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Mittwoch, Dezember 31, 2003
Here's wishing a Happy One!
While parts of this world are already celebrating, here it's yet some hours in the future, but I wish all and everyone a Happy New Year and Health and whatever one wishes at such a time.

We just come back from a walk with Wondergirl and since it's Mr. Lillis birthday today, I'm on cooking-duty. We'll have a snack right now and some hot-stone Raclette-ish tonight. I bought a piece of nearly each eatable animal I could get right here so we'll have lots of fun with them, I guess.

The Fireworks will happen - as usual, without much participation of the Lilli family. I don's see the reason for spending enourmous amounts of money for stuff that makes "bang" and is literally blown away. No. We know how to scare the demons away. It worked for the last years and will also do for 2004.

In Cologne, there are lots of parties held, people celebrate in private, meet with friends or visit organized events with a Buffet and Champaigne, just like everyone likes and can afford. Most people come at midnight to the two inner-city bridges over the Rhine so that the complete traffic (the few cars that drive at that time) stands still but the bridge is full with thousands of people cheering, drinking and celebrating.

Yes, it's effing cold and pretty dangerous, because I don't believe the bridges are made for this use. I did it once some years ago and I must admit it's nice when at midnight all ships start hooting and all bells ringing (especially the big bells in the Cologne Cathedral), but I can have that at home, from my window, too, since I can see a part of the Cathedral from our Bedroom, we will have the original sight here and the total on TV.

We'll see if Wondergirl will wake up or just sleep through. The last years she didn't mind the New Year coming, but we'll see what will happen this night.

We'll have a nice glass of Champaigne (just Mr. Lilli and I) and will look what the New Year will bring. I hope for more fun, less work for me and more political success for both of us. Also I hope for Wondergirl that she keeps on developing that great she did before and that our financial situation stays as relaxed as it is right now. Is that too much to hope from a New Year?