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Mittwoch, Dezember 24, 2003
Have some Happy Holidays
All of you, whatever religion you belong to, in some way will profit from the holidays coming now.
So let's thank the old Barbarians to celebrate the start of the winter and other religions to celebrate it with whatever festivity coming in hteir mind and have a happy, peaceful time for the next days.
What I mean is - for whatever reason you celebrate - I wish you all some happy days!

Our planning for the days is:
Today: Cleaning flat, cooking Turkey, decorating the christmas tree, eating, gifts for Wondergirl and candles at the tree, Wondergirl goes to bed and we might have a nice evening and watch "Ist das Leben nicht schoen? (I have no idea how the english original title is, but it's the movie where, whenever a bell rings, an angels gets its wings)".
Tomorrow: Getting up, driving to my parents for lunch, having lunch with them and giving our gifts to them, having coffee with them and giving our attention to them, escaping with too much food right before the next meal, Visiting my mother in law at the hospital, giving her her gif (chocolade, she loves them), staying with her for some time and going home when wondergirl gets too tired.
Boxing day (also a holiday here): Sleeping for long, getting up, celebrating brekfast, maybe meeting some friends (?) cooking - roast duck breast (yummy!) and having a family walk around the quarter.

And did I mention it? I'll have to be back at the office at Jan. 5th - until then I'll stay at home, sleep for long, play with Wondergirl and might find even more time for my Blog.