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Freitag, Dezember 19, 2003
Elections in the USA
Since we here have a coalition of Greens and Social Democrats in charge at the government, the Greens aren't such big players in the USA. I have no idea why, but maybe there aren'T just enough sypathisants for such a party (yet) or maybe the US Greens don't get to meet the voters needs as our Greens were able the last years.
So at the Elections for who will be President the next years, George W. Bush will have good chances. Maybe also because of his politics, but of course because of the gigantic amount of Dollars he's willing to invest in the "President Inc.".
Another candidate could IMO just have a chance if he would be able to unite the left behind his back. The last he would need would be a candidate from the Greens. Like Ralph Nader.
I haven't read much about him, since the Greens don't touch me that much, so I have no idea, if he would be a good president or not, but there's one thing he'll never be - a President. Simply because he'd never get the needed amount of votes for his name. But if he weren't showing up, a Democrat candidate would have better chances to win against George W.
So it's the question if "The Left" in the US - even when I doubt there is such a thing a "The united Left" at all, could find consens into a Democrat Candidate.
One simple reason is that the Democratic Candidates in the US aren't really left, for my standards and for the standards of many leftie US folks, too.
A friend of mine keeps saying that some of the US readers of Lilli Marleen think I'm a ultra-leftist treehugger. LOL! Me? Naaah!
I'm standing of course much left of the centre, but on my left side of the political spectrum is really much space, not just for communists. When I - as a declared moderate left - think that Guys like Dean and Clinton stay pretty much right from me (I guess they all were in the CDU or at least in the right wing of the SPD) I can imagine that many US folks on the left don't like any of the now declared Dem candidates at all.
So what would be to do? I have no idea. Of course if would be the best idea, Nader wouldn't become a candidate, but will his Ego allow that?
Here's a poll, I found via Eschaton, where one can vote if Nader should run or not. (Not that they would count on it if the result won't meet their wishes, but it was the root of my rant.) Attention from tricky question 2!