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Dienstag, Dezember 30, 2003
Terror Alert in Hamburg
Our media report, that not only Hamburg should be the target of Terrorists, but also Frankfurt Main Airport. While the Hospital in Hamburg and the area around has been searched through completely, the US states that there never have been brought US soldiers, while other sources claim that there just right now aren't any US soldiers from Iraq but have been before.

The US Military claims that there is no actual Terror Warning for the military part of Frankfurt Airport right at the moment.

The potential terrorists or at least some of them should be already in Hamburg, as US and German intelligence should have said. It's said the the Islamic suicide terror Group Ansar el Islam should have planned the attacs.

This all gets a strange taste when one puts in mind that it's just this Hamburg "Innensenator" Dirk Nocke who informed about this alert. He was also the one to mention the Airport, but neither the airport holders nor the Hesse government seem to be informed about the threat and there seems to be no higher security level right now. Nocke belongs to the former "Schill"-party, which is nicely to describe as right-leaning. That doesn't mean just a little bit republican, in Germany, leaning right is leaning there where the fascists and Nazis are. Otto Schily, German Innenminister, is a bit pissed that this uncertified warning has been given to public that early, but he can't drag it back right now. He claims that it would have been easier to investigat while not the whole world knows aht you're doing. Yeah, wasn't that the problem in France, too?

Let's assume, the threats are real and Nocke didn't make the up nor exaggerated, what does that tell us? I mean, how should a reasonable state as Germany (hrmph) react to such a threat? Should we now also fall in collective panic and ban everybody with black hair and dark skin, just when he looks a bit "strange"? Should we ignore the helpfull tipps from the US and the CIA and trust in German intelligence and police only?
No, of course none of the above would be a sensible answer.

I fear that some hysterics, like Otto Schily, now ask for even more "security" and more control of everyone's movement and even faster the possibility for better passports, better visa, more fingerprints and biometric stuff, but I doubt they will be the majority. Fact is - I think we do all we can. We react whenever there is a chance of danger, we try to be as prepared one can be against stuff like that and we all know - if there are enough people trying it hard enough they will be successfull. Whenever, wherever.
Suicide bombers will have some amount of success, simply because they don't mind their own lifes.

This is shown best in Israel/ Palestine. From what I know from people who have been there or still live there, they have a really high security and they are really more than aware that everywhere could be a suicide bomber. But these bombers still come through. Okay, some get caught by police before - and mostly kill themselves and way too often also innocent bystanders - but there are still always enough coming through to make it in our news. The same is IMO valid for the US and any country in the whole world. If you don't enforce total control of everyone with barcoding every single person, there is not such a thing as 100% safety.

And so I think, we already do enough. There is possibility, here and there, to improve things. For example the process of schieving a visa in german embassies is IMO poorly handled yet, but it will be improved, soon. We have worked on visa-security, but again - any paper is possible to fake. Whatever paper it is, it's just a question of the price and you can buy it illegal, so also here I think we do the best we can. More would mean loosing the relation between cost and use.

All links in German, an english link can be found here.