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Freitag, Dezember 12, 2003
Jingle Bells - The Al Qaida of Shop Workers?
Yo! That's it. At least how Ananova puts it.
Well, I can understand that it gets on ones nerves to hear all day long christmas songs during work, but to me it seems, the problem is pretty German (even when also Austrian workers protests).
You know - service is a rare word in Germany, especially when it comes to shopping. Next to my normal Job I do some Mystery Shopping from time to time and I assure you - it's really shocking who little some of the shop workers care for their jobs and their customers.
When you enter a German store, it's not really an extreme situation when you see up to three or four female shop workers standing together in one corner and talk. Either private stuff or about the colleagues, the absent ones of course.
If you then just stroll around, don't find anything and go away, it's not a problem, but beware if the customer threatens to buy anything! Then the smallest you earn of dislike is a look that makes Medusa look like a shortsighted granny.
Awful. Even worse it is when you dare to have a question. You know "Customer Ping-Pong"? It's a game where the customer is sent from worker to worker as long as he gives up.
So, I do consider the annual Christmas music torture as fair and balanced punishment for a year of unfriendliness, customer-hissing and looking at you in this great new hat, as if you were wearing a dustbin on your head and saying "Suits people like you really well".

But serious - it's for a few months per year, and I have a hard time to imagine someone get a real serious trauma from this. There are so many Christmas songs to play, why do the unions ask for more breaks? The stupid should ask for better music? No song should be allowed to be played twice a day in the same version, that would help immensely, I'd say. But all our unions can is ask for more whatever for the workers. Tiring.