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Donnerstag, Dezember 25, 2003
Will the American Mad Cow help all others?
As reported, there is a first incident of Mad Cow Disease in the US. We all had hoped that the Virus would vanish from the face of Earth if we just long enough would ignore it. But that didn't work.

Some thoughts of mine keep up again, I know it won't become true, but it's christmas time and a girl should be allowed to dream, or?

So, when Europe was hit by Mad Cow Disease all customers were avoiding cheap beef like hell. They were going to stores who just sell organic food (Bioladen in Deutsch) and bought beef to prizes they have never paid before.
How come?
First, the prize in such a shop is higher because the beef normally is better. It is better because the Cow the beef comes from normally has lived a better life. She has seen blue skies and green grass and she has learned how to walk, she was feed just with fresh food and as a baby she was given the milk from her mother. A Cow for cheap beef, normally has never seen one of it. She grew up in a huge stable with some hundreds of other Cows next to her. She was fed some strange food with animal proteine in it to make her grow faster and bigger and noone cared that a Cow is a Vegetarian by belief.
So, I think, one can say that the beef you get in a organic shop is way better than other beef. And so, it might be worth the prize. I was shocked, too, when I saw some sausages, I usually pay 3 or 4 Euros for and they were for 14 EUR. So I didn't buy them. I do like my Steak and I do like many other dead Animals, but I also know that we are eating them too often in the Lilli family and could do with less and instead of this more Green Stuff or so.

The customers were fearing Creutzfeld Jacob who seems to be a kind of infection humans can get from Mad Cow beef and tried to avoid it as good as possible.
Now was the chance for Germany and whole Western Europe go and have healthier animals giving healthier beef to people to eat. But we screwed it up.
We made some nice first steps but like a Baby that starts walking but then deciedes to go by wheelchair, we didn't make it right. Today we're kinda back to normal. Okay, a few people are eating less beef, but the most still (or again) go and buy the cheap stuff and feed themselvs and their children with it. People get money the more beef they can deliver and noone asks anymore for higher quality beef.

If I'd want to buy some, I really had a hard time, because the only shop in my neighbourhood (and I have everything else in my neighbourhood) closed last summer.

It would be a great thing if the US would be able to make the step we failed, but I do seriously doubt that anyone there wants to do it because it would surely first mean, less profits, less beef, higher prizes for customers. All thing the US folks hate like hell.