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Freitag, Dezember 26, 2003
Christmas Days at the Lilli family
Yeah, here in Germany, 25th and 26th of December also are Holidays where most Germans don't have to work. Yesterday we slept really long. Wondergirl has mercy with us. But just because she was late in Bed the night before, too and had her new playing-kitchen completely built up in the living room to play with instead of coming into the bedroom and demand a break fast. Well, when we finally woke up it was because she was smashing the plates around and hissing to the cats (I assume they did not want her to mop the floor with them or so).
We then had a small breakfast because we were to appear at my Mom for lunch.
Okay, while Mr. Lilli was taking his shower I was busy wrapping the gifts with nice metallic-foil and putting Wondergirl made stars (at least she helped me) on them.
Then we were on the street and came just in time at 13.00 for lunch.
As usual they have made dead animal as the main part of the food, but this time, there was also lots of Salad (even when I'm not hysterical about sweet salad-sauce) and smashed potatoes - Wondergirl loved them. She was eating like she would never get anything afterwards and when the dessert came (ice with strawberry-cream) she was sorry but so full, after a few spoons she gave her dessert to her beloved mommy. (I love this child!)
Right then the Truck arrived and unloaded the gifts for Wondergirl.
Did I mention the playing-kitchen she has at our home? It's a monstrous thing about 1.30 metres long and 1.00 metres high and my Mom and her Hubby were pretty hysteric about it when they got it.
So, there were a bed for the "Baby Born" doll called Susie, some clothes, a book, and last but not least an organ for her to play. Isn't it a shame, that all these wonderful, loud gifts stay at my Mothers home for Wondergirl when she spends her two days a week with her?
Oh my.
Don't think people lie to you when you're told that hard parents canmake wonderful grandparents. It is true. My Mom was really looking for my gifts and Christmas. We didn't have much money, but she also did not look for occasions to give me gifts I wanted so much.
Wondergirl gets enough gifts for a dozen more children. I don't have the heart to stop her, because she and her hubby are njoying themselves so much with it. I don't think Wondergirl will suffer, because many things go straight into the hidden closet at home and get out only when we deciede.
Okay, so much for my Mom. Afterwards we headed to the hospital to visit my Mother in law. She got a bottle of self-made orange juice. Wondergirl made most of it and some packs of chocolate since she was so happy about it on her birthday last week. She's way better and says herself she feels better than for ages. She still can't move on her own, but she's making small progress each day.
Okay, when we came home, we were all pretty tired.
Today then, Wondergirl has made it to look me awake like the cats do, when she was staying at my bed. After a nice breakfast, we went off to the graveyard to visit Mr. Lilli's Grandma who died this summer. We used it for a nice walk and Wondergirl had much fun and trained her tired legs a lot.
After that we drove to the next graveyard and kept looking for my Dad's grave. He has died in 1990 and I haven't seen it for about the last 7 years or so. Not because I'm angry at him or so, but mostly because I can remember him without any place where his bones are and I didn't want to meet his last girlfriend, because we two... well... we had a few discussions with each other.
Actually at the funeral there were two groups of people, one group with the local people who supported her and the other group of family members and close friends who supported me and were happy to get rid of her that way. So, yes, on can say, we didn't like each other really much then.
So anyway, we found the grave of my Dad, I made two nice pictures of the stone and we had another long, fresh walk.
Wondergirl fell sleeping into the bed right now after some food and Mr. Lilli also has had his nap already. I will sleep early today, too, because tomorrow will be another grocery-shopping day and I'll have to come up with a birthday-present for Mr. Lilli.