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Freitag, Dezember 19, 2003
One more on the Cannibal
Most of the German News were full of this Cannibal guy the last weeks and I've written about him too. So then I read over here another entry and was right on commenting on it when I found my answer might be too long for a comment and I'll make an entry here about it.
John in the comments there also had a link to the german and english ads the guy had made to find a victim to butcher.
While I read it, it came to my thoughts that often dreams and fantasies should stay where they are and that this "Don't dream it, be it" (humming in best Rocky Horror Melody) is not just making all people happy. Why? Well (climbing soapbox):

People have fantasies. Some years ago I read about a poll where a huge amount of women had told, one of their secret sex fantasies were to be kidnapped by King Kong and have Sex with him. Others dream of a Gangbang with the whole Football Team at once, others fantasize about a threesome (or foursome....) with the whole neighbourhood.
All these fantasies are such and are made to stay where they are. Most people never live them, and for many I'd say this is good!

And some others have fantasies about being butchered and eaten by other people. I would not go so far and call it a kink, but more because I'm not so much at home in english language to understand the fine nuances of some words. So I remain calling it a fantasy. Any because this fantasy is pretty rare, it is usually a really danger-less one, because the chance you'll ever meet a person who would fulfill this only dream is pretty small.

Now the Internet comes in and people with special fantasies can find the one whose fantasy matches.

So the masochist finds his Sadist, the food lover fins a cook and the guy who wants to be eaten finds someone who has the only dream to eat a human being. That should not excuse anything, it should just point out that it's way easier to find a matching partner than it was 30 years ago, without the Internet and its various contact-areas.

I'm with most of people - it is a crime to kill a healthy, young person just for the own pleasure, if the person consents or not is IMO irrelevant in this point. Even when in Germany the simple fact of cannibalism is not a crime itself, it is a crime to kill someone else, even with consent.

So what will the murderer have to face? Some time in prison. I can imagine the guys there would respect him, like they would respect Hannibal Lector. If the guy's not really mentally ill, he knew pretty well before what would happen, but well, now he's a man who lived his dream.

I wonder if he still has one.