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Donnerstag, Juli 31, 2003
An Open Letter to Mr. Berlusconi
it starts the following:

An open letter to Silvio Berlusconi
Jul 30th 2003

Silvio Berlusconi
Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri
Palazzo Chigi
370 Piazza Colonna
Rome 00187

July 30th 2003

Dear Mr Berlusconi,

I am writing to you to pose questions that I believe the public has a right to hear the answers to. As this can no longer occur through the Italian courts, such questions should be posed and answered in public.

On June 18th, the Italian parliament approved a bill to grant immunity from criminal trials to the holders of the five highest offices of state, including the president and prime minister. It is now a law. The law applies even if a trial started before the office-holder was elected. The new law’s most immediate effect is that the one remaining criminal trial in which you are involved —the SME case, in which you are accused of bribing judges—has been suspended until you are no longer prime minister. Even then, the trial will start again only if you were not elected to one of the other offices that benefits from the immunity. But the law is being challenged in the constitutional court.

The rest is to read at The Economist.

I need help
well, the one or the other might have guessed it, but I am no PC-guru nor do I play one.
No I face a really silly problem with my site and browser. I used to have a sitemeter link on my site, which I can't see anymore. I can use whatever browser I like, but no sitemeter link, I also can't access the sitemeter's homepage. The link is still there because Mr. Lilli can see it and also can access their page.
I have checked my internet-options and they're the same as on Mr. Lillis computer. I've tried on Opera, Netscape and IE, and none makes it visible while on Mr. Lillis netscape it's not problem at all.
Has anyone a helpfull hint for me???

Circumsized or naturally?
I usually avoid the page of Acidman, because he's way too bitter and many other things for my taste. He seems to be away somehow and some other bloggers do some guestblogging on his site, so it's safe to go there and read what's written without my internal "bullshit" detector jumping on alert.
Shell, one of his guestbloggers and weblog partner from Lionel Mandrake has written a really interesting thing about the difference between a cut and uncut penis from a partner she called Intact. She always had some problems with wetness and so but has never thought that it might vanish when the man is uncut because it's easier to hold the wetness. But since her new partner is uncut and the problem is yet nonexistent, to her it seems to give some connection.
I must admit, I have never thought about the difference. I've dated both types of men and I never cared about the difference, since the non-jewish guys I met who were cut were this for a good reason and I didn't want to make them feel bad about it - actually I couldn't say who was and who wasn't today, a condom makes them all equal.
Anyway besides my own thoughts that shells lubricants problem might have found a psychic solution (a higher kick usually makes more fluids) she blames it on the foreskin and also has found a wonderfully graphic site on the net about it. Be careful, please, the link is not really worksafe. She found How the Foreskin Works, so go there and see what it's good for.
And while I'm just at it - when you follow the link to Acrosstheatlantic, don't miss Lionel bragging.... eehh informing his readers about his foreplay qualities, at least according to his partner.

Top 40 lies
is what Couchblog offers today. It means the Top 40 lies of George W.Bush of course, or his people as long as he doesn't get the concept of responsibility.

Got milk?
Well, sometimes I find myself really on one mind with michele. Especially when it comes to stuff like this.
As having worked in a bar for some years I know pretty well how many men don't care a shit for visruses as long as a condom over their holy dick should protect the woman. They start to care when fluid comes to them, sure.
As I always said: when you say please use a condom because I want to protect me from AIDS, they start blabbering stuff like real love and nothing should be between us and all that ridiculous stuff.
When you start telling them you don't want to become pregnant because you don't take the pill, they want to use five condoms at once.
(I know, I am exaggerating, but that's my style)

Ich hab ja immer gern Mitleid aber,
jetzt mal ehrlich, wie kann man so bloede sein und auf diesen Mist wirklich noch reinfallen? Diesem Link des Schockwellenreiters folgend habe ich mir die zu Herzen gehende Geschichte dieser armen Familie (hier wird sie Gerlach genannt) durchgelesen, die sich von der Nigeria Connection hat abzicken lassen.
Nee nee... sorry, aber mit solchen Raffhaelsen kann ich kein Mitleid haben. Wie bloede muss ich denn sein, zu glauben, dass mich wer wildfremdes aus Nigeria (oder woauchimmer) anschreibt, weil er meinen Namen gefunden hat, oder, wie es in den Mails in meinem Kasten immer heisst " weil ich als besoners vertrauenwuerdig bezeichnet worden bin". Da faengt es doch schonmal an. Wie kann ich so doof sein und so einen Mist glauben.
Machen wir weiter mit der naechsten Nummer. Die wollen sich Geld aneignen, dass ihnen nicht gehoert und auf das sie auch keinen Anspruch haben. Auch wenn das Geld dann irgendeinem anonymen Unrechtssystem zufaellt, ihnen steht es sicher nicht zu und davon koennen auch all diese schoenen, mitleidheischenden Traeume und Plaene nicht ablenken. Die wollen bescheissen und sind selber gelinkt worden. Nicht, dass ich jetzt laut "Recht so!" bruellen wuerde, aber Mitleid? Nee nee... wer so doof ist muss eben Lehrgeld zahlen, auch wenns 50.000 EUR sind.
Das sollte man doch mittlerweile gerafft haben - geschenkt kriegste nix und jeder ders doch verspricht, luegt.
Ja, ich wuerde auch meinen Namen in solchen Interviews nicht nennen wollen, weil es mir zu peinlich waere, dass ich mit meiner eignen Raffgier aufgefallen bin.

Sorry, You're Nobody's Type
is the title of a story from by wich I'm still not sure if it's true or not.
I worked for some time at some german local adds-newspaper and we, too, hat some partnership-adds. I've yet to see a place where more lies are written down, including any government of any country. But as politicians, many people really to believe what they write down their. The picture they have of themselves differs really much from the picture others have from them.
I'll never forget this smeary, short man with unwashed hair and ugly teeth who came in told me in a harsh and unfriendly tone to write down for him his text starting like:"He, smart, handsome and sensitive is looking for a good looking she, tall, slim and knowing how to live her life."
Sure, one should never judge a book by its cover, and I won't be any beauty-queen myself in whatever galaxy, but there is a difference between things you're kinda born with (height, thin hair, thick hair) and things you can change easily (cleanliness, teeth, fingernails and smells.) If I were a dating-databse, I might feel tempted to reject thiy kind of people, too, because all you get with them is trouble.
Usually women don't have these problems. I worked there about 15 years ago and then it was that a woman usually got lots of answers on her ads and a man just sometimes one or two letters. I don't know how it is in the online world since noadays already chicks with 20 are looking for the one True Love(TM) in their life (OMG - with 20 I was busy with really much other stuff).
So, is it blunt of really helpfull what these dating services are said to do? I'm not sure. I seriously doubt that you can judge if one will find a partner or not, even without having met him or her eye to eye. I love matchmaking with friends, but I would never think I could do it without knowing someone and just having seen a questionnaire.
Anyway, when I saw this entry over at zogby, I remembered that just today in obe of our local newspapers there was a woman who was refused by a dating service (not online, as far as I understood it) because he is unemployed. Well, if that's a reason today for not finding a partner, there will be many people to be dumped, I'd guess.

Bush accepts personal responsibility
Whew! I'm really impressed. At the Lilli household, we had a hard laugh when we read that in our newspaper today. I mean - who else than he is responsible? Does that word have to many syllables or has noone since now took the work and explained to him what it means to be president? He was a Governor, before, wasn't he? Didn't he get the concept of responsibility already there?
When you're the man (or woman) in charge, you're responsible for everything what happens, even when you haven't heard or said a thing about it, and the more this is valid for what you tell in your speeches.
You can have people prepare them for you, of course, anything else would be impossible, but for the words coming out of your mouth you are - read my lips - responsible. You and noone else.
When you're fed with wrong data, you choose the wrong people, so - it's your fault and noone elses.
But what does it mean to be responsible? It's a thing I see in politicians all over the world, whatever party or country they belong, they claim to be responsible but nothing else follows.
I don't want back the "good old prussian" times, when the responsible officer had to shoot himself when any of his men made a fault, but there must be something in between.
Of course I don't expect this George W. Bush to be morally superior to all other politicians and take actions to this fault, but if I would work for him, I'd know what kind of boss he is - first trying to give away any other butt and cover his til nothing else goes.
Well, we'll see what insights about the nature of his responsibility he will have to share the next weeks.
Oh yes - Rubbernun had an entry which made me start my rantings about this one. thx!

Mittwoch, Juli 30, 2003
Yellow Ribbon
At usually, idleworm hit the nail on the head with the link to this picture, showing what's happening to the yellow ribbons.

The Student Non-work Ethic
is an interesting writing from Iain Murray over at The Edge of England's Sword he points out that in the UK students are not expected to work while study. Hmm, nice idea, but from what do they live there?
Here in germany only students from rich families don'thave to work, because Daddy or Mommie pays it all, while all the other have to work. We have a big branch of just "student jobs".
Of course it would be better no student would have to work and could concentrate full on his work but here this is just futuristic romance. It's a pity.

It's the Economy, and We're All Stupid
is the title of an entry from VodkaPundit today.

Milk Chocolate
Nice and Sweet and not too overbearing, you are
Milk Chocolate. Everyone likes you to some
extent, and a lot of people love you more than
they love their cat.

What Kind of Chocolate are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

That's not really a compliment, I think, but well...
thx to ectophensis for the link.

Dienstag, Juli 29, 2003
Death Penalty!
is, what some of my readers (preferably in the US) would call when they hear what Markus Gaefgen did to the little Jakob.
He murdered him. And he didn't tell the police where the boy was hidden until they threatened him with torture. But the police not just did it and period. The policeman in charge did it and afterwards sat down and wrote a documentation for his boss about it. He might be kicked out of police which will lead to a loss of his pensions and all.
I always have to split myself into two parts when I think about such stuff. If someone would hurt wondergirl - no question, I would execute death penalty a la Lilli. And I would go into the prison afterwards for it.
But I do expect my state (germany) not to do such stuff. Revenge is up to me and up to whatever higher entity I believe, but not up to the state I live in. As a state I have to right to revenge and so no right for death penalty, but well, mayhaps I'd see that different if I were grown up in the US.
Anyway, as he often does, PapaScott set the initial for this rant.
Now - go back to porn, boobies and your usual conspiracies.

How to attract Millions of People with your Blog
Is what Chris Pirillo is promising in his book 10 Quick Steps To Chris Pirillo's Blog Traffic School. Sure I'd love to attract millions of readers with my blog, but I doubt this book would help me. But well - go and buy it and tell me if it's good! Thx to IT&W.

Cats Boobies
Oh my - how easy some people are to set on fire.
You know, there is a Blog from a woman called Cat. Cat is a pretty woman. She sometimes publishes pictures of herself and they look really great.
But well, somehow (blame it on software!) a picture of a topless cat smoking slipped out and caused a hype on her site.
So, how long will it take until michele will grace the Bloggoversum with her boobies again for not losing her title of most talked about boobs on blogs?
Thx to Glenn and fuckyouall for the links.

Montag, Juli 28, 2003
Denouncing the so called "gay" community...
is what is happening in a some kind of open letter to the local Gay community of wherever professoreric is located. Since I was for a long time the only heterosexual being between lots of gay men, I think I can understand what he's writing about.

Cows with guns
Don't worry - it's not a PETA spot, but I fond over at Schockwellenreiter a really funny flash thingie (about 1 MB) worth looking at. Fight for Bovine freedom - Cows with Guns!

Orwellian newspeak
is a word I found over at Eschatons comments. What it means is explained at the Toronto Sun in their article Terms of Engagement, somehow this rings true in my ears. I hope it's not a sign but just a coincidence.

Could the Holocaust have happened in the US?
Is what Alex(ei) asks himself in The Russian Dilettante's Weblog. Even when I like the outfit of the blog really much ;-), I do agree with what he points out in his entry about this.
I do not think that menslaughter and hatred are typical german charactersets, so even before "The Wave" I was able to guess that it's everywhere possible to install a system in which things like the Holocaust could happen. It costs just on the one place more efforts than on another and it would take some time, but you can find outsiders of any culture.
In Europe there is a long history of jew-hating, so they were "ideal" victims for the Nazis.
What I still don't understand and maybe might never get it why - when they realized they were the victims - didn't they leave all here and ran like hell away? Some did it, but so many did stay and didn't believe it would hit them.
If my country would start discriminizing women with green eyes in a serious way, I'd grab the Lilli family and away I were. Why did so many people stay, when they still had the chance to escape? Lateron there were no more possibilities, but from the beginnings of the repressions until the end there was a long time where escape was possible. But well, this is another discussion, I guess.

Chocolate cigars and ants
Yeah, sometimes I think there are some news specially made for Ananova. Especially when it comes to germany. The Group Captain has his fun about the possible ban of chocolate cigarettes which Ananova reports. He claims it as another hint on the anti-fun atmosphere in germany.
Oh well.... where should I begin? Naah, he should know better, if he just gets his mind working from the lots of wandering around and having way too many time on his hands for making pictures from the landscape letting me want to grab my family, jump in the car and drive over to the spots he's showing. (okay, maybe also it would be time for some asskicking then, but of course civilized and with a good beer).
I don't mind about chocolate cigarettes. I do think it's a silly thing to play, like you don't encourage your children to play drug addict with the doctors box.
I do have smoking issues, but I doubt the chocolate cigarettes are to blame, it's more my parents having smoked until I was a teen and at main point I have to blame myself for not really stopping.
But again - will world be a worse place without them? No, of course not, but banning them seems a bit too formalistic for me, too.
And the other thing with the ants (in the comments of Acrosstheatlantic there mentions someone in germany it's forbidden to kill ants), as far as I know, it's just a special race of ants who have to be protected. The common ant is not meant with this, it's just this one special group.
But well, go on and have fun about germany you Brits, it will distract you from your food....

Sonntag, Juli 27, 2003
Adopt a minefield
You think a war does just good? Yeah, especially when it comes to mines. Why don't you Adopt a minefield like Jens did?

What's the use?
If I had saved each picture I came across, I would have one of the most diverse picture collections in the world. Mostly there are naked women, but sometimes you find a nice looking guy or two.
But where's the point?
I mean not looking at it, but where's the point in having a weblog just containing pics of naked women?
Could anyone explain that to me, please? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind them - actually as long it's legal and (for my taste) nice, I sometimes also browse through and really enjoy looking the pictures, but I can't see the point in putting in all the work and the effort to set up a blog just with naked women like for example Not Work Safe!
I simply don't get it.

Link whoring
Sure, I would feel "gebauchpinselt" (bring your translating software to freakout) if my Blog would really become public one day, but it ain't so. Okay. I don't really mind so much that I worry about it.
I do not mail people to puleeeze link to me in their Blogs or do stuff like that. But well, for each his own, and Glenn said he'll be going to do some linkwhoring the next time. So, if you do RSS feeds and if you like his writing, why don't you drop him a link? (even when I liked the old picture in the left corner more than the actual one).

The maybe non existing link bewteen Al quaeda and Iraq
Hmm... when I'm talking about this with germans they don't see any reason to wonder. It's what we've known all the time, the links between the US and Al Quaeda are much more than between the Iraq and Al Quaeda. Now, they have revised the report I already have had my posting about and where Dennis was so nice to "burst my bubble".
But well, when I read what I've found today at Eschaton,, this bubble is not really to be called bursted

"Electronic Voting System is Vulnerable to Tampering"
The german Spiegel has a great article about the safety at the US elections. They also link to the Study of Avi Rubin (.pdf document) who is pretty polite in his resumee, when he claims the actual system is under the standards.

The John Hopkins University who has researched the whole procedure made the headline statement in their Press Release say Electronic Voting System is vulnerable to Tampering.

The Baltimore Sun claims on their frontpage about this: Defects detected in voting machines .

MSNBC News calls it E-voting flaws risk ballot fraud , as does CNN under the same hotline while The Washington Post calls it "Md. Voting System's Security Challenged".
Here you can find even some more links on that.

Samstag, Juli 26, 2003

To make a long one short
Ha - don't worry, this one is absolutely work safe and has nothing to do what your dirty mind is working on right now. is a service to shorten your URL. Thx to bebal.

Uncontrollable laughter
You know this situation when you're around with colleagues at a fair and you're sozializing a bit around and then fall into unstoppable laughter when you see the big sign "CBT - the way for today" over on the way to a conference room?
So, for all of you who still think CBT means nothing else than Computer Bades Training, please go to bmezine and click on CBT, testicles. And yes, don't do it at the office, or when children near or when you're a bit picky about what you can see or not. And yes, it's all Glenns fault!

Fantasies and surprises
Well, everybody has special fantasies. Some peoples fantasies are more the wild type of being raped by King Kong or Penthesilea and her girls, others fantasies are more the Brad Pitt or Jennifer Lopez type.
And when you ask most people what their fantasy about "Domination" is you mostly end up with something dark, leather and maybe a whip or a chain.
But never ever, I expected to end up at Ouchy the Clown! I really had to clean up my keyboard after I found (where was it??) the link to his site.
Well, have fun then with the not work safe Ouchy!

Freitag, Juli 25, 2003
Summer of '43
Today, 60 years ago, Operation Gomorrha started, the bombing of Hamburg by the RAF.
Well... on the one hand I'm really happy the US and the Brits freed germany from Nazis and Hitler and all that. On the other hand I'd like to think about stuff like: "When good fights evil, how evil can good allow itself to become?".
PapaScott has some thoughts about it.

times new roman

Another label for you...(but this 1 has cool pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

Well, how should I say that... this does not exactly fit me.. but well, maybe I'm just a Blonde at heart and never knew it?

You must be from yesterday,
when you don't know, who the Starwars Kid is. Well, we learns over at Wired News that his parents sue the othger childrens families who piblished some not so nice video. It's so much not so nice, the poor boy seems to get off this with a trauma.
Hmm... I wonder if that would be a case in germany, too. I hope, it won't. THX to Ernie on his mini-blog.

Feng Shui for Websites
You know, I don't really believe in such a stuff, but if it would come free I'd have it done - you know, doesn't hurt so maybe it helps.
I've learnt over the years that asthetic is not something I have a hand for, so maybe it's just a help for that. Anyway, if you want your side to help the Chi move, read here the Tips for Feng Shui Webdesing and move your cursor. Thx to the Couchblog.

Yeah, that's sweets I like!

No link between Iraq and Al Quaeda
Ha! As if I hadn't said it always. But well, noone cares, and even if this is true, there are 100 and more reasons for this war....
Well, anyway, maybe the one or the other at least will start to think about it when more and more stuff comes out on the light about the lies and well truth-cosmetic and sexing up of reality. United press says that the 9/11 report confirms there is no hint that Iraq was involved in the terror attacs.
I don't doubt they were happy about it, but so were many other countries, too, because there are really some who dislike the USA for whatever reasons. Thx to the Rollberg.

Donnerstag, Juli 24, 2003
Sysadmin Day
Tomorrow, Friday. 25th is World Sysadmin Day.
You have a Sysadmin at work? Consider giving him a hug tomorrow or look here how to make him happy. Thx to .IT&W

Congressional Reports: Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities before and after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001

Can be downloaded at GPO access as pdf, but this is just the directors cut. Let's see and wait until the first leak will let out the uncut version. Thx to Eschaton.

Oh my God!
Not that I intend to fly with Air India the next weeks or months, but after I've found this map on their side, I'll never ever walk into an aeroplane from them, even when I hope their pilots are not taught with such a card.

Or are they showing us how India could cure Europe if Paris and London would no longer be parted by any sea?
Thx to Tobias and PapaScott.
There are things, I don't want to find out, one of them is how this card could make its way on the screen.

Mittwoch, Juli 23, 2003
What would you do,
if you were a man and sharing your blog with a woman who posts stuff like this:

Q. What should you do if you see your ex-husband rolling around in pain on the ground?
A. Shoot him again.

Q. How can you tell when a man is well-hung?
A. When you can just barely slip your finger in between his neck and the noose.

Q. Why do little boys whine?
A. Because they're practicing to be men.

Q. How many men does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. One - he just holds it up there and waits for the world to revolve around him
A. Three-one to screw in the bulb and two to listen to him brag about the screwing part.

Q. What do you call a handcuffed man?
A. Trustworthy.

Q. What does it mean when a man is in your bed gasping for breath and calling your name?
A. You didn't hold the pillow down long enough.

Q. Why does it take 100,000,000 sperm to fertilize one egg?
A. Because not one will stop and ask directions.

Q. Why do female black widow spiders kill their males after mating?
A. To stop the snoring before it starts.

Q: Why do men whistle when they're sitting on the toilet?
A: Because it helps them remember which end they need to wipe.

Q: What is the difference between men and women...
A: A woman wants one man to satisfy her every need. A man wants every woman to satisfy his one need.

Q: How does a man keep his youth?
A: By giving her money, furs and diamonds.

Q: How do you keep your husband from reading your e-mail?
A: Rename the mail folder to "instruction manuals"

I'd guess that's the question Lionel Mandrake is facing because shell has come up over at Across the Atlantic with the above list I had to steal shamelessly.

So either shell is in trouble now or she just caught him speechless. I hope she'll come up with even more of those, I love them!

Zogby, you're dead wrong
when you state stuff like:

SOMETIME yesterday, you heard that Saddam Hussein's two sons were killed by U.S. forces. The question is: Upon hearing the news, were you thrilled? Did you consider this a great and positive development as we attempt to rebuild Iraq and help Iraqis lead a better life?
Or did you, even for a moment, feel or express disappointment that there was good news in the war on Iraq?

I suspect that those who have been making such a fuss over the supposed misuse of intelligence by the White House and the president experienced more than a little disappointment. They were momentarily crushed. Then they realized how unseemly that reaction was and swallowed it.

Sweetie, how can one be more wrong than here? I was not aware you see the left (as if there were such a thing a "the" left) as such a homogenic and monothematic group.
You try to make a point that any lety would prefer these sons of Saddam to stay alive than to George W. Bush have a success. With all due respect, this is stupid, dear.
Away from all irony and stuff, I've yet to meet the first lefty who thinks Saddam was a good guy and I've yet to meet the first lefty who wishes the old Iraqi regime to come out of this thing somehow. We might not agree about death penalty and stuff, but I've seen really nobody who wold rather see these guys alive for the price of continue dissing of GWB.
There might be folks who think the times was well choosen, but I can accept that this might be possible but tbh, I don't mind.
They're caught (okay, I'd prefer them caught alive, but that's war I fear) and world surely will be a better place without them.
But you know, when you interpret things this way it makes me fear about the way you think. Does this mean that you would think that way if it were you who're not wanting the president? Is that patriotic? Btw - will your patriotism end when / if a democratic president will win the next elections?

Dienstag, Juli 22, 2003
Files found
Schockwellenreiter offers today really much stuff I like. Right now I'm listening to one of my alltime-favourites "Summertimes" in an instrumental version so that I don't get depressions about my lack of singing ability - actually I prefer to call it lack of training.
Then he offers a link to some kind of press info "Who murdered Dr. Kelly". We can find here articels of the Asia Times and the Balochistan Post.
And finally we find a link to a BBC story about Weblogs - mostly because AOL now offers them, but well, who cares?

9/11 leaks start
It seems it will be "Blame the FBI" as Eschaton reports.

Dr. Kelly is dead - what's the role of the BBC?
Might become some kind of neverending story. As Eschaton found at The Guardian, the BBC checked quotes with Dr. Kelly before publishing it.

alone is hard enough. But to get shitty letters of rejection makes it even harder and more bitter.
Even when I also here have to see both sides, sometimes you just have to make a decision that will result in one winner and 20 losers. You can't do it the nice way, but I always vote for the true way i.e. to say people why they didn't get the job and what they did wrong. Of course this has to be done on the phone for they might sue you when you write it down, but well, maybe it'll help the one or the other.
When Mr. Lilli was sending CV's we got about the same letters back than one can find here, all very nice and polite but none really saying where the problem was.
We had to wait until we could send it to a friend who works in the same branch and told us where to improve.
Found over at Side Salad.

I do have a real huge passion for "Stuff". Nice looking stuff, funny stuff, usable stuff, unusable stuff and just stuff stuff.
So shops like this one are of course making my day!
thx to zogby.

Sonntag, Juli 20, 2003
Threat rating: High. The Bush administration is
concerned that it may not get a second term.
Therefore, we are going to change the rules so
that each Democrat vote only counts as 0.2
votes because Democrat is a shorter word than

What threat to the Bush administration are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Why doesn't that surprise me?

BBC: he was the source
According to the Group Captain the BBC admitted that Dr. Kelly, whose body was found two days ago and who's suspected to have comitted suicide, was the source of their report.
Hmmm... what does that tell us? It could be true. Then I would never ever tell any BBC journalist the slightest bit of information when one sees how they treat their secret sources.
It could be a lie to protect the true source. Which would be cruel to Dr. Kellys family.
So what do we learn out of it?
The BBC is not the right place to talk about secret things. Go and look for a more trustworthy network who protect their sources better.
And - what is coming from the BBC? Just plain fact-sticking for not showing the shit one could throw at them.

Let's talk about drugs here. Better not the illegal ones, because we all have just read about them or seen movies and never tried out what it means to smoke a joint or to get a nose of cocaine.
So legal drugs like nicotine and alcohol are so much more powerful because they ae available all night and day to adults.
When I read in other blogs what people drink on an average weekend evening, I must admit, I'm a bit shocked. Yes, I've had my share of drinking, too, but that was when I was in my early twenties and when I was working at a bar. I was expected to drink. After pregnancy I usually don't drink much. I do like a beer from time to time and I prefer some good tequila to any other drink, but it doesn't happen very often, the hardest on alcohol I had more than a glass of this year was some good red wine. Which is okay.
When one compares the effects of nicotine, alcohol, marihuana and cocaine, it is really different and IMO alcohol has the worst effects. I guess if it weren't legal, noone would do it.
You see, when you smoke a joint, you get stoned. For most it means you can laugh about nearly everything, you see hidden reasons in nearly everything, you get unbelievably creative, you slow down a bit, get peaceful - the world's your friend - and you start eating through your refridgerator from top to bottom and back. Chocolate? Always great. Chocolate with whipped cream? Even better! Put some potatoes from yesterday in it? Great! Have some ketchup with it? Unbelievable! You hear instruments on songs even the producer has never been aware of... well, I guess you get the picture. Oh yes and finally - you fall asleep.
Well - to a special amount, you have more fun, your shyness vanishes, then, after a short time you become... well... embarassingly, loud, dirty, some get nasty, brutal or depressive. You start getting sick, hanging on everyones shoulder and whining in their ears about your fuckd up life, you language becomes hard to understand.
Finally you drop down, lose control of your bodily functions and stay there until you wke up.
So tell me - why do people drink alcohol and don't smoke more dope? We would have much more pics in the world like this one, because one can't be sober and come up with stuff like that. Thx to Jenny.

And that to me, as secret Robbie Williams Fan
Even when the most of the US have no clue who he is, I do, and that's enough. I don't think he looks really good or so, but he's really a gifted singer.
Anyway, here's a fun advertising spot for the new smart. Also found at IT&W

Seconds of Madness
Surfing in Tunnels is something that goes far beyond my abilities. I have a too slow rection for that kind of stuff, so my results are poorly and nothing to brag about. How about yours? Found over at IT&W.

It's the credibility, stupid
is what over at Eschaton is written about George W. Bush, his campaign and the never ending story about where he lied, what he didn't say and where he collected his money.

Samstag, Juli 19, 2003
Homer driving
"Stupid risks make life worth living."
You love adventure. You're quite spontaneous,
and will do anything for a little thrill.
You're certainly not boring. However, sometimes
you get a bit carried away, and could wind up
doing something incredibly stupid and die. Tone
it down a bit.

Which Advice Quote said by Homer Simpson are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Text -Adventure
About 15 years ago I remember having played a text adventure "Hitchhikers through Galaxy". I've havd to restart so often that I was able to type the first ten commands blindly. I've never been good at adventures, and I must admit I don't really like them.
But hey - michele found a nice one here.

Ein Stern Artikel treibt die deutsche Blogwelt zum Aufschrei
Jedenfalls regen sich alle darueber auf, was die Stern Autorin Horsch da so unter Seelenstrip fuer alle geschrieben zu haben scheint.
Sie hat wohl in der Vergangenheit bei einigen namhaften Bloggern recherchiert, nur um dann einen Bericht über online-Tagebuecher zu schreiben.

Okay, da fragt sich doch das Schandmaul, worueber regen die sich jetzt auf?

Darueber, dass sie nicht interessant genug waren, dass Frau Horsch darueber schreibt, sondern lieber so einen schmalzigen Kram mit Sex auf irgendwelchen Tischtennisplatten und wasweissich noch, oder darueber, dass sie auch bei diesem Schmalz nicht erwaehnt werden?

Ich meine, ich aergere mich auch immer wieder ueber Leute, die von online-Tagebuechern faseln, auch wenn ich nicht so den kulturell hohen Anspruch an mein Blog habe, wie das einige andere vermitteln, aber worueber kann man sich jetzt so aufregen, wie zum Beispiel der von mir eigentlich geschaetze Schockwellenreiter (Herr scheiss Hirn vom Himmel!) ?
Nachdem ich das bei ihm gelesen hatte, bin ich auch brav dem Link gefolgt und wollte denen so einen richtig betten Leserbrief eintueten. Als ich aber dann den Artikel gelesen hatte, hab ich mich nicht mehr getraut, denn so einen richtigen Grund konnte ich da beim besten Willi nicht finden. Sorry.

Um jetzt einfach mal wild in der Gegend zum zu verdaechtigen - mir scheint es so, als haette der ein oder andere den Artikel einfach nicht zu Ende gelesen, sondern einfach schon ab Zeile 5 oder so, seinem Anti-Schmalz Detektor freien Lauf gelassen.
Naja, nicht, dass mir das noch nie passiert ist....
Ein wenig zu haemisch ist mir dieses eDings, aber sachlich nicht so sehr daneben.
Allerdings merke ich immer wieder, dass hier einige ihre kleinen Nickeleien bei jeder Gelegenheit fahren, und da ich keine Ahnung habe, wer hier mit wem und wer schonmal gar nicht und nie nicht mit wem..... geht mir das eh am Arsch vorbei.

I liked The State of the Union most, but click through them and find your favourite! Found via Schockwellenreiter.


I'm from Slytherin!

Hogwart's Sorting Hat Quiz

made by The Genki Gang

Well, I think this one was obvious. And I'd get a better occasion to kick Malfoys ass when I'm in his house.

Dr. Kelly comitted suicide?
At least that's what official sources and the Group Captain say. He's said to have been found with cuts on the arms and painkillers. Could be suicide, could be murder, but I'm sure it will come out - at least officially - as suicide.
There goes my conspiracy theory...

Freitag, Juli 18, 2003
My personal Friday Five

Why have you never done Friday five?:
If I want to post something about myself in my Blog I usually don't need any anonymus questions, but just post it.

Why have you never done Friday five?:
I've had too much else to post on a friday.

Why have you never done Friday five?:
Ofte the questions seem to me to be too much "esoterically" touched.

Why have you never done Friday five?:
I really still haven't found out for what they should be good for. To show the reader of a blog something of the personality of the blogger? Oh my - if any reader of my blog can't make pretty good guesses about my personality - at least the parts I live out here - by just reading my blog, it's simply his problem.

Why have you never done Friday five?:
I use to find them on other blogs when it's already saturday. I don't mind people doing them, but to me it just seems some kinda... strange.

Is the title of one post from Mark A.R. Kleiman where he quotes and links the ABC article A Big Letdown.

Price for No. 1 Arse-Licker goes to: Mr. Blair
Is what Astrid calls her entry about Blairs speech. Her site is german, and she comments some pieces of Mr. Blairs speech in german, but the pieces to really speak for temselves.
She graces us with lines like this really embarassing one:

Let me also express my gratitude to President Bush. Through the troubled times since September the 11th changed our world, we have been allies and friends. Thank you, Mr. President, for your leadership.
Oh my - buy him a blindfold, a harness and puleeezzee a ballgag. That's really sick.
And here : That is something I am confident history will forgive. he seems to look a bit too bright into the future, but well, we'll see.

Republicans will make many thousands of students lose College Aid
Is what NY Times reports here.
Lambert over at Eschaton shortens it to:
Republicans to students: Drop Dead!
What I find the clearest and and a position I share in very fatal moments is one of the comments to this entry, written by Scott Fanetti:

Who cares. More stupid people in this country means more cheap labor. It means more FOX News viewers, more Rush listeners, and more Republican voters. Who cares about class warfare - the poor certainly don't. They are far too supid to understand it anyway.

I am feeling like I no longer give a shit. If the moron Americans want to give all the government power in the world to a groups of aristocratic asswipes that would stripmine the greater public good for the benefit of a few more rich people - so be it.

I am sick of poor people defending Bush and his rancid freakin party. They don't deserve an education. They don't deserve grants & loans. They deserve to be poor and stupid. They deserve to be more interested in who was elected the winner of American Idol than who was [s]elected president.

Sometimes I think he's not too wrong.

Okay, it's fun to drive such a car and I can imagine there might be areas where it's necessary to have one.
But else I think people who drive such a thing are not just living out a complex, they also own too much money, and what it's even worse in my book - they care a shit about the rest of the world. They don't care about the environment, they don't care about all the other people on the road.
Yeah,I can imagine some of the folks I read here and there not foaming about *their* own right to drive the car they want to, abdout *their* love for the SUV, about *tehir*, *their*, *their*. And I also know discussions about topics like this where all they can say then is that it's their own money and they can buy whatever they want and I'm just jealous, so please don't waste your time with stuff like that in my comments, try come up with better stuff ;-)
After reading the CNN report Fatal SUV rollovers rise 14 percent - Jul. 18, 2003
I like what Glenn has to say
All of you morons who buy SUVs because its a status symbol, you'd be better off buying an entry-level BMW 3 series. That way you can front like you have money, but lessen your chance of rolling over in your school bus and dying. You can pretend that you're important, but not have to spend $40 every time you go to the Chevron station.

I'd never call them morons. But who am I do discuss with Glenn?

British Iraq expert found dead in OXford
Being different from Lionel Mandrake, I love conspiracy-theories and this one really shouts CONSPIRACY in huge, blinking letters.
Just to get it straight:
The BBC reports about the intelligence reports to WMD in Iraq having been... well.... "corrected" a bit (in german I'd call it "aufhuebschen" which is not a regular word, too).
Dr. David Kelly admits to have spoken to the journalist in question, but denies to have been the main source.
The Journalist in question and the BBC say nothing about if he was the main source or not.
Some days later Doc Kelly doesn't come back from a walk.
As you might notice at this report the BBC again leaves no word whether there are other sources than Dr. Kelly or not.
Instead of making it clear to anyone, they hide behind some kind of facts-wall. Well... each like his fashion.
If this were a thriller, either Dr. Kelly has told it and it were either the british or the US intelligence or Dr. Kelly did play the role he said and nothing more and it was also one of the above suspects or the real source to hide behind him.
Or he just had a heart attac because of all the negative attention he got.
Whatever it was, I'm sorry for his family.

Donnerstag, Juli 17, 2003
Common goals
is what Papa Scott calls his entry about Joschka Fischer and his US visit. Great read!

What a scumbag
is someone who writes an email like this:
"I was planning on ruining your career by making phone calls to all of my parents [sic] friends and have you blackballed from the workplace as well as every prestigous [sic] law school in the country, but then (lucky for you) I decided not to do that because you are a sad sad person and I will just let your life self destruct right before my eyes. . . . I am sorry, I don't care how big of [a] sadistic [expletive] crush you have on me but people like me simple [sic] don't date people like you."
This mail is said to have been spread round through the net after this guy sent it to his then ex-girlfriend.
The Washington Post gives it a political background because he guy works for Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, but I don't mind where he works.
An asshole is an asshole is an asshole.
How dumb must one be to write such a mail? I can understand to get so much in rage that you just want to kick, kick, kick and hurt, hurt, hurt somebody else - who knows why he acted so assholish, but who dumb must one be to use email and not do that on the phone?
Republicans.... ;-)
Snopes says the story to be true and offers the full mailtext. Thx to le sofa blogger for the link.

Donald Duck blogging
Well, in german the city where Donald Duck lives is called Entenhausen. And since blogplans are pretty hype right now (all blogs in Hamburg, Frankfurst and so on), some tricky folks made some Entenhausen blogplan. Of course you'll also find Lilli Marleen over there! Thx to Couchblog.

A moment of zen
or so, it what you can experience here if you are in the right state of mind. Thx to Astrid.

German Toilets
Scott Anderson tells us in his nicly drawed sheet about the difference between german and american toilets. I must admit, I was not aware there is a difference. We used to have what he called a german toilet but now we have an american one.
I still ask Mr. Lilli to sit down when peeing. Simply because it always splashes out whatever toilet it is and I don't intend to install a pissoir like a gay friend of mine. Thx to Schockwellenreiter for the link

Talk about sex (again)
Okay, as I wrote here I don't agree with the way Michele seems to handle sexual topics with her children. Who cares? I mean, we're living in different cultures in different time zones with a different family background and I'm far away of critizizing her education, simply because I have no clue what she really does and how huge the part ist she shows in her blog, but I sometimes like to use her posts as start for a ranting. I'm glad she didn't take it personal either, but I tried to make this point clear in my former post, too.
I'm still in the stadium that I want to be a good and cool mother, since my Wondergirl is a bit over 2 years by now. Having been a child (and not an easy one) myself, I know perfectly well that cool does not mean to allow everything and to let children run like they want. I had some cool teachers, it usually were the ones who demanded way more respect than the others (like standing up when they came into the classroom and stuff like that), but they made pretty quick pretty clear that they also deserved that respect. And so we did.
So, I alread know there will be times my girl will hate me. That's okay. I'll have to live with that. But sorry, I get the shivers when I read stuff like:

I don't have a lack of faith in them, I have a lack of faith in the rest of the world.

Therer might be more truth in it I'm able to see by now, but how far will one go with that? I mean, when you trust your children not to shoot others but not the others, do you let them out just in bulletproof vests? Do you let them drive a car when they'll be old enough? The first might be a tad extreme, but I'll try to point out that it's just a question of where to drag the line.

I remember pretty well when I was 13 (I've written a diary on a regular base from 12 til I was 17, so I can go and look up what I felt then - terrible) I started to become interested in men. Right then I knew pretty well most of the stuff one needs to know in theory about sex. I knew that you can become pregnant even from the first time, I knew that there are STD's, AIDS became just three years later a topic in germany, so pregnancy was the biggest problem. I had my weekly BRAVO (a teenie-newspaper with some kind of Dr. Ruth for teenagers colums) bought by my mom and discussed point with her I didn't get.
And yes, since I'm pretty tall and had also then curves where other girls hadn't yet any, I was asked out from boys.
And I was pretty well able to handle such situations myself. And my mom knew that because she could trust in me.
If she would have said stuff like: It's the boys I don't trust, I would have laughed at her, because that would implicite that either any boy I'd meet would not accept a no as a no or that I was so weak that a boy had just to switch the right trigger to make me become weak and give in his demands. Which was not the case. To me it would have translated in "I don't trust you", whatever she meant.
I do believe in the theory that you can make things even more interesting when you forbid or taboo them.
For example sharing a room with a boy - I do volunteer work at a youth organization where we have holiday camps with boys and girls from 8 - 18, where we enforce our co-educative point. You know - a boy and a girl who want to have some space alone will find it. We all know that from our own experience. In german we say "where is a will there will be a bush" without any refernce to the US president, actually.
So in what situation do I prefer my daughter to lose her virginity? In a hidden place, hectically without having the time to think about it and take precautions or in a relaxed place with having the time to make up her mind and think about all she'll need (condoms!). I'd prefer the second and I believe the way I handle it will be better for my daughter.
Maybe not for micheles daughter. Or maybe also. I don't know.

Hunting for Bambi a Hoax?
When I visited their website yesterday I had a second of doubt, but wished it away. I thought, things are not just hoaxes because they don't fit in my concept. But there is at least the chance that it is a hoax as one can see here. Thx to Chad.

Mittwoch, Juli 16, 2003
Hunting for Bambi
Well, I use to think of myself as pretty open minded. I use to say that nothing legal could really shock me when it comes to sex. I strongly believe in the free will and in not interfering in what consenting adults to to and with each other.
Okay, I was wrong.
At least when this Bambi Hunting stuff I read at Chad about is a sport played by completely sane and mentally healthy people.
I'd say it's sick, sick, sick and the guys who play it should better play it with their own balls.
There are folks who meet in the Las Vegas area to hunt naked women. The women are just dressed in shoes and the want of winning 2.500 Dollars. They can get it when none of the present men (of course all clothed) is able to shoot her with a paint ball gun.
Yes, these ... men ... are running around with these guns and aiming at naked women.
Sorry, but this is really sick. The men of course don't see it that way, but well. Chad links to this site where one can see the whole report and the video, which might not be worksafe. Of course there is also a webpage here.
You know, was pisses me off is not so much the violence stuff in it. Sex has so often so much to do with violence in different ways, it's more the part where women are treated and referred to as deer.
As the psychologist says: It's more the submissive type of guy coming here and having that fun.
They pay 5.000 til 10.000 Dollars for that stuff. What didn't come across was if the hunters were allowed to take their bambi home afterwards.

Prostitution in the UK
Lionel Mandrake point to this BBC Article "Making sex pay" which is reporting the plans of the british government to have prostitutes pay tax.
Here in germany it was for a long time that way that prostitutes had to pay tax but didn't get anything for it, because they had just to pay and no benefits of it. Now we have it semi-legally and prostitutes do have to pay taxes, but also have a right to get health insurance - which is a way bigger issue in a state where health care is not payed from the state like in the UK - and even get all the other benefits any other employee gets. Did this help anybody?
I'd say yes. I knew several prostitutes who called their job either "massage" or "personality-training" or "modeling" or so, just to be able to get insurance. All these women now can say what they are, don't have to hide behind other names and get all they have a right on.
The state got more money in his hand, got more tax payers and also got a bit more control about brothels and stuff.
Did it help any illegal prostitute who gets brought in here by women-dealers, who are raped and abused all the time? No, I don't think so. Which is a shame.
But I'd consider even more shame on the men who go and "use" such a woman. They should get tracked and all get sentenced for rape, because it is nothing else than rape to go to a prostitute who doesn't work in her job out of her free will.
And yes - a man is able to see the difference if he only cares.
I'd say it's absolutely okay for prostitutes to pay taxes, if they get all the benefits other taxpayers get.
If there is a problem, and I say that with as little feminism on as possible, if there's a problem, it's usually the men. The men who pay and the men who earn from sex.

Dienstag, Juli 15, 2003
and wonders why it vanished from the memories. Ed Driscoll also links to an article in the frontpage magazine what follows is a collection of press reports from 1999. All trying to build up a connection between Al Quaeda and Iraq. Okay, there are many reasons why I think there is no such a connection deservin that name, but the top reason is pretty simple: If there would have been the slightest chance of a connections between Al Quaeda and Iraq, the US would have used that as invasion reason. They claim to have used the WMD because there was a chance they were there, so can you imagine how small the chance is that the connection between Iraq and Al Quaeda really exist when even the US government refuses to use that as a war reason??

Husband divorces wife over drams
Okay, like Ananova reports, this guy seems to really believe what he's saying. But well, I'd say the wife should dump him before for prooven stupidity.

Now we are done with Italy, the Brits start hitting at them
at least food-wise. As the BBC and Lionel Mandrake report, the Brits claim to have invented Lasagna. We should better sit silent at the sidelines and watch if Italy will be declared to axis of evil lasagna-thiefs or if the Brits also will claim invention of Sauerkraut and good sausage for them.

I cant resist - the feminist in me just *has* to post this:

top ten reasons why God created Eve

10. God was worried that Adam would frequently become lost in the Garden.

9. God knew that one day Adam would require someone to locate and hand him the remote.

8. God knew Adam would never go out and buy himself a new fig leaf when his wore out and would therefore need Eve to buy one for him.

7. God knew Adam would never be able to make a doctor's, dentist, or haircut appointment for himself.

6. God knew Adam would never remember which night to put the garbage on the curb.

5. God knew if the world was to be populated, men would never be able to handle the pain and discomfort of childbearing.

4. As the Keeper of the Garden, Adam would never remember where he left his tools.

3. Apparently, Adam needed someone to blame his troubles on when God caught him hiding in the garden.

2. As the Bible says, It is not good for man to be alone.

and finally... if you asked me i think it's pretty lame but i found the rest hella funny, so i couldn't leave out the number one:

1. When God finished the creation of Adam, He stepped back, scratched his head, and said, "I can do better than that!"

Thx to the sunblog for it!

Montag, Juli 14, 2003
When do you start sexual education for your children?

And no - all you sick underlings who found this site in googling sex + children, go away and die as painful as possible!

Wondergirl is two by now so sexual education is not really a hot topic yet. I mean, she'll be used to naked people because I don't see a reason to get dressed just because her, she has a thing with babies, and she seems to know pretty well where they come from, so she's patting my belly and is saying "Baby" all the time, even when I explain her, that right now there is no Baby inside.

But she will become older and she will - I do hop she will - start asking questions. And when I then read entries like this one here from michele I start to think if I'd do it the way she seems to do.

Well, to make it short - no.

Sure - I'm not responsible for her kids and she is not in charge of what my girl gets to know, but I can tell you why I'd rather not have it her way.

To me it seems, she has a huge problem with the thought of her children having sex, such a huge problem, she has problems or flatly refuses to tell them things they IMO have to know, at that age. I remember when once she told a story of being with her dauhter at a shop and her daughtr finding the condoms. I don't recall the complete story, but I still remember how I thought about that afterwards, I thought for myself "poor girl, she must be some weird kind of shy, because - who posts boobie-pictures but isn't able to explaina 13 year old about condoms?"
As someone in her comments pointed out - in former years with 12 or 13 girls were married and if they didn't have any children till 16 there was something wrong with them. As another one (was it me?) pointing out in her comments: She'S american with Italian background, what else do you expect? Here we see Americans being pretty prude and deep into moral-issues and Italians all have this guilt-loaded catholic background (like me), who wonders when they have problems with sexuality? But well, I'm not a psychologist nor do I play one, so please take this interpretation with the irony it was meant.

So, why I do I think it's wrong, wrong, wrong do keep children kinda "stupid"?
First I know way too many children who became teenage mothers or fathers. I worked for social welfare for a few years and there I met more of them I'll ever want to see again, but also some of my friends have become grandparents in a pretty young age. I am sure, some of these girls and boys would not have had a Baby that early if they had known all they needed about sex.
Second is, my mom grew up on a farm, she went to school for minimum time and never after, but one thing she tought me - to ask questions. And she answered me all questions just when I came up with them. She realized I was ready for the answer, when I asked the question.

Even when I have lots of education issues with my mom, sexual education was really great. She always gave me all information on the level I could cope them. And she knew I needed more, when I asked more. I hope, I will be able to give Wondergirl the same good start about that.

Shoes, jackets and bags made from prisoners? I have no idea if this is common in the UK or USA, but in germany it's pure revolution. I really think I'd get some of the sneakers, if they weren't just brown/blue but something reddish or so. Black/red would be so much nicer. But well, one can't have everything. At least, so the web-agency states, there are no sentenced sexual-monsters working. Okay. But murderer and robber. Hmm.. I must think what this makes with me....
The link is just availabe in german and I found it via ap.

Germans crazy about Harry Potter
To have it clear - most germans learn english at school. They usually start at fifth grade when they're about 10 years old. If you prefer old languages and if you're a over-average pupil you can choose Latin as first language (like I did) but then you have to have english two years later. So, the average german is able to mumble at least a few words in english. But well, just a tiny minority reads english books (like I do - it's usually prettyhard to get them in germany and they're mostly unreasonably expensive - at least at pre-amazon times). Maybe now some of you can imagine what it means that a book written in english made it to No. 1 of german book charts. That's really hard. I work with pretty young people but in my closer circle I'm the only one who got the english copy, most of my friends don't trust themselves to get all jokes and sidemarks and all that.
I don't mind, or better, I think I get most of them. I've read all my Potter in english and I've also seen the moviein english. I was totally shocked when I found out they have renamed Hermione in Hermine. But well, as you can read here (don't worry, link in english), there are germans who don't want to wait until the german translation will be out (November - right in time for christmas shopping) and what does a german when he has a problem? He forms up to a community. These people built a community and each of them translates a few pages of the new Harry Potter. They don't do it for profit, they even don't do it for publishing it, they do it as a state of mind, I'd guess.
There's not much more subversive than people who make a lifestyle out of a book, kust look trekkies or Goreans or Darkover-freaks. I love to read the stuff, but I don't have to live it.
Anyway, I think it's fun for the folks and makes them understand english way better, which is always a good thing. I also don't doubt that they all will run and get a german copy in November, even if they know that alkfksfjh will die. OOpppss... sorry, my fingers just refused to type the right word. Thx to Schockwellenreiter for the link.

Sonntag, Juli 13, 2003
The first Amendmend right winged
is what I liked most about Gary Harts ranting on patriotism. Here is is:

The First Amendment (according to the right-wing): “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, except to encourage attendance in Christian churches, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, except to require prayer in schools, or abridging the freedom of speech, except for those questioning the Bush administration, or of the press, except that not owned by Rupert Murdoch, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, except those protesting preemptive wars, and to petition the government for a redress of grievance, except those we don’t like.”
Well, it sounds like the stuff we see here in our news about the US.

Should Congress launch a formal inquiry into President Bush's handling of Iraq intelligence?

If you have an opinion about it, just click here and vote! Btw - I was surprised, by the time I voted there was a 91% of votes on the "YES" side. Let's hope somehow, doesn't it? I found this link over at Eschaton. (Somehow linking doesn't work there right now, so just scroll down until the "WOW" entry)

All bases to be closed just Rammstein stays open?
The US says in this interview that they could close all bases in germany but Rammstein. Sure, this would be one more problem for our economy but a not so huge one, I'd say. I am by now under the impression that many US soldiers don't like the place they have to serve so it would be way better for the US not to have to send them here.
Here in cologne we had thousands of belgium soldiers who moved home the last years. The bases they left are now up to be well used as either flats after a big renovation or for business buildings. I could imagine with the american bases could happen the same as long as they put all their junk with them and don't do, what the Russians did. Leaving the base - kinda overnight - and also leaving behind there more or less hidden, all the junk, chemical waste and all that stuff, without even drawing a plan!
But I'd guess the US soldiers won't be acting like that. But how about the people who mixed up with germans? Stay here or go over the pond? I'm not sure what I'd do if I were married to a US soldier. Well, they still could change to Rammstein.
Thx to Chad for the link!

Zogby moved
For those of you who liked the old style of the site, this might come as bad news, but the rest can watch the new home for the Zogbyblog completely with patriotic wallpapers. Nice new home, zogby! Here's virtual bread and salt with best wishes!

AOL - inavsion of the Blogosphere?
I must admit, I can't understand all the fuss about this. Come on, it's not like in good old days, when the christmas modems hit into the chatroom or flooded the message boards with stupid questions and offers. It's just the possibility for a huge mass to build up their own weblogs. Who cares about the rubbish-ones, as long as there are some good ones? I mean, just read the blogs I like and I don't mind the few hundreds of thousand other blogs I don't like and that won't change when AOL will be blogging, too. Many of the Blogs I read were talking about that recently, but this Washington Post article comes from IT&W.

Lawyer needed
Lambert over at Eschaton needs a lawyer who could answer him a question about what George W. Bush said. Even when I don't get completely what he's up to, I'll hold an eye of that thread.

Samstag, Juli 12, 2003
What's a troll?
Okay, we could start with a troll is a troll is a troll, but that wouldn't work. What is a troll. To me it's someone, rushing in my place, blabbing out his stupid opinion - usually bashing and insulting - and not leaving any name or URL. There are several blogs handling the problem of trolls differently, like one can see here or here. To some people a troll is just someone who doesn't share their opinion. If that would be the case, sites like lgf and Europundits must be run by trolls.

Bushs Approval at Lowest since 9/11
at least accoring to the ABCNews. I mean, if any german chancellour would get 59% it would be more than he ever had dreamt of, but according to what he had before it's a bad result. Maybe his father can teach him how to lose a big majority just in time for a Democrat to become President. Thx to IT&W for the link.

I knew it before...
my pretty regular look over at A Small victory must be good for something, even when it happens more and more often that I don't like what michele has to say. But this time she found something really great, I spent the last hour with: The Frank Sinatra Karaoke Site. They have not all his songs and, sad for me, not my favourite of him, but I had to torture my neighbours with my versions of "My Way", "New York, New York" and "Strangers in the night" until I came to write it here.
Now all I'm missing is this kind of site for all songs from Robbie Williams, Eminem and Kim Wilde, please!

Bad comparisons
Yes, as a german, I kinda grew up with the necessity to tiptoe about the topic of holicoust. We were expected to feel bad about it, and naturally, we did. I still do, in some kind. And I still don't like anyone comparing anything to it, because I think it was, in his perfidity, cruelty and at least also in the result a unique deed. Nothing to be proud of, but also noting to compare with in recent history. That's when I start to feel uncomfortable when I watch nowadays the trend in germany and the whole world, to compare each catastrophe, or military conflict or crime against groups of people with the Holocaust. Sure, Chechenia is really in a bad situation and the russians really do things there I don't like, but would I compare it to Nazis and Holocaust? Surely not! Sure - the are palestineans claiming the Israelis acting like the Nazis, but is that a fair comparison? Surely not. But well, Aron makes this point way better than I.

Building up a legend?
Or is it "just" an opinion that should be manipulated? Anyway, it's really interesting when you watch how CBS is changing their headlines more times a day when it comes to what George W. Bush knew about Weapons of Mass Destruction and what not. Thx to Rubbernun for the link.

Cooking British - today: Cranachan

After the recent shocks for Lionel here now something to the topic he might be able to read and stay relaxed. As I said several times, I do love British cooking. People, especially germans who claim British cooking to be awfull just be able to judge it from breathing in the smell coming out of a bad diner.

Clearly: there are things in the UK I'd rather not eat. As there are in germany. British sausages for example are really awful to me. But even when this again might be a shock to some of you - germans eat other things than sauerkraut (which I love, just when it's made the right way) and Brits eat other things than sausages all the time. And Brits sometimes really eat wonderful things!

Okay, what do you think, I'd like to start with my favourite dessert (no surprize, I'd guess). I mean, when the Brit lets behind him all shyness, it's when it comes to dessert and calories. They just don't know any shame when it comes to putting as much calories into a dessert as possible. Yeah! I love it!

Okay for this great Cranachan (first seen in a scottish book) you'll need either for four or two hungry guests:

50g medium oatmeal;
60ml clear honey
45ml whiskey
300ml double cream
350g rasberries

You then warm the honey with the whiskey and leave it become cool again. Then you go and roast the oatmeal a bit. Now you go and whip the cram in a huge bowl and when it's nicely whipped you also put in the oatmeal and the honey/whiskey mix. Now you start with the raspberries, put some of them in a high, huge glass. Then you put in a layer of the cream-mix, then again the raspberries and so on till the high, huge glass is really full. Put it in the fridge for 30 min and then you have really great stuff for friends and yourself. (yummy)

We already thought of enrich it with some homemade vanilla ice or so. Personally I don't mind the whiskey missing or even being really a few drops. You'll also have to find out what kind of honey tastes best for you.

But anyway it's a really great dessert we serve whenever we like to impress someone and don't want to put really hard work in it.

The earworm
I have no idea how the word "Ohrwurm" translates into english. It means a melody or a song you can't get rid off in your mind. You always "hear" it and you're tempted to sing it all the time. This is what Tobias just diud to me in his recent entry about the Italian state secretary who had to resign, Stefano Stefani. I mean, poor guy has a funny name and no longer a job, but he's nothing compared to Gino Ginelli this terrible advertisement song from some years ago. Anyway, even when Tobias entry is, as usual, good written and I have nothing to add, thank you for reminding me on that &/%$§" melody!

Freitag, Juli 11, 2003
Yes, The Group Captain did it!
At least in some way. Imagine: it's a dark night, it's already after mignight. It's cold outside and a bit rainy. It's the day before christmas and there is a man in his car on his way to a even darker village to pick up a woman who is awaiting him. She's nearly desparate. And late. And tired. And the day after he shows her joy she has never experienced before.

Okay, I admit, this might sound romantic to some of you.

Believe me, I don't want to go into the details too far, but romance was not exactly the word coming up in my or his mind then. And the joy was really a great tasting christmas turkey. I had never eaten that before, since we don't do turkey for christmas in germany.

And yes, he was the first to cook english food for me. And people who know me know, that the difference between eating and sex is really small - eating is more often.

So, maybe you can understand that he has always his special place in my stomache... eeehhh.... heart, eben when he develops into a pretty conservative guy.

This all happened about six or so years ago (??) and since then I own several english recipe-books. Here in germany the prejudice is still very alive that they have to be really short books, but I use to invite good friends from time to time and to prove them the opposite. Even my Mum was happy with the Mulligatawny soup.

So, yes, I do claim he did deflorate me, at least when it comes to turkey.

Finally her strategy did work
When I read about Judith Mair some months ago in a local newspaper, all I could think was - well, another way to be different from the mass and to be unique and become known in the design world, which is hard enough in cologne. We have more media agencies and design bureaus like worms are in a tequila bewery, several of the bigger TV stations in germany have their headquarter in cologne and several of the smaller production firms, also.
So, Judith Mair is trying to be unique. And she's trying that in being all the german prejudice sais she has to be, Prussia lives! If it works for her, why not?
And it does, since her story has made her way also into the international media and other blogs talk about it, it will work. She will, in any case, get benefits from that action. She's not just running her company in her style, she also wrote a book called "Schluss mit lustig" meaning something like "Stop the fun" or "The fun ends here" where she enlightens the whole world with her theories about discipline, and some other values one likes to sort into the "german" cupboard.
Even when I think her theory is wrong. She's wrong because there are different kinds of people working. Some really need work as personal contact and other need work because of work. They don't want to make friends with colleagues and don't want to socialize with them. Okay.
And if just these types of people work for Mair, she'll be right. For her group (she named them "JudithMairandothers)". But not like other people now try, when they try to hype it as the new trend. It's not. And I, for one, am pretty happy, Judith Mair won't get too many fans.

sure, here we have a really funny collection about the most prejudices we have about italians. It's not nasty, it's really nice!

Donnerstag, Juli 10, 2003
Adult behaviour
Or so, is not what Misha is showing at his Blog. Even if his anger is at least understandable, he either is completely unexperienced in online chats or just simply exaggerating a bit (cough cough). But well, he has a go at it and something cloes to 200 comments by now, so it will work the way it should.
I mean, sure, somebody who acts like the offender in his story isn't showing any adult behaviour either, but who wants to be compared with such a person?

Die kleinen Italiener
Eigentlich tun sie mir fast schon wieder leid, nachdem jetzt Westerwelle (hihiihiii-Guiiido) angekuendigt hat, er wolle in Italien einmarschieren ach nee.... Urlaub machen. Und dann macht auch noch SWR fiese Witze ueber sie. Neee neee... wo soll das bloss hinfuehren? Danke an Andreas fuer den link.

Schroeder's holiday
As Mr. Lilli just said to me - there have been made wars for less reason. But well, at least our chancellour Schroeder won't have his holiday, as usual, in Italy, it's said he'll stay at home. Poor guy, I'd recommend some great hostels in the UK or also a wonderful, nice place in the Netherlands where dear Floris Faber has his Hotel Hoogland just 2 min from the beach. (Oh my, sometimes I miss the times there). But Hannover? I mean, who should suffer? Italy or the Schroeder family? Life's not fair. The Guardian reports that Schroeder cancels holiday over jibes. Even when I won't stop eating at my favourite Italian restaurant and I'm still a pasta-freak, but if I were Schroeder I'd also rather not go there right now.

Bush knew about 9/11 before?
At least that's what Atrios says the report of The Miami Herald contents. They say there are trustable sources saying that George W. Bush and his administration knew way before that Al Quaeda was about to hijack an aeroplane and crash it. Whew - if that's true some head must roll. I mean, how can you know this and not act anything on it? For the truth of it speaks that many people seem to want hold it back and not make it public. It will be interesting how some people react who use to support this president so much. We'll see.

Sexy Germany?
Well, there are some words popping up in my mind when I think about germany. But sexy is none of them. Tobias linked to the BBC and their report Making Germany sexy. I mean, why not trying to improve the idea of germany many people have? I seriously doubt that it will help really much, especially not in the UK, but well, one should try it. I guess it will have the same success than to try to convince the world there is something like Britsh cuisine or even stuff one can eat in the UK outside of a Mc Donalds, Burger King or Italian or Indian restaurant. Here in germany we have a joke including the shortest book: good english food. Actually I do own several english books about recipes, but I don't count in that case. Well, let's just see how it'll work out.

Jessica Lynch
Hey you pro-war folks, do you remember yourself being partly exstatic about this girl Jessica Lynch? Who was it who brought her up for a medal (wounded Lion or what was it?) and who are you who wanted to make her the new heroine of this Iraq-war? Well, it seems, and yes, the german word for that is "Schadenfreude", that she was not just not hurt fighting and in weapons but in a car accident and the Iraqi docs having saved her life. I only found a german link about the true story of Jessica Lynch basing on a Washington Post report. What I don't yet know is what was about the cries of the tortured and captured she was told to have heard?
Just to be clear here - I'm not one of those who now shout: Excuse, excuse... I can accept that there are people on this world who did want and support this war. But what I hope is that also these people accept that there are reasons for not accepting it and that they are being manipulated by their press. Even more than we are here. Again a great link from Rollberg. Thank you!

Dienstag, Juli 08, 2003
Sounds like she's really pissed
even when I don't like people shouting at me, I can understand she is so angry about it. I also think I would handle it different. I'm a core believer in letting people discredit themselves. Until now, nearly everybody was so good at it, I never had to interfere. Poor Mary seems to have some hard cases in her readership.


What rating is your journal?

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I have no idea, how this could happen..

Michel Friedman tritt zurueck
Na, das nenn ich doch mal konsequent. Jetzt muss ich mich persoenlich noch ein bisschen ueberzeugen, was so schlimm daran sein soll, das der gute Michel gekokst hat und seine Finger an anderen Maedels als seiner Baerbel hatte, aber so isses nunmal im Leben, wenn sie dich erwischen, haste einfach Pech und musst gehen.

Und statt da rum zu zicken und brutals moeglich aufzuklaeren oder so hat das TV-Ekel Friedman mal locker von Christoph Daum gelernt. Der hat naemlich auch alles zugegeben, als Leugnen nix mehr half und - das Volk hat ihm weitestgehend verziehen. Und wieso nicht auch Friedman? Ich meine, wenn die TV Nation Ozzie Osbourne beim Entziehen zugucken kann, wieso soll dann nicht auch Friedman mal wieder ne fiese und gemeine Polit-Talkshow auf SAT1 oder so haben? So in einem Jahr oder so.

Sag mir nochmal einer, nur die USA seien das Land der zweiten Chance - auch in Deutschland bekommen immer mehr gefallene Promis genau die. Ich habe das Gefuehl, dass die Deutschen alles verzeihen, solange der Erwischte nur dazu steht. Sei es Beckenbauers Familienplaung oder eben Daums gepudertes Naeschen oder Bobbeles Blowjob. Egal - gib es zu und trag es wie ein Mann, dann kannst Du in einem Jahr wieder landen.

Und ein Gutes hat die Sache - er ist diese Baerbel Schaefer los und das ist auch was wert.

Sorgen machte mir nur die Ankuendigung, er wolle jetzt ganz von unten wieder anfangen. Wenn ich mir das so ueberlege, so als Parteigliederung, wenn ich jetzt in der CDU waere (was ich zum Glueck nicht bin) und bei mir im Ortsverband (so heisst das da glaube ich) taucht auf einmal das "normale" Mitglied Friedman auf... ich wuerde mir die Kugel geben. Dann lieber ins Saarland gehen und Oskar erleben duerfen, und das liegt mir auch naeher. Ach ja - Dank an Jens fuer den Link!

Sure - just give them all weapons they want
or what else should one say after reading this bullshit? I'm happy to live in a country where teenage boys can not get that easy to weapons. Sure - criminal energy makes it all possible, but here it's really much more difficult to be able to plan such a massacre. Link via Rollberg.

How sick can people get?
Is what one asks him or herself when seeing these pictures.(don't worry, worksafe!). But stay calm, it's just a fake. But well, one never knows what these americans are up to.... ;-) Thx to Andreas for the link.

Montag, Juli 07, 2003
Paying for campaigns
This article over at zogby is pretty interesting. For several reasons. I have no idea who Bob Herbert is, but I think, I like him for what he said about the fundraising stuff. Zogby gives to that some numbers that verify my theory that a huge number of poor people votes for politicians and for politics thay can't afford. Why do they do that? Any sociology people outside with an explanation for that?

Breast Cancer
Over at Rubbernun I found one of these link one hopes the internet is good for. The link leads to the breastcancersite where they donate a mammogram for women who can't pay for it. Thousands of women die from breast cancer every year because they don't get mammograms early enough. Please - go, click the site and help with your click to donate the mammogram and please - spread the link around. I know some of you have sites where several thousands people a day come by - please consider giving this link a line on your site.

Sonntag, Juli 06, 2003
Your soft drink is Sprite! Your artsy and creative.
Your an indivudial and like people. You like to
dress different than everyone else but that
doesn't bother most people. You are also daring
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