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Samstag, Januar 17, 2004
Headscarf Rallies

What is their point?

They live in a country where Muslim is not the common religion. It's tolerated and they get all freedom they want, they can pray, build mosques and clothe the way they want. They can close up their women at home and not have them learn the language of the country the live in, just like they'd do it at home.
But there is one point they can't do - they can't educate children and teenagers in the belief that female hair is somehow "dirty" or something that has to be hidden and the woman has to be ashamed of. They can't teach their boys that any woman who doesn't wear a scarf is fuckable for whomever and they can't teach their boys that there is anything boy are superior to girls.
At least they can try it at home but not some hours per day when the children are at school.
This is the only time the state has the opportunity to teach the children a lesson. Be it french, be it maths or be it "Men and Women have equal rights".

So what is their point? The want the right to wear the headcarf? They have it. Overall but at school. Who dares to cry "Racist" to that? Who dares to condemn a try to build up self-esteem in girls who sometimes bitterly need it? All the french say is:"When you want to wear religious and political signs, do it wherever you want but in school."
I must admit, that's something I can live with. There are so many things not allowed at school, so why not also religious signs?
I would hope that this would also be valid for huge crosses and that, but well, one can't have everything.

Is this really a question of Equality versus Tolerance?

Depends on how important you think Tolerance is. As a Woman I don't want to be tolerated in my job by men, I want to have equal rights.
What would men think if they were just tolerated in a pub without Equality? Btw - I understand Equality not that men and woman are equal. simply because they are not. I understand it as it's meant - as having equal rights.

No, I don't think it's a question of this, it must be Tolerance in everyday life, but equality in school. How else should these girl be able to take their chances for their life?