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Dienstag, Dezember 30, 2003
British Hooligans in Portugal?
I have no idea how a Hooligan is seen in the UK, but let me assure you - for me, Hooligans are really, really assholes. Completely. I've never met one who had more brain than the average wooden-bedpost. Several years ago there was a huge uproar in Cologne about a female Hooligan. And also she - I had the pleasure to meet her through a common friend (mine not for long) - was as dumb as a fish in a can.
So, yes, one could say I feel some amount of dislike against Hooligans. Here in Germany, most Hooligans are Nazis and deserve each hit they can get, but it can't be that a football team might be excluded from a European Cup, because some of the inhabitants of the country it's playing for, haven't made the final step from Ape to man, yet and behave as if they were still living in caves (And I bet, even then, the average behaved better and was not that dumb).

But this - not the cave but the exclusion - is what could happen to the British team. And why? Because of the British Hooligans. You might notice that I avoid to call them fans, because in my book, folks like them can't be fans at all, because they don't mind if they harm "their" team and this is not what a fan does.

So, what's the story behind me shouting? Actually it's pretty simple. The British Hoolinganassholes are well known and usually noone sells them a card if he wants his stadium still standing after they leave. But the Portugese don't mind and the British Police fears, the British Hooligans have bought cards via Internet for the Euro 2004 in Portugal.

Now some British Officials will go to Lisbon and try to talk with the Portugese about security.

Oh my! This must be so embarrassing for any British football fan (and I mean football, with a round ball, 22 players and played with feet and not this funny stuff the US calls football) that there are countries who have to be warned from people who call themselves also fan! Unbelievable. But yes, if there will be huge riots, the British team faces to be sent home because the Hooligans don't behave themselves (German link, Story from The Times, where I don't pay money and so don't get it to read.)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hysteric football fan myself, but I don't mind anyone supporting any sports team of his and her choice. I also don't mind real fans who watch each and every game, training and TV-Spot with the supported team, but what I can't stand are people who make it necessary that there have to be hundreds of policemen watching each game and costing public huge amounts of money.