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Dienstag, Dezember 09, 2003
What do I know about Russia? Not really much. I know about Katharina the Great, I know of some other of its leaders, as all Germans I loved Gorbatschow and liked Jeltzin before he was too drunken for anything, but somehow this country always felt strange to me.
The former Soviet Union was such a huge thing on the card. It never failed to impress me. I have my prejudices about Russia. Here in Germany we often read about the Russian Mafia and their crimes in Russia and abroad. They trade women, children, drugs and everything they think it might bring money. At least that's what we read over here. And they have their hands in each and every thing happening in Russia. They pay for lots of politicians and have big influence on the Russian politics.
Putin... well, Putin. What Kohl was with Jeltzin seems now Schroeder with Putin. Both are short men (have you seen that Putin is even smaller than the really short Schroeder? I really hesitate to write the name with a big letter.) and seem to kinda like each other. I have no idea who Putin really is. Some Germans like him much because he speaks German (what he learned at his time working in the DDR). But I don't really understand what he is doing over at Russia.
And it seems (like always) that in Moskba noone cares what the rest of the world think of them, they just do what they think they have to do and period.
I grew up in a time where we all feared "The Bomb", of course thrown by the Russians.
It's tough to stop fearing an old enemy.
To make it easier I like to read what Alex(ei) has to say. Actually it's even more interesting, because there were elections in Russia and Putin won.