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Donnerstag, Oktober 30, 2003
Is he a stalker?
Is someone, who writes a text with a headline like: "We stalked. He balked" a stalker? I'd have said yes without hesitation, but it seems, either the translation must fool me, or there is some other hidden thing wrong. To me, it seems, if someone write "we..." it means him and some others (or the pluralis majestatis, but that's not really probable).
When now Atrios states that Luskin is a stalker, Luskin lets his lawyer write a letter to Atrios and threaten him with outing his personal data.

Whew. What a hero! How brave must someone be to act in that way? Really impressing.

Look Mr. Luskin, we all are Atrios (Quote stolen without shame from "Life of Brian"). You might be able to bring one Atrios in trouble, but be sure, there'll be some hundreds more who can think and read and who write.

Dienstag, Oktober 28, 2003
German Neo Nazis cought

Yo! German police was successfull in a new hit against this shitty Neo-Nazi folks in Germany. They got the Neo-Nazi Group "Combat 18" founded in the UK and said to be a part of the "Blood and Honour" idiots who were forbidden here some time ago.

The about 300 policemen found some weapons and cought from 4 to 10 people (depends on what source reports) and they think that was worth the whole work. I agree.

Biggest Brothel in Europe
I don't think prostitution from consenting adults should be a problem. To me, it seems, only the Bigots have a problem with it.

But child-prostitution has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with what I described above.
The Czech/German borders, as the borders to Poland and any other borders to eastern states, are well known for being a place where really young children are offering their body for money from Germans and other Europeans.

When you read my blog for some time, you'll get an idea, what I think of pedophiles - may the dick fall off and be the wound open, full of blood and hurting for ever.

In Germany our news like to show it the way, that German authorities do what they can but fail on eastern practise of "baqschisch" and corruption.
I don't really buy this completely, so I think the German government should be able to do something against it.

I don't even feel mercy for such guys who go there and have their sexual pleasure with children. If that makes me a bad person so be it. They would be the only reason for me to allow handguns for everyone on Germany.

Miners Update
The rescuers reached the place where they thought the 13 missing miners are, but they found no sign of life until now. Pray harder!

Montag, Oktober 27, 2003
Olympics in Germany?
Next to Cities like New York, Paris or Bejing there is also Leipzig bidding for the Olympic Games 2012. I don't think they have the chance of a dew drop in hell, but after now it came on the light of day that one of the leading people (head of PR company) has worked for the Stasi (East German Secret Police) in former years. Yeah - that's the kind of Public Relations a former DDR-city needs.
It won't change anything on the chances, but maybe one more of the Stasi guys gets cought by his balls.

Miners Update
As the BBC reports, the rescuers come near the miners. They claim to have an idea where the missing 13 miners are and they hope to be able to dig the last 20 metres or so before the water rises too high. I really do hope, they'll find them before it's too late!

Sonntag, Oktober 26, 2003
60,000 illegals can stay
Okay, using the Sun as a source is always... well... funny.
But I haven't found many other sources for the new asylum amnesty of Blair. Like the Sun reported, all these asylum seekers can stay in the UK because sending them out would be way more expensive than letting them stay. I also found a covering on ITV.
I have not the slightest clue if this maths is correct or not, but somehow it strikes me as a really pragmatic solution.

Germany's Jewish Population Soars. Yeah! I've come to know some of the jewish immigrants from the former soviet union and I see here that there are problems rising, too. Mostly because a lack of the will for integration on both sides. But I guess that's fact wherever different cultures come together, or?

Growing German self-Esteem
The last weeks, we had some discussions about the question if Germans could also be seen as victims in WWII and so on. I know, there are some topics in the world, like the Israel/ Palestine conflict, where I as a German better hold my tongue in cheek, because whatever I say and however right or wrong it will be, people will jump on it simply, because I'm german. I can live with that, so no whining here. World isn't always fair.
Somehow I think, the German self esteem is somehow growing, even when our economy is going down and our unemployment rate is going up, somehow I notice that, beyond any revisionism, Germans get some self esteem back.
I don't think, this is wrong.
Germany is a great country. I really like living here for many reasons. In Europe Germany is one of the bigger partners and also in the world has Germany its part and role, be it in teaching policemen in Afghanistan, be it working in former Yugoslavia, be it things in Africa and so on. Germany has, as I perceive it, developed to a team-player in the European team. They had the guts to say no to George W. Bush when he wanted something the Germans didn't want to, and to bond with the French, which isn't easy, really not.
Then, this victim-discussions, I also see as a sign of a growing self-esteem and now, also the discussion about Muslims in Germany.
As I have stated before, to keep it short, I don't mind any religious problems, anyone should believe in what he or she prefers, but religion often comes as politics and when it's that part, it becomes dangerous. I don't mind women wearing a headscarf if they decide to (and not their male family members), but for a teacher I don't think it's appropriate because it's primarily a political sign and just secondarily a religious one.

But the simple fact that this discussion is possible, shows to me, that Germans start thinking about their role in the future world and politics, what I think it's a good sign.

Calm down! Any of you who feels tempted to lecture me about Germany's past in WWII and before and the Nazis and what they have done to the world (and not just the Jews), save your breathe. I'm pretty aware about this. But I also think, as many Americans, BTW, that Germany as a big partner is doing more good and maybe paying back in a better way, than a Germany full of people who let hang their head in shame for what their ancestors have done.

So, this IMO new found self-esteem also lead us to researching what one of the Muslim Schools in Germany is teaching to its pupils. The King Fahd Academy in Bonn near Cologne is one of the bigger schools for Muslims and one of the teachers there called his pupils for the Holy War in the Friday prayers.

The school suspended the teacher and german authorities now take a close look at their teaching materials and decide if the school might have been closed.
Juergen Roters, the police commissioner in Cologne is someone who really is pretty careful about what he says to whom, but he is reported to have said: "It is my goal to close this school because we have indications that fundamental Islamic doctrines are being conveyed in instruction and call for violence".

Yeah - will be interesting what will happen to this school, Mehmet Kaplan is still in Germany and his son is still living in the house where his father has called for murder.

13 miners are still missing
As reported yesterday, the mine-catastrophe in Novoshakhtinsk closed 46 miners in icy water. While 33 could be rescued yesterday, the remaining 13 are still not found. Their relatives still hope and pray and people say, it's possible to survive some days if they'll find a dry tunnel.
Of course, whenever something like that happens, there come up questions about how such a catastrophe could happen.
Here we live under the impression, that in Russia many technical things really don't do what they're supposed to. When the Y2K change was, we were joking about seeing no danger in Russia, because nothing is so far computerized that Y2K problems could occur. I know, this is unfair and not true, I guess in many areas Russia is as well equipped with technology as we are here, but that's just how we see them. As the BBC reports in Search resumes for Russian miners, "Accidents are notoriously frequent in coal mines in Russia and its ex-Soviet neighbour Ukraine." Yeah, that fits in my view.
So, such a mine-catastrophe does not really make anyone wonder here. All I hope is that the last 13 miners will be found alive and healthy, soon.

Samstag, Oktober 25, 2003
33 russian miners rescued
There was a similar catastrophe in germany, years ago, in Lengede. We still call it "The miracle of Lengede", because they rescued miners some days after the catastrophe happened and they were alive.
As it's reported, the mine in Novoshakhtinsk was flooded on Thursday and 33 of 46 miners have been rescued, there is also the saying all miners were localized, so might there be hope for the others, too?

A late one also about Jessica Lynch
A Tale of two soldiers really hit me, and if it's true and nothing will be changed, it really, really will piss many people off, I'm sure.
But I'm with some of the commenters over at Eschaton who say, it's not, because the girk is black that she gets less, it's because Jessica Lynch got press covering, that she got more. Someone hinted me also to a WaPo covering of this.
I know, life isn't fair, but the Army should be to their own people, or?

You Are Romans
You are Romans.

Which book of the Bible are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Romans, eh? Pushy? Prideful? Me?? Hmmmm... thx to Dennis for the link.

How people comment
I really had to laugh, when I read the comments of this post, where Lionel and shell admit being a couple for some time. They can proof it with a nice picture (where Lionel looks much nicer than in reality ;-).)
So, that's okay so far, but when you then read the comments, you might notice the following: Some are really surprised and wish the best luck, others just wish best luck but there's one who is completely unsurprised, wishes luck but can't of course hold it on her that she, and just she has known this fact for month, as she writes.
So what? Well, my humour sometimes is different than others'.

Freitag, Oktober 24, 2003
My inner child is ten years old today

My inner child is ten years old!

The adult world is pretty irrelevant to me. Whether
I'm off on my bicycle (or pony) exploring, lost
in a good book, or giggling with my best
friend, I live in a world apart, one full of
adventure and wonder and other stuff adults
don't understand.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
brought to you by Quizilla

He he... I think that's quite true. thx to dear Jens.

Donnerstag, Oktober 23, 2003
German Victims
Yeah - sometimes Germans really are victims, like when it comes to polls about what Germans believe and what not. Someone came up with the idea, that it might sound great to say that 20% of germans believe that George W. Bush is the root of all evil, that he knew about 9/11 before and even supported it.
Markus took the time and put it right. I'm sure, many oy of the folks who went and read about the German Victims, will ignore such stuff. What do we think - how might that be??

There is yet hope
for the german economy. At least according to what's reported the last days. It seems that our economy gets better again, some people predict something about 2.0% for 2004. Good. It also is reported that Germany has taken the leading position in Exports and sent the former No.1, the US, on No.2.
Funny, that such a small country like Germany does export more than the whole huge USA.
Thx to Papa Scott for bringing it up!

Dienstag, Oktober 21, 2003
Stonehenge - news found out!
Of course I've been to Stonehenge. Of course, I kinda "felt" the magic there. Of course it was a holy place.
Well... I have been there and it really looks great. I had nothing strange happen to me, but I hadn't expected that. I like "Old Stuff" and have a look at it whenever it's possible.
The more, I liked what I found at it&w, the link to Archaeoptics. They have invented a new laser-technique and claim to have made visible writings on the stonehenge monoliths. Whew. If that's true, really interesting.
Hey, Lionel - have you already seen their page?

I love my Sesame Street
I'm 34 now. When I grew up, Sesame Street was really new and people weren't sure if it's healthy for children to watch it. It was synchronized in german, but the songs weren't, so I found all the singing boring, because I couldn't understand it. But I loved Oscar and Bibo and Kermit.
So now, Ananova offers EU backs Sesame Street plan to aid peace and all I can say is: YEAH! I mean, the EU sucks in many ways and there are many things done I really dislike, but this is really one of the gleams of hope for me. As you might imagine, Lionel da Captain is really not amused about this. Well, in his age he should get used to this. (Okay, I admit, the last sentence is really neither funny nor witty, but I wasn't able to come up with anything better today, because of Lionels upcoming birthday on Friday. So, after you're done with shouting about this shitty and -according to my lastest hate-mail - death deserving germans, you might go and send him a happy Birthday on Friday.

Sonntag, Oktober 19, 2003
No posts today
I'm way too busy reading comments here at samizdata, reading and answering comments on other sited who refer to my post about German victims in WWII, like the comments over at the pickup truck, where I try to convince Dennis, that all I meant was a theoretical discussion about when will who say that Germany has paid back enough for WWII and that I'm not a skinhead not a Neo-Nazi (nah, I think he knows at least that part). Of course there is also dear Hans the Beeman, who gets it all done and posted with a load of guilt and excuse dripping out of every line of his writing. What I don't like about his posts is, that he always somehow claims - without really clearly saying it - to stand in example for all germans or at least for the majority of germans. I'd doubt that, because not the Hans the Beemans of this country have the say (yet), so there seem to be at least not a very small amount of people who think different.
Maybe I do the same, and people think I try to sell I speak for any majority. If you think so; Stop it. You're wrong. The only person Lilli speaks for is Lilli. If I quote some friends, it's just these friends. And you can imagine that to the core neo-conservative folks won't belong to my friends, can't you?
But what he writes on his blog is up to him, I don't have to read it. And if I read it - as I do quite frequently - I still can comment on it.
Also Alex has given me another POV, his, about the bombing of the Wilhelm Gustloff. Since none of us was there, some things will always remain a secret and depending on which source you trust.
Anyway - that's why I don't write right now - it's late, I had a hard weekend, I'll have an even harder week and I'll go to sleep right now.

Samstag, Oktober 18, 2003
Polite Brits?
I'm pretty happy. Since right now neither in the CDU nor in the SPD the vibes are really to be called good, the Tories in the UK seem to have their own problem, even to stay polite. Or how would you call it when someone wishes you "would have never existed"?

Osama's threat
There is a new comment out which is said to be from Osama Bin Laden. I have no idea if he's still alive or not, if he's still giving comments and threats or not, but I do agree with Alex that i'd prefer a proof about Bin Laden still being alive and the author of the actual threats.
It's sad the US still wasn't able to get him or his dead body. But well, maybe it's better for all when he doesn't get cought and maybe some US folks think the same. So, it's clear for everyone who the Bd Guys are. What if Bin Laden and Saddam would get caught? There would have to be found new Bad Guys, so better stick by what you know?
Anyway - I wonder if any thinking western educated muslim really takes for serious what this luxury-guy is saying. I wonder if Muslim people take this guy serious, who lived a jet set life for years before he found his new profession - terrorist. First sponsored by the US then against it. How can they really be sure, he would not change his mind again and be "against Muslim world" next year?

Freitag, Oktober 17, 2003
Educating children
In our main constitution is written down any child has the right to be educated without physical force. No slap in the face, no spankings and not any other physical punishments.
Mr. Lilli and I try to bring up wondergirl after this law, but she's just 2 years old yet. I have no idea if I won't one day just give her a hard pat on the nappy for her to understand that no really means no.
In cologne (german link), a mother had to pay a 75 EUR fine for slapping her 2 year old in the face because the little one always wanted to get out of the Buggy.
What other alternative would she have had? Discussing it? With a 2 year old? Well... not really easy, don't you think?

Schroeders reforms pass the vote
Well, Schroeders reforms were hot discussed, even in the SPD and it was unclear til the end if he will get the necessary majority. It worked. Somehow all SPD and Green Party members voted pro the new reforms.

The problem is that he still has to win the upper house which is opposition dominated and the CDU already has announced they don't want to give in so easily. It's a fucking shame - germany does need reforms so urgent and now they want to discuss it again and again just for the sake of being in another party and therefore automatically having a different opinion. I do hope, germans will hold in mind who slows the whole process right now.

Donnerstag, Oktober 16, 2003
Germans as Victims
Finally, I can't resist. I've read about the "new trend" in germany in a few blogs over the weeks, but resisted commenting all the time, because I'm not sure, I could reflect about this in an appropriate way, but now I'll try. Melissa shows us this citation in her entry Germans as Victims which she got from Anne Applebaum:
The first is that there are many conspiracy theory books about 9/11, blaming the Bush administration for the attack. "Unlike those [books] in the United States, many of them also argue that the Bush administration was responsible for Sept. 11. One book, by a former German government minister, argues that the planes that hit the World Trade Center may have been secretly steered from the ground. Another — translated from the French and titled "The Appalling Lie" — says that the Pentagon was never hit by a plane at all but was instead deliberately blown up with a bomb. Germany's establishment press has studiously debunked these theories, to little avail: Recently, an opinion poll showed that one in five Germans believe them."

The other book trend is for Germans to see themselves as the victims in World War II. "Not one but two books have become popular through their descriptions of the Allied bombing of Dresden in 1945, which resulted in fires that caused tens of thousands of deaths. One of the authors used the word "crematoria" to describe the burning buildings, described the Allied bomber pilots as the equivalents of Nazi police units that murdered Jews and concluded by wondering whether Winston Churchill, who ordered the bombings, ought to have been condemned as a war criminal. These books have also been effective: According to another opinion poll, more than a third of the Germans now think of themselves as "victims" of the Second World War — just like the Jews."

Melissa then comments it the following:
Those silly Germans, rewriting history. I don't think it's so odd that there are a few books like this out there. We certainly get our share of conspiracy theory books here. But the fact that polls show so many people believing them is what is scary. I'm curious to see what Lilli Marlene has to say.

Okay, first - the conspiracy books. I've written about this some time before and to repeat myself - sure, many people who read the books believe in what they say but most of big german magazines (including left Der Spiegel) call most of the authors idiots. Of course they don't do it that clear, but it's obvious that all they're missing are the tinfoil-hats. They (the magazines) also showed up that many of the authors didn't do their research in a proper way and referred to Internet-sites with dubious authors. So, thinking germans don't believe all they read in a book.

Now, the second point, the german victims.

It's pretty simple. Many germans have been or did support Nazis. They are not the victims. Many others didn't support the Nazis, they did hide Jews and helped them or they lived without a clue in a very rural areas or they were on the flight from the eastern parts of germany (nowadays Poland and Russia). They never harmed any person, no Russian, no Polish and no Jewish person. But they got killed.

Let's for example look at Hamburg (an often called example for german victims). I'd say Hamburg had its average share of Nazis, idiots, supporters, anti-Nazis, weasels and whatever. But the bombing of Hamburg was extraordinnaire, even when there was no military goal to hit. Most of the people in Hamburg also never before had harmed a soul, but they got killed by that bombings because the Brits wanted revenge for what german pilots had done to the UK.

Let's for example look at the ship "Wilhelm Gustlof". It was a huge ship and this ship was full of refugees from the ex-german eastern part who wanted to come back to central germany. Thousands of women and children, a few men were on the ship. It was bombed by a soviet submarine. The Soviets knew who was on the ship:
918 naval officers and personel
173 crewmen
373 female auxiliaries
162 wounded (I'd guess soldiers, but I'm not sure)
something between 4.400 and 8.000 refugees - the official numbers say about 4.400 but people on the ship say it were many, many more, because it was the last possibility to come away from that area.
People saved after bombing: less than 1.000, so there are something between 5.000 and 7.000 people who died by that bombing or later in the cold water.

Did all these people deserve to die there and then?
We just can seriously doubt it, if we will not climb down the ladder and claim "All germans deserve dead".

Sure - this is nothing compared to 6.000.000 killed jewish people by the Nazis, but can suffering be compared?

The dead of all the innocent Jews doesn't justify the dead of a few thousand innocent germans.

The war didn't end a minute earlier because of these bombings. I'd say people who died there are also victims. In germany it was a No-No for a long time, to talk or even think about germans in another way than in either Nazis or people who were also guilty because of not having dona anything against it.

It's just the last few years that here in germany there is a process starting where people who lost their grandparents research how they died and found out about their death in situations like this ship I mentioned above.

As you might have guessed, when you read my blog a bit, I don't accept war at all. But if a war happens, I can somehow understand it, to bomb and attack military targets. But I'll never understand the attacking of civilan targets, especially fugitives, children and women.

So, I call civilians who died in a war, victims.

This whole discussion is in germany never done with denial about jewish deaths and I can understand that jewish newspapers and people do look very carefully about what will come out of this discussion. I'd do it the same if I were jewish and some friends of mine who happen to be jewish, do so, also.

We do not rewrite history, Melissa. We just add another side, noone dared to talk about in public the last 50 years. It's just one side more, showing up what we all know - there never is something like just black or white.

Dienstag, Oktober 14, 2003
Otto Guensche is dead
Who the heck is Otto Guensche? Well, he was one of the last men who saw Hitler. He burned Hitler after his suicide. Now he died.

Hallo, mein Name ist Lilli und ich gucke Casting Shows. Nicht nur dann, wenn ich aus Versehen hinschalte, nein, ich schaue sie ganz gezielt an und habe Spass dabei.
Jetzt isses raus. Ich hab schon Big Brother geil gefunden und gucke mir alle Casting Shows an, die ich vor die Linse kriege. Am spannendsten ist es im Moment bei den Popstars. Da haben sie jetzt also die beiden Bands gefunden, die jetzt gegeneinander antreten sollen. Die Platten gibt's dann bei McDonalds zu kaufen. Waere mir ja unangenehm.
Anyway. Einmal gibt's da die Boy-Band "Overground" - was ein Name! Sie besteht im Moment aus fuenf Mitgliedern.
Der ueberfluessigste und absolut unnoetigste ist der kleine, ach so niedlich Marc. Ich weiss echt nicht, was die alle an dem finden, selbst 12-jaehrige koennen doch nicht so doof sein, oder? Ich finde nicht, dass er auch nur irgendwie niedlicher aussieht, als ein Okapi, seine Stimme klingt nach rostigem Blecheimer und Tanzen - naja. Sieht als aus wie ein tanzendes Mini-Okapi, aber wie ein verhuschtes.
Dann haben wir da Ken. Ken ist lang, schlaksig, singt wohl ganz gut, braucht aber dringend einen guten Hautarzt, weil diese Pubertaetspickel auch jeden fertig machen. Sein Kumpel is Akay. Der, der immer wieder mal so aussieht, als sei ihm der Foehn explodiert. Das ist einmal witzig. Aber jedesmal? Ich weiss nicht. Dann gibt's da noch den blonden Meike. Den find ich ja fast schon niedlich und er hat mir in dem Kinderhaufen immer total leid getan, aber da haben sie ja jetzt noch seinen Kumpel Fabrizio dazugeholt. Der gibt dann so den "Italiener", so als Prototyp, meine ich. Tja - ne Boyband eben. Ich fand die schon langweilig, als ich noch in dem Alter war.
Die Maedels haben es aber echt noch viel schlimmer getroffen. Die heissen jetzt Pre-Luders. Nee, was ein Brueller. Dem Erfinder dieses Namens muesste man ja nachtraeglich noch einen Einlauf verpassen, oder? So ein scheiss!
Am schlimmsten finde ich hier diese zickige Miriam. Die kann nix, tut nix und ist so huebsch auch nicht. In deren Stelle wurde ich mal flugs den Bagger halten und singen lernen. Dann gibt's da noch Rebekka. Hmm.. die ist so'n bisschen der Typ "Bratze aus dem Leben", ich haette keine Probleme, mir die im Kittel und mit Putzeimer wild schimpfend auf der Strasse oder so vorzustellen. Auch voellig unnoetig ist die Filipina An-Thu oder so. Suess isse, aber ich hab die bis heute noch nicht richtig singen gehoert. Dagene kann Tertia so richtig toll singen. Und sieht gut aus. Die hat's echt drauf, genau wie die blonde Anne. Die hat ne sehr eigene Stimme und wenn sie mal aufhoert so doof beim Singen zu grinsen, dann sieht das cool aus.
Am schlimmsten, am allerschlimmsten finde ich aber die Jury.
Detlef Dee Soost, Sabrina Setlur und Uwe Fahrenkoog-Petersen.
Dee!, wie er gerne genannt wird, ist so ein pummeliger Glatzkopf, der anderen Leuten Tanzen beibringt. Ich finde immer, da sieht eher aus, wie Weinstampfen oder Holzhacken, aber vielleicht bin ich dazu auch schon zu alt.
Sabrina Setlur, als sie noch Sister S hiess, war sie cool, heute, als eine die (nach eigener Aussage) nicht singen und nicht tanzen kann in einer Jury... hmm. Naja, immerhin hat sie mal mit Boris Becker gepimpert. Oder auch nicht. Jedenfalls waren die zusammen.
Und Uwe? Das ist der Uwe von Nena. Und genau wie die, wirkt auch er heute noch genauso breit wie vor 20 Jahren. Beruhigend, oder?
Naja, und diese beiden tollen Bands werben jetzt um des Zuschauers Gunst. Teenies schleppen ihr Taschengeld zu McDonalds und kaufen die Platten. Oder auch nicht.
Ich glaube, wenn Wondergirl so ein Casting mitmachen wollen wuerde, ich wuerde sie ermuntern. Um ihre eigenen Grenzen kennenzulernen. Aber dann wuerde ich denen den Arsch aufreissen, wenn die so mit meinem Kind umgehen wuerden, wie es da so aussieht. Das ist blanker Psychoterror und asozial ist das auch. Die Kinder tun mir echt leid. Die Groesseren nicht so, die koennen abschaetzen, was sie da tun, aber die kleinen, so 16, 17 Jahre alt, die tun mir echt leid, weil die es nicht besser wissen.
Aber gucken tu ich's ja trotzdem.

Montag, Oktober 13, 2003
Arafat again
Some days ago I posted about feeling it totally tasteless for bloggers to bet on Arafats death-date. From some I haven't expected it a difference way but some others really shocked me with that.

But well, people don't live to make me happy.

One comment from Ohad left me feeling it needs a longer answer, so I'll post it here.
Ohad wrote:
On a very pragmatic level, it's not clear what will happen when Arafat kicks the bucket. Things might get better, but they could get worse first.

But what's clear is that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can't move ahead as long as Arafat is in charge. Arafat will torpedo any attempt to make compromises or rein in terrorists. Once he's gone, there can be hope again.

Ohad, I don't think Arafats dead will make it any better. Not that he's a big help in solving the problems right now, about that we can agree, but his dead wouldn't improve the situation at all. You would no longer have (in theory) one person to talk to, but several from six to twelve or so, because all will be split up in several groups.

And for the Palestine people. They need someone to speak for them in any negotiations. Or what should be the goal? Complete genocide? I'm sure some wish it, but I do hope that's not the majority. So, you have to find a for both sides livable compromise and for this also the Palestine people would need a voice which is heard. Arafat could have been such a voice, years ago, when he got his Nobel prize there was hope he would be it. I don't see anyone else who could do it with the same effect.

So all, who really want a solution other than genocide, should think how this goal could be reached when they play idiots games like betting on a death date.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to become a Nun, when grown up. One of the cousins of my mother was a nun and we visited her regularly in Maria Laach. Her name was - guess what? - Sister Maria.
Since I grew up catholic, I thought for some time, it would be a great thing to live at a convent and practise this "Ora et Labora" (Pray and Work) thing (not to confuse with "Arbeit macht frei").

Well, luckily I was not called by whatever calls a nun and so no convent has to suffer me. Today I know, I don't like women in bigger groups, so either it would have been a silence convent or it would have been a desaster.

Somehow, I still like the idea of being able to live in such a contemplation, some Nuns seem to do. Don't get me wrong - I think they make a huge fault and waste their spirituality when living out it without the sexual component, but it's not my life, so who am I to judge a nun? (To quote an old joke: Batmans friends are also my friends).

Anyway, there is a new convent with a website, go here if you want to know more about the life of the Poor Clares in Galway Ireland.

Listen up, guys! The Beer-Belly is an urban myth??
At least that's what some British and Czech scientists claim to have found out in a study with 2000 Czechs, as the BBC reports.
What does that mean? Maybe the heavy drinkers at the research (14 litres a week - imagine that!!) have crossed to line to severe alcoholics and already lost weight like heroine addicts or so...? I have no idea.
So what other excuses do the guys have for their bellies?

Michael Schumacher or so
Is Michael Schumacher the greastest Formula 1 pilot of the world?
Well, one thing is sure - he's of course the Formula 1 pilot with the biggest chin.

But that's not my point. The question I ask is Is Formula 1 Sports?
And why should I be happy for a guy winning a car race with an italian car, living in Switzerland because of the german taxes?

The first - how do I define Sports? I'd say Sports is, when you have to physically do something to win. That includes Boxing - even when I don't like it, and leaves Chess in a greyzone. It includes Motorbikeracing and Races like Paris-Dakkar or so, but clearly excludes in my eyes Formula 1 and that stuff, where it's not important what you and your body are able to do, but what technical devices you need. In Formula 1 the car has become too important to become a winner. It's not like in other sports where the equipment is part but never ruler of the chances. In formula 1 it is.

And Michael Schumacher? Well, he grew up in a village near cologne (Kerpen) but did now what many other germans also do, when they earn the big money - they move out of germany to a state where they have to pay less taxes. That's okay, that's their right, but then he's no longer Michael Schumacher from Kerpen, Germany, but Michael Schumacher from IHaveNoIdea Switzerland.

No, I don't like Formula 1, to me it's way too boring to watch some cars going round on round around. And I don't like Michael Schumacher. Maybe some part of me is jealous, but the biggest part of me just dislikes him, what he says and what he stands for and especially his "Sports" where he does nothing else than waste gas and endangering people (drivers and watchers) in spectacular crashes.

Is he now the greatest driver ever? I have no idea. And I don't care. I just make sure to have my remote near when he appears on the TV Screen.

Sonntag, Oktober 12, 2003
Howard Dean and how we perceive him
Mr. Lilli sent me a link to a SPIEGEL article (of course in german) which starts like:
"No money and against the War - One would think Howard Dean doesn't have ay chance in the fight against George W. Bush. But hundreds of thousand Internet freaks have changed his Campaign into a huge Online - Party and changed so political advertisement."
Yes, I do think many germans like what Howard Dean stands for in our media - an underdog rebelling against the oil-folks around George W. Bush.
When I read about him, I always have in mind that we have elections here in germany the next years and how I can use what I learn there for our local and national elections. This grassroots thing *is* interesting, especially for a party or a candidate with not the bug money in his hands.
Anyway, here's the article "Howard Deans Guerilla Net-Campaign" as I said, in german.

Samstag, Oktober 11, 2003
German Is Getting Sexy?
Is it? Why is there such a little number of german Bloggers who post most of their stuff in English? I think there are a few points on this discussion.
I guess, I'd have more readers if I would post in german. So, many Germans come by but don't read much because they either don't understand what I write (as do many English-speakers, I was told ;-)) or they just are not interested in international stuff I write.
It's really hard to blog in English about local stuff. If I were to discuss Popstars series here (I'm a fanatic watcher of casting shows for several reasons), I'd never do it in English, because just german speaking people could understand what I'm talking about - I doubt that anyone outside a few Germans knows anything about Detlef "Dee" Soost. And trust me, you're not missing a thing.
Of course, it's also hard to blog in English about german politics. My vocabulary is... well let's say pretty topic oriented and politics is a pretty new field for me.
So what is it I do?
I don't blog for most Germans, since I mostly write English; I also don't blog for most English speakers since they get a crisis about Lilli-English. Let's not start with *what* I blog, I'm just talking about the *how* here.
German blogs are... well, the most german speaking blogs I have seen until now, I don't like. They sound way too much like "Dear Diary, today I had a looong intensive talk with my cat. Then I went to the loo and felt really better. Later today I will meet my boyfriend and watch a movie. Til tomorrow..."
Sure, there are others, I know. Some of them are to be found on my linklist on the left, but somehow Blogging for me is not a german thing. It just feels not right to blog entirely in german. Can't explain it better. Maybe it's because all my Internet interaction has happened in English (I can type English faster than german) since I own a Computer (early 90s), maybe it's because the first Blogs I saw were English, but somehow it just feels wrong.
So is German getting sexy again? Surely not. We are a nation where the one half would prefer to shoot everyone who uses any non-german word, while the other half would prefer to mix up English and german completely.
Ah yes, one big thing comes into this for me: I really *love* English. I was together with a British man for some time and he spoke a very "well educated" English. I still start melting when anyone calls my name in English, not like Wanda in "A Fish called Wanda", but I really, really like this language. German sounds more... harsh and punctuated in my ears while English is far more melodic and somehow swinging. But I guess that doesn't help, does it?? (LOL the spellchecker from Blogger just wanted to replace the word Blogger with Flogger, we better don't start that, do we??)

C 19 is on its way. I'd never go to where so much snow is because I don't like it cold, I prefer warm areas, but stuff from the Antarktis is always interesting and fascinating.

Freitag, Oktober 10, 2003
News noone wants to hear - flu update and reception on Sunday
Mommy and Mr. Lilli say I'd go and see a Doctor because I can't breath properly. I have some Lutschtabletten (lozenge??) with many of natural stuff and herbs and all, and they really help a bit. But my head hurts like hell, my eyes feel like they want to pop out and I have this coughings that drive me close to vomit.
I drunk two huge glasses of Met (honey-wine) I got from a friend and now at least the cold feelings stopped, I feel sooo warm right now and Mr. Lilli says I'm a bit feverish.

I'll have to hold a reception on Sunday morning and have to do the grocery shopping for it tomorrow.
We get a visitor from the department of Schools, Youth and Children in Northrhine Westphalia and we invited many of people in prominent positions of local groups, schools, church, clubs, businesspeople, police, youth organizations, Social Workers and all people who live and work here in our area.

The special Guest will tell us all something about the new model here in Northrhine Westphalia for the primary schools. We call it "Offene Ganztagsgrundschule" (Open Primary Schools the whole day). Usually Primary School is from 8:00 - 13:00 if you're lucky and no teacher is ill. But even in Germany Officials found out that there are people who can't afford just living from one income.
So one-parent families and families where both parents work have clear problems here. Usually children went to school and then either at home and a small percentage went into the kindergarten where they have a group for schoolchildren. But it was all the times a really really small percentage and most children didn't have the opportunity to visit the "Hort". At this kindergarten there are qualified folks who spend lunch and afternoon with the children, sometimes helped with the homework and offered some educational programs.

Now the new model will make it possible that the percentage of children who can spend even the afternoon outside home will increase enormously. This will happen at school and teachers and parents and students and professionals and some other local people will take care for the children then. I think it's a great idea. I know that for many of you this is boring since you have it so or better where you live for ages, but remember, we're in Germany (sigh).

So, of course many people in Germany don't like this model. First there are the professional educators, mostly women. They fear for their jobs because they won't be needed so much when the new model will be practice.

Then there are parents, mostly of children who have the privilege of having a afternoon-space in the kindergarten. Of course they don't want to give up their privilege and don't want the situation to change because they don't have problems with it. They also, together with the professionals sing in the choir of "loosing professionalism", "educational concepts will be neglected when grandparents care for kids" and so on.

Well, I don't see the weight of any educational concept at afternoon kindergarten for schoolkids, but I just worked for one year in a kindergarten, so I would not really qualify as someone who knows what' sup, even when I somehow think I know a bit more than most of the other parents. I wouldn't go so far to say they don't have any concepts but when I have to choose between the now in practice concept for a few children and the new model for many more children, my choice is clear and easy.

All this will be topic at the reception on Sunday. I hope my voice and ability to breathe will be back by Sunday since I want not just to host the thing but also to take part in the discussion. The New Model won't be the only topic, in general on Sunday people should meet, socialize, get to know each other and change cards or so.

The Shopping on Saturday will be okay since we hold it each year (it's just the first time with me as chairperson) and the shopping list is saved on my HD and just modificated each year a bit.

There will be many conservative guests, too, not just lefties, so the discussions might become interesting.

How much is 87 billion dollar?
I have no idea - could anyone please tell me how much Tequila I'd get for that? I forgot where I found that link, so sorry if I don't give credit where it belongs, but this great site is able to give you A Little Perspective on $ 87 Billion.

Donnerstag, Oktober 09, 2003
Effing Flu
Okay, let me have some whining today.

I'm ill. My head feels like it's grown double, my nose is sore, my eyes and teeth feel like they want to pop out the very moment my head will explode.
I feel awful. I was at work today because I planned a day off tomorrow and I didn't want it to look strange when I don't come two days in a row.
Last night I couldn't find much sleep, because wondergirl seems to feel just like me and didn't want to sleep at 3.00 am.
Yeah - I'll be in bed right now and hope to feel better tomorrow.

This is really tasteless
Some folks around the Bogs I frequent are in for the Arafat Death Pool. They pick a date. And they say something like: if he'll die the date you pick, you'll win, if he'll die any other date, you all will win, too.

Sorry, I can understand many people are convinced world will be a better place without Arafat, but do you remember what you're doing there? I hate to ask in that tone, but *do you know, what you're talking about*?

You're talking about the dead of a human being. You're talking about the dead of a father, grandfather, son, uncle, husband brother-in-law, best friend.... whatever. Yes, I know what you want to write: He's also a terrorist and murdered or is responsible for the murder on oh so many innocent people.

Yes, that's true and that is what will make the world without him a better place, sure, but it is still absolutely tasteless, styleless and ... impossible behaviour to bet on someone's dead.
Who died and made the betters to God?

No, whoever it is about, that's not the behaviour of civilized human beings who claim for themselves some superiority.

Mittwoch, Oktober 08, 2003
Arnie terminates California
Yes, it really seems he won the election in California. I have no idea, if he will be able to make a good job, since I've seen just a few of his movies and I know there is no intelligence needed to be a good actor. But some will say that about a good politician, too.
Time will tell if he will be able to lead California away from the deficits, since he hasn't shown any concrete ideas about this.
I did like him most in his comedies, let's hope it won't be a drama for the californians.

Razanne - Muslim Barbie
I don't think this is a fake. They show Razanne, at the first glance a nice Barbie with a bit darker skin. But when you look at her clothes and her description, I really don't believe it.
- Builds Muslim identity and self-esteem
- Provides Islamic role model
- Promotes Islamic behavior
- Shapes interactive play"

So what do they mean with that? Well, little Razanne comes with a headscarf or even with a traditional "Jilbaab". And that's what The Muslim (TM) should learn about how to behave at home? Oh guys - that sucks! My heart really opened when I saw In- and Out-Razanne. In Razanne wears no headscarf and a usual sommerdress, while Out Razanne wears this Jilbaab-thing. Okay, I thought, this long thing is really, really out, but no - they didn't mean that. They just meant:
In and Out Razanne comes with a two-piece fashion set for wear inside and outside the home. At home Razanne loves to dress in all the latest fashions. In a minute she can be ready to go out with this traditional jilbaab coat.
Razanne helps Muslim girls understand that in the home they can be the ultimate fashion statement yet still have attractive attire while dressing modestly outside the home.

Oh I see. That sucks. I really don't mind to what kind of house one goes and prays to what or whoever he calls god or godess or "Big Green Bimbie with the holy hat". But from the moment on, they start to suppress little girls who can't defend themselves, and from the moment on they start to raise a new generation of girls who depend on their men (brother, father, uncle, husband...) without any chance to get rid of them if they want to, it's really, really awful.

This Doll does in my eyes all that. She is part of a system to press little girls in their role and not let them a chance to rebel. No, thank you - the first thing I'd do with that doll would be getting her a new dress, colouring her hair flaming red, cut it short and make a nice, warming fire out of the headscarfs and this long thingie that should hide everything.

The Q'ran does not ask for women to wear such clothes. But it's not just the clothes - it's the whole picture of what a woman should look and act like, that makes me furious.

I get pissed again and again about the catholic church for their treatment of women, but islamists start there where these silly catholics stop and that doesn't make it better.

But well, maybe I'm just overreacting.

Have a look at Noor Art and their Razanne.
Thx to Glenn for the link.

Montag, Oktober 06, 2003
Too arrogant?
Are the bigger countries in the EU too arrogant against the smaller ones, especially those who want to join in like Poland? Sometimes it seems so, like the BBC reports.

Holiday on Horizon
I don't have much time to Blog right now, because Mr. Lilli surprised me with the idea for a nice weekend-trip in December. We can't yet decide where to go - Netherlands, Belgium. I'd vote for Netherlands, because it's not far to drive and Wondergirl won't be impatient at the backseat.
Well, we're not sure if we should do one trip we did three years ago. It was the last weekend before Christmas, I was pregnant and we went to Belgium, Vielsalm to a Sunpark.
The park was completely empty, next to us there were not more than 50 other people, including the people who worked there.
It was effing cold, there was snow and we had so snuggly evenings at the fire. Hmm...
We'll decide soon, I guess.

Sonntag, Oktober 05, 2003
You feel frustrated because your blog doesn't get the attention it deserves? Hell, I know that one ;-), but watch out you don't get as frustrated as the writer of this thing, I found over at Glenn.

Samstag, Oktober 04, 2003
World most terrible Halloween Costumes
Some seem to be US specific, but some are so bad, even I get the joke! I mean, what's the deal in a boy going as one guy from The Village People? I know they come out earlier today, but I doubt, they had it ith 8 or so in the 80ies.
Anyway, Ernie linked to

GWB Action Figure
It was clear, wasn't it? It was pretty clear that sooner or later someone will find out what these things original mission was, or?
There you see it!
Thx to Rubbernun for the link.

Missing Test
I still miss the Test "How much a Test-o-holic are you?"

The Big Five Personality Test
Extroverted|||||||||||||||||| 72%
Introverted |||||| 28%
Friendly |||||||||||||||| 64%
Aggressive |||||||||| 36%
Orderly |||||| 28%
Disorderly |||||||||||||||||| 72%
Relaxed |||||||||||| 50%
Intellectual |||||||||||||||||| 80%
Practical |||| 20%
Take Free Big 5 Personality Test

ENTP - "Inventor". Enthusiastic interest in everything and always sensitive to possibilities. Non-conformist and innovative. 5% of the total population.
Take Free Myers-Briggs Personality Test

I do remember having had this same result in another short-test, so something must be on it. Thx to Lionel for the links!

He's not dead - yet
Rob over at Zogby posts about the attack Roy, from Siegfried and Roy had to suffer today, when he was dragged behind the scenes by one of his legendary white tigers.
According to our news, he is still alive and was even able to talk to the Paramedics who came and helped him. He is said to be in dangerous condition but somewhat stable.
I still am not sure what I should think about shows like the ones by Siegfried and Roy. From all, what one can see on TV, they really, truly love their cats and the Tigers were no longer existent on this planet if there weren't these two guys (at least the white Tigers), but their life isn't what one could call "natural" or so. I don't think they get tortured there, as long as you consider the absence of freedom not as torture.

Freitag, Oktober 03, 2003
Pope near Death?
After having blogged about the Vatican lately, I somehow stumble about related toipcs, right now. Some days ago, our newspapers hinted the end might be near, because he nominated many new Cardinals earlier than planned. It's clear to everyone that they should secure the new Pope be someone similarly conservative he was/is.
Maybe Ratzinger will have a chance. Would the catholic world be ready for a german Pope? I don't know.
I remember, when he was elected, 25 years ago (Oh My God - it can't be 25 years ago - am I that old??) people were hoping, because he was really young with 58 years, because he was pretty unknown and because he had some kind of underdog status because him being from Poland and not an Italian. People had hope, he would continue what Johannes Paul I. has started in the few days before he died (was murdered??), especially when he called himself Johannes Paul II.
But well - he turned out to be one of the most conservative Popes in recent history and I really had fight not vomiting when he was in Africa praying against condomes and the Pill - in a country where millions of children are born HIV infected, in a country where in some areas, 80% of the people are AIDS infected....
Yes, he was travelling much and I do think he was a factor in the crush of the Eastern states - not a huge one, but he was existent.
So, now it seems, he's close to death, as the BBC reports. The Cardinals were speculating the last years, were listening among themselves and trying to figure out who should follow him.
I'd guess the new Pope Election will be over really fast. They won't need many time until the white smoke will come up.

Holiday Today in Germany
Today happens to be one of those many, many german holidays, where we can stay at home and don't have to work, as long as we don't work in transportation, hospitals, pubs, Bars, Restaurants and Discos, Railway Stations, Gas Stations, TV or Radio stations and some more I forgot.
What is it today? Today we remember the opening of the former DDR (German Democratic Republic) and its joining "West" Germany. Some time ago the wall fell, people could travel, but on Oct. 3rd, the DDR really, legally joined West Germany. We call it "Day of German Unity". Before the joining of the DDR we also had a day calles like this but it was June 17th (link in german). Where we rememberd the uprising of June 17th in Eastern Germany where Russia sent soldiers and tanks against civilists.
So, when East and West Germany became one, we decieded not to invent another holiday, but to recycle an old one and have it be re-born at Oct. 3rd.
That's why I don't have to go to work, today. Okay, it's fine, but I wouldn't mind if we would give up the one of the other holiday to help economy grow again. This one, for example is one, I wouldn't miss. Not because of its historical background, even when a high percentage of people believe this is the day the Berlin Wall fell down or don't even have the smallest clue about it, and also no because I would have prefered the DDR not join the rest of germany the way it happened, not because I knew Kohl was lying when he promised all East German folks "prospering landscape" (bluehende Landschaften), even when he knew that West Germany couldn't really afford East Germany, no, just because I think we might find another day where we could celebrate this, together with, for example something christian or so.

Time travelling
I love what Stanislaw Lem wrote about Time travelling, Robert Heinlein has written about it, Isaac Asimov, too and many, many other authors, not so famous and maybe also providing not such a quality as the three above, but it's a topic, one could call "neverending" without a doubt.
I'm pretty unknowing to any newer (and older) physical facts, but I'd like to be able to travel through time. Where would I go? Hmm... of course I'd take a look at Egypt to see Hatschepsut, Echnaton and Nofretete and Tut-Ench-Amun. I might even go back and try to find out something about this guy called Jesus. I'd like to have a look at the Woodstock concert and I'd really go back to the mid 80ies and kick my ex in his ass when he started to sleep with a good friend of mine.
But serious - I don't think it is possible right now and many physicians say it won't be possible ever. Okay. I'm sure, world could survive it. But do we know, if not the one or the other Tie Traveller is amongst us? Maybe they're already here and waiting for whatever might happen?
Do you know anything about Maggie Thatchers parents?
Do you have any idea what Doris Schroeders mom is called?
Suspicious, suspicious..... ;-)
Well, through a link from Papa Scott I found an entry of Idlewords about the "Time Traveller" John Titor, where all is clearly stated. You see, what a real Time traveller does and what not and you see how you will have to behave if you're a Time Traveller and have to spend some time here in the year 2003.

I've never seen Atrios being so angry
And I think he's really right. It's unbelievable, how highly uneffected from reality George W. Bush seems to be. But well, he has enough supporters, so why should he change? I hope, the US folk will have the guts to show him the door at the next elections.

Donnerstag, Oktober 02, 2003
This is really, really sick. I'll never get the thing with men and guns, but well, I don't have to. I live in a country where gun use is highly restricted. Luckily. Maybe Alex will see it on the screen.

Weasel voting
Who were the higgest weasels in the world? Dilbert wants to know. Just go and vote!!
Thx to the Group Captain.

Mittwoch, Oktober 01, 2003
Schroeder threatens to resign - again

I guess not one single SPD member can hear it anymore. I guess, even Doris, Schroeders wife, is tired of him sitting there and threatening the whole nation with his resign ideas.
Last spring, when Schroeder was the first time this year doing it, I had a meeting of the local SPD group and a journalist asked me, what I do think of it. Even if I had thought it to be silly of Schroeder, I wouldn't have admitted it in front of a newspaper journalist, so I told him that sometimes, some things go so deep down to the core, are so close to the heart, that I can understand that someone says "If you don't do this, I can't be in this position anymore". Well, now, at the third time this year where he threatens the people with that, all the Agenda 2010 must be really, really deep into the heart, otherwise I can't explain it to myself and neither to anyone else.

Late Night Comedy

Today, the Lilli family, at least the legally adult part of it, and two friends of ours, were at the TV Show Harald Schmidt. It’s this kind of late night comedy like Jay Leno or so in the US, and it’s pretty popular in germany.

We sat in the crowd and watched Harald Schmidt, the host and three of his crewfolks, playing Black Jack. It was pretty fun and we’ll be there again at the end of the month with other friends. I know that TV makes things bigger and all that but I was surprised the studio is so small and nearly familiar. Funny.

I’ll watch it tonight and look, if one could recognize me on the screen. I’ve been at a few TV Shows by now (trying to sound as cool as possible), luckily, cologne is a place where many of german TV events are produced, so I don’t have to come through the whole country for an our show-watching, like others do. Today there were people coming from Berlin, from Frankfurt and other cities, ours to drive away. I wouldn’t do that. I don’t know any show I’d drive that far for. Well – if I were the main act, okay. But not as a visitor.