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Montag, Dezember 29, 2003
BSE, Creutzfeld-Jacobs, Mad Cow Disease, Scrapie
Where else would I find something about this if not on a UK website?
It came through our news, when the panic about the British Beef (and the netherlands and finally German, too) was starting, that usually older people get Creutzfeld Jacob which is similar to Alzheimers Disease, but in Great Britain there were several cases of young people in their thirties or even twenties who got diagnosed with Creutzfeld Jacob. Noone knew what could have happened that they got it that early, but they were told to have had one thing in common: all were pretty regular customers of Fast Food Restaurants provoding Hamburgers and other stuff with beef. I mean, is there any young person in Europe who doesn't know Fast Food Chains selling them? The Lilli family prefers Burger King to Mc Donalds, but we don't have the huge choice the Americans have.
Okay, so there was a theory but there was no person able to verify it because it would mean that there have been Mad Cows ages before and were never brought to attention. Is this possible? Sure it is!
The British Science Museum website explains at first, what Creutzfeld Jacob is and that it's in its old form, a rare illness of the Brain.
It's also claimed that there is (until now?) no cure for it.
Btw - what John wrote seems not completely correct to me. He said that one has to eat either the Brain or the spinal cord of an infected Cow to be in danger. From what I know, this is for several reasons not completely correct. First is that everywhere, especially when it comes to Burgers, there can be pieces of Brain and spinal stuff in the normal beef and that second it was never clear that you're safe when just eating muscle-flesh. They assume it might be so, but there is no Scientist willing to bet on it.
Here in Europe there went a small silm through the media showing an infected Cow and when you think, that BSE will make your brain into the same mess, you really start shuddering, at least I did.
The Science Museum makes also pretty clear that it's men's fault that this happens now.
Men fed vegetarian animals fodder with parts of other animals in it, which is on the one hand unnatural, on the other hand understandable because it makes them grow faster, but as I wrote before, maybe we all might just think about eating less beef and meat and dead animals in toto instead of trying to hold our animals into a contest for the biggest, fastest and most beef providing animal.