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Donnerstag, Januar 01, 2004
After the alert in Hamburg
Yeah, as I wrote before, our Innenminister Schily is pretty angry about the Hamburg government for blabbing out anything about the threat so early. And, having in focus that in about 4 weeks there will be elections in Hamburg, it's also believed, they made it up a bit to have better chances.
The party of Mr. Nockemann is the leaning right party we called short but wrong "Schill Party", because the "father" of it, judge Schill, is no longer a member of this party because they expelled him some weeks ago.
Schill became pretty prominent as a judge when he sent people in prison for shoplifting, when he in general liked extremely hard sentences where not one made it to the second court, they all were stopped afaik.
So this Schill though by himself he could use his celebrity status to found a new party and in Hamburg there was for ages a leading of Social Democrats, and even when they are my party, 20 years and more is too much for one party being in charge. People in Hamburg seem to have thought the same and kicked the Social Democrats out and voted Conservatives and this right leaning guys in. They are what we call a "law and order" party who sometimes lean to far to the right, especially when it comes to foreigners and people with darker skin, but somehow the Hamburg people wanted this.
They got what they deserved and this new Party was shaken from inner conflicts in shortest time. Like all right leaning parties in Germany the last 20 years were.
Okay, the scandals about Mr. Schill himself came up again and again. Once was it that he was sourrounded by people who had not the clean vita he always demanded from others, or his faible for parties in the red light district and all that.
He then had what is to call political amok, when he held a speech at our highest parliament, where he was invited and had no right to speak for himself, he was warned several times from the president.
Finally the collapse came when he started to talk about the leader of the coalition. He held press meetings and told them things noone wanted to hear about homosexuality, about crude stuff which might be right or not, but really, noone cares about it but three or four bigots.
So, the coalition finally broke, even after his own party had smashed him out and they have to have new elections in four weeks time.
Mr. Nockemann is a member of the former Schill party, which makes him suspect in my eyes *g* and it is possible that he makes warnings up to become prominent and re-elected.
Somehow I hope it was just this the reason for the big bruhaha and I'd love to know what exactly the US has said to him, but I'm sure, Schily will find out and if he really exaggerated, he will be kicked and feathered for it from him, because of course his actions have the same effect the french ones had - the possible terrorists are warned and can hide, while it might have been possible to get hands on them if the whole thing would have been handled a bit more... discrete in some way.