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Freitag, Dezember 26, 2003
Gas accident in China
What a merry christmas! But I think most people in Iran and China don't do the christmas thing at all.
I always have this absolutely non-rational fear of Gas. You know, I grew up in a flat where we had an oil-heating in the whole house and I never had to cope with having Gas in my house. My Cooking is done with electricity and the heating with Oil. I don't say it's the better solution but that's how I am used it.
Here in Cologne we have houses where the heating is done with Gas, and some of the had terrible blow ups the last years because either someone manipulated with the Gas or something was defect. So yes, I know Oil is with no chance in any way more harmless than Gas, but I do fear Gas much more. What was my point?
Ah yes, the Chinese. I was shocked, to read in this BBC article about 10.000 people a month get killed at work in China because of bad working conditions. Oh my. That's sure a method to keep the unemployment rate low but it's kinda.... finte, isn't it?
The steps taken in China remind me on the Nuclear Power Plant accident in Tschernobyl, where also the government first didn't say a word about it and then admitted step by step a few more deads and dangers whenever asked by others. I hope there won't be coming even worse news after.