a few Euros or Dollars or Pounds or polish zloty or whatever money else you want to pay for a good thing, why not consider to make this couple happy and let them have what they dream so much of? Help us sending Lionel to shell! If you don't want to give money why don't you link to this story and send so potential donates to their site?

To everyone who goes there and donates some money, and lets me know afterwards, I offer my collection of worst German swearwords, if liked with translations and pronounciation help!

I know, his politic opinion sucks some times and he is into Army stuff and other weird things, but beyond all that, Lionel is really, really a great, cuddly and funny guy to have around ;-)

Help us sending Lionel to shell!