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Sonntag, Dezember 14, 2003
More on Saddam
Now it seems to have left the state of being just a rumour. it seems that the captured guy really is Saddam Hussein, one of the men, most of the world was looking for, next to Osama Bin Laden.
The BBC has a great overview about all you need and has IMO more class than CNN or any other US network coming in my mind. (Maybe that's what you pay them for with your money, Lionel?)
But the question remains - Bush has claimed Saddam should face justice for what he's done to Iraqi people by Iraqis.
But by whom? By the Iraqis, the US chooses? By the Iraqis, some of the US choosen government-style group chooses?
Do they really believe there will be any peace in Iraq as long as Saddam is there, alive? I can't imagine that.
How will they be sure he won't escape or be freed by one of the so many relatives or friends he still has?
How will they be sure, he will face a fair jury? What is fair, when it comes to such deeds he did? Can any human being stay fair, when in such a jury?

The Iraqi, many Iraqy, celebrate the capture of the man they followed blindly, just some months ago. That would not stop some of the friends he still has, to keep on bombing and attacking whatever they find worth a target.
That also will not stop any muslim terrorist from going and comitting a suicide attack, or something similar.

And to answer what Hans asked in his comments to my last entry - yes, I know he is a father and a family member, too. But I do think, world without him would be a better place and I also think, the US troops might pay the 25.000.000 Dollar to some of the soldiers, but I'm sure they would have prefered to pay them for a dead man.
But well, when you look at the pics, I mean, not that anyone who gets captured by some troops after he spent some time in a more rural area would look really great, he doesn't look like he's really fit and in best shape, does he?

I have no idea, how many doubles he has and how similar these doubles are. But I'm sure, some people won't believe it's him whatever proof you bring (might be the same who still meet Elvis shopping at a Wal Mart in Utah or Hitler on the Argentine beach)