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Samstag, Dezember 27, 2003
Strange feeling
It is a strange feeling to have a (free) weekend after three holidays. I mean, I'll hvae to be back at work at Jan. 5th, but it still feels strange after so many holidays.
I know, Germany is one of the economies with the most holidays per year and the least working days per year, and I could live with some less holidays. Not the Vacancy-days is what I have in mind, but some other, mostly in their origin religious holidays.
For example Bxing Day (Dec. 26th). Christmas Eve is a semi holiday here, while some shops are open, many offices and all already keep closed for the whole day, Christmas Day of course should be a holiday but why not go back to work at the 26th? We have two days off the week later. New Years's Eve is a semi-holiday here, too. While I had to work til noon, 10 years ago, nowadays we're completely closed as most others but bigger grocery stores and shops in the city who have open till noon. New Years Day, Jan. 1st is closed again, which is okay for me, too. So, Dec. 26th is a day we certainly could live if we had to work.
Same with Easter-Monday. We have Friday everything closed, Saturday is just a normal Saturday and Sunday again is a Holiday. So why do we have to have the Monday, too? I could live without the Easter-Monday, too.
One reason you often hear for it is that people want to visit their families and celebrate these holidays together.
But they still can do that. Either they take the days off from work or they just drive home a day earlier. Remember - Germany is not a country where you'll have to drive 8+ hours just to arrive at your home town. With cheap flights inner Germany you can reach each destination in an hour (even when I think such flight are ecologically devils work) and even when you go by Train you'll be really quick at where you want.