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Samstag, Januar 17, 2004
First Human Cloned?
Something like this is what Dr. Panos Zavos announces. He claims to have brought a cloned embryo into a woman and now he said he hopes she'll become pregnant.
I have a hard time to imagine how he will clone an Embryo from skin cells, but I'm not a Scientist not do I play one. Especially because he explains the ethod is similar to the cloning of sheep Dolly, I ask myself what does he think he's doing there? We all saw how short Dolly's life was. What is he doing to the mother and even worse - what is he doing to this Baby?

Sorry, but I hope it will never be born.

I do hope he'll be as wrong as he was before with what he said when it comes to timelines.

I could try to see this cloning this as calm as possible, but when I read that he said something like "Cloning is the only chance for infertile couples".
It is?
Yes sure - because Adoption is a lready forbidden in the 10 commandments and the Bill of Rights, or what?
Is he really that jaded that he isn't aware of how many children spend their lifes in orphanages any could be adopted and given a nice home? But no - this is impossible, because having and raising children always means polluting the environment with the own Genes, sorry, how could I forget.

I become bitter about this, because I think with Cloning we're calling demons we can't control at a price of a few people who want to live out their personal dream at any costs.