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Mittwoch, Januar 28, 2004
French Headscarf Ban - A gift to radical Muslims?
Well, everyone who reads what I write sometimes, knows, that I'm a fan of the headscarf ban and that I support in what the French are doing. I think and hope, Germany will come to a similar solution.
I could live with the diversion into religious and political signs, but to ban all huge religious signs is just fair. (Leaves me wondering if they'll ban oak-trees from schoolgrounds by now...)

I also know that many muslims were protesting the last weeks, they were also in Germany, but nearly noone cared.

So now the former french education minister, Francois Bayrou claimes that he's against the ban, because it gives radical muslims a reason to protest.

Yes, one could see it that way. But the only consequence would be to convert to Islam right now.
And to whatever religion cries loudest next week.

Sure, but dear Mr. Bayrou prefers to forget that radicals find a reason for terror just because terror. He still confuses Osama and his closest helpers with Muslim.
Sorry, but they don't become Terrorists because they are muslims, they become Terrorists because they are assholes! Because they put their will above the live and the health of thousands or millions of people.
Show me a religion who teaches that.
You won't find one.

And so Mr. Bayrou fails to a common fault, the Terrorists are assholes who happen to me Muslims. And not the other way round. I don't talk about the little ones on the ends. The little ones, who lose their lifes in suicide attacs, car bombings and other shit. They have been radicalized by Terrorists for a long time. But the real Terrorists neither live in Palestine nor in Iraq or Afghanistan. The real Terrorists, the ones with the money, with the visions and with the real power, they sit in huge and warm buildings no "normal" person ever dares to step in.